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What is a pop-up canopy?

The pop-up canopy has an easy-to-install frame that creates a shaded space most simply. It can be installed in minutes, keeping you comfortable and cool. Protects you and your family from the sun's rays as well as UV rays and gives you a shade in the summer. Whether in the backyard or the park, a pop-up canopy tent is essential.

Why choose the Quictent pop-up canopy?

Trustworthy Brand. Quictent pop-up canopy has been sold for over 10 years and has received many positive reviews. It is a very trusted brand. Whether you are planning a personal event or a business event, Quictent pop-up canopy can meet your needs.That's because we also offer pop-up canopy tents in a variety of sizes and colors. Besides a variety of canopy tent, pop-up gazebo tent is also in the collection. From 8x8 canopy to 20x10 canopy, the wide selection of sizes is sure to meet your needs. Whether as a temporary carport, as a portable store, or as a small party tent, it's up to you.

High-quality materials. Quictent offers a sturdy pop-up canopy and the tent frame is made of durable and corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel. It has a foldable design with no loose parts and can be assembled without tools. Multiple height position adjustment designs, making the portable canopy more convenient to set up. The sidewalls are 420D oxford fabric with PU coating, providing multiple functions of waterproof and UV blocking.

Multiple sidewall options. Quictent's pop-up canopy with sides comes in different varieties, including mesh side walls, windowed sidewalls, and transparent sidewalls. They have different effects, so you can choose according to your needs. Mesh sidewalls are more suitable for use in the summer, can maintain good ventilation plus keep mosquitoes from entering the tent. The fabric of the sidewalls with windows is thicker and can resist a certain degree of wind and rain. The windows on the sidewalls can also be opened and closed at any time to maintain air circulation. As for the metal gazebo, there is a layer of mesh sidewalls inside and a waterproof curtain outside. It is a perfect choice for backyard leisure.

Affordable price. Quictent offers prices that fit most people's budgets, allowing you to get quality products at a good price. And the best part is that you don't need to buy extra sidewalls, the matching sidewalls are already included in the price.

Thoughtful after-sales service. Providing considerate after-sales service can meet the vast majority of your requirements. If you have any doubts about the purchase, you can contact the service center to solve your questions. Also equipped with the necessary reinforcement accessories and storage bags, all for your convenience.

Types of Quictent pop-up canopy

Quictent has 4 series of pop-up canopies. They are 4-Season™, Privacy™, Screen™, and NO-Side. they meet the different needs of people.

NO-SIDE: This series is a pop-up canopy without side walls. It has good airflow and is waterproof and sun-proof for summer use.

Screen: The Screen series is a pop-up canopy with netting. It is a must-have for summer and early fall. Ensures ventilation while preventing insect bites. Suitable for families and camping.

Privacy and 4 Seasons: Both series are pop-up canopy with sides. The difference is the style of the windows. Both are effective against the elements and provide you with a place of privacy when you need it. Suitable for all seasons.

Why you should invest in the instant canopy?

If you need an easy-to-install and portable canopy, then a pop-up canopy would be the best choice. The frames of these tents are expandable and can be set up and installed in a few minutes. The pop-up canopy with sides keeps out the elements and UV rays, creating a comfortable and private space. The easy-to-remove nature of the canopy makes it very easy to transport and can be folded to fit in the trunk of any car. All these features make it not only to provide shade but also to be a good choice for family gatherings and camping.

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