Guys, time is fast approaching June. Many people have already started to celebrate the arrival of summer. Along with the arrival of summer comes the exciting month of Pride. Now more people are participating and celebrating Pride Month together. This includes participating in parades, donations, and more. If you want to celebrate differently, why not throw an outdoor Pride Month party? This year, I bring you the most special Pride party ideas. Make a great impression on your guests. These great outdoor pride month party ideas will allow you to throw a great event. Trust me, your guests will love all these elements of the party.

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First Code of Decoration - Rainbow

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to decorating themes? Yes, of course, it will be a rainbow. How can Pride Month be without the presence of rainbow elements? Apart from the rainbow flags that you can place in the front yard. You can use various colors of balloons and flowers to put together different rainbow colors. Of course, rainbow colors piled up together may look too much. So, you can change the tablecloth to rainbow colors. And the table can be decorated with white flowers, which ensures the theme and does not look cluttered.

pride month decoration


The white party tent, which is essential for outdoor parties, can create the necessary space for you to rest. Also, achieve the function of waterproof and sun protection. The best part is that the whole tent is white. You and your friends can enjoy decorating it. For example, you can paint this outdoor party tent in the colors of the rainbow. Or you can hang ribbons and colorful string lights all over it. Such a unique, original design of the tent will be the biggest highlight of the party.

Pride Month Theme Menu

Next, take the party to another level with a Pride Month-themed menu. Use strawberries, kiwi, grapes, mangoes, and other fruits as appetizers. Don't forget to prepare the party essentials, too - a variety of drinks. As all of our articles on hosting a party suggest. Always have plenty of water and ice, and June is the beginning of summer. Guests will need to be well hydrated. Of course, non-alcoholic drinks such as lemonade or iced tea will also be popular choices.

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Another main character of the Pride Month-themed menu is dessert. It can be a cake with rainbow filling or cupcakes with different colored frosting. A unicorn-shaped cake or a heart-shaped waffle. A wide selection of ice cream flavors. All of these will be the best energy supplement in the middle of the party. Especially they all look beautiful. With such menu, your guests will be amazed at the sophistication of the party.

Costume Contest

Another thing that is essential to the party is the activities. It's Pride Month, and dressing up is certainly a must. Have a contest and dress up according to the theme, which can be costumes plus makeup. Everyone's appearance will cause gasps of surprise. This is a great opportunity to showcase creativity and ideas. The more creative the idea, the better. Everyone is a participant as well as a judge, and the final vote is to choose the best costume for the occasion.

pride month costume


It is also a good idea to build a photo booth. The venue can be set up directly in the canopy tent. The best photos can be taken in the shade. Of course, as a party organizer. You can also prepare all kinds of props for the costume contest. For example, wigs, rainbow sunglasses, accessories, etc. You can also prepare a rainbow flag for guests to use when taking pictures.

Join the Pride Month Parade

Speaking of ways to celebrate Pride Month, how can we miss the grand parade? This is a beloved tradition in many cities. Dress up with friends, enrich the LGBTQ community, and learn about different voices. Especially since the parade features several celebrities and artists each year. Who would dare to say that this is not one of the most fun parades?

Pride Parade


Of course, the parade times are different in each major city, but I've put together a schedule for you.

  • New York City's Pride Parade will begin at noon on June 26th from 25th Street and 5th Avenue.
  • Chicago will be on June 26th at North Halsted St.
  • San Francisco's parade will begin on the last Sunday morning in late June at Beale Street along with Market and end at Market and 8th Street.
  • Los Angeles will begin on Hollywood Boulevard on June 12.
  • Denver's parade will begin at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 26. It runs 14 blocks from Cheesman Park to Colfax Avenue at the Civic Center.


You are who you are, and there is no need to feel inferior. Pride Month exists so that we can express ourselves with pride. Everyone has their personality, don't be afraid to show it. I hope the above ideas for Pride Month parties will help you throw a successful gathering. No matter how you want to celebrate this month, it will be meaningful and unique.

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