There are many places to host winter parties, such as backyards, parks, and campgrounds. Perhaps an ice skating rink can also serve as a place for you to spend quality time with your family and friends!

ice skating party
(ice skating party)

If you want to try a different kind of family party this winter, follow us for more fun tips!

Why choose a ice skating center for your winter party?

Suitable for all ages. Roller skating is one of those activities that people of any age can participate in. Skating is fun for both adults and kids.

Healthy Living. Skating burns roughly 700 calories an hour. Skating works most muscle groups, including abs, calves, and arms. And, skating is 50 percent less hard on your joints than running.

ice arena

(ice arena)

No need to worry about the weather. You'll have your skate party indoors, so you won't have to worry about getting caught in the rain! The skating center will take the worry out of weather-related concerns for you.

It's funny. The skate party was a fun experience for everyone. It is a unique party experience for you and your family and friends.

Music is good for health. Apart from skating, you will also experience music at the rink. Music has benefits such as reducing stress, improving mood, and improving memory.

Six tips for your ice skate party

Choose the right place

You can organize skating parties all year round. There are three types of places you can hold your skate party: a public skating rink, a private skating rink, and your outdoor skating venue.

Many rinks offer roller skating lessons, skate rentals, and rink rentals. Typically, public rinks are cheaper to rent but are busier. Private rinks, on the other hand, are more expensive to rent but have more complete services and amenities.

a skate center

(a skate center)

Many private rinks offer skating parties. If you are worried about how to make a party plan, you can choose a private rink and they will provide perfect services for your party.

At Quictent, you can find a wide range of pop-up canopies and party tents, we recommend the following three products.

This pop-up canopy can accommodate up to 15 people for your small ice skate party. This pop-up canopy is waterproof and UV-protected. All 6 sidewalls are removable, giving you the flexibility to use this pop-up canopy all year round.

This party tent is suitable for large outdoor parties and can accommodate up to 50 people (including tables and chairs). With multiple sidewalls, this party tent can be used for more than just skating parties. It can also be used for other events. This party tent can also be used as a carport.

This upgraded pop-up canopy is perfect for a small ice skate party with your family and friends. This pop-up canopy is covered with 420D waterproof Oxford fabric for year-round use.

Setting the theme for the party

Don't let your skate party get too boring. You can set a theme for your party to make it more fun! For example, a retro disco party. Decorate the venue with neon lights, disco balls, and funky decorations. Encourage partygoers to wear disco-style clothes. Play disco music and rock out together at the rink!

In addition to disco ice skating parties, you can also consider styles such as vintage themes, Christmas themes, and more. Encourage your guests to dress up for more fun.

Prepare delicious party food

You will burn energy while skating and then you will feel hungry, don't let hunger affect you and your other participants! Prepare a menu ahead of time that will suit the tastes and preferences of a variety of people. You can serve mini sandwiches, mini burgers, fruit kabobs, and other finger foods that come in handy.

party food

(party food)

In addition to food, you should also offer some beverages such as colas and coffee. Don't forget to prepare some desserts for your guests; many children love desserts!

If you're planning to host a skate party in your backyard, set up a temporary snack spot. This offers a variety of snacks that are easily accessible to your guests.

If possible, you can create skate-themed desserts, such as cupcakes with skate decorations and skate-shaped cookies.

Prepare gifts for your guests

Prepare some small gifts for your guests, which can make them feel your warmth! You can customize small gifts such as skating or winter-themed gift bags, temporary tattoos, and stickers. Keychains, wristbands, glow sticks, and lollipops are great little gifts that adults and kids alike love!

gifts for guests

(gifts for guests)

Plan fun skating games!

Maybe you find just skating a bit boring, try planning more fun activities! These fun skating activities will keep your guests entertained, like relay races. You can also play other classic skate party games like "Roller Dance"! 

Keep your guests safe

While the excitement of roller skating will keep you entertained, always remember that safety comes first. Skating safety equipment includes helmets, wrist guards, and knee pads. Rent or purchase safety equipment for your party guests. Remind your guests that they should always wear safety gear when participating in a skate party.

Enjoy the fun of ice skating!

Traditional parties can be boring for you and your guests. This winter, ice skating parties offer a different experience for you and your guests. Enjoy the fun of ice skating!