Quictent portable greenhouse

Now is the perfect time to pick your greenhouse at Quictent. Here you can find greenhouses in a wide range of sizes and styles. This complete conservatory buying guide can help you with your shopping at Quictent.

Who are Quictent greenhouses for?

Users who accept portable greenhouses

All Quictent greenhouses for sale are portable greenhouses. Portable greenhouses are easy to set up and move. If you are looking to set up a portable greenhouse in your backyard or on your patio, Quictent greenhouses can be one of your choices. Quictent portable greenhouses are made of high-quality polyethylene. The frames of Quictent Greenhouses are made of high-quality galvanized steel and other metal materials.

Users on a budget

Wooden greenhouses and metal greenhouses are considered to be the strongest and most durable greenhouses, but they are expensive. 

budget garden

(budget garden)

In contrast, portable greenhouses last for a shorter time but are also less costly. If you are on a budget, you can purchase a portable greenhouse at a lower cost. 

What Quictent Greenhouse Is Right For You

If you want to grow plants indoors

If you want to be able to grow plants indoors and outdoors, we recommend choosing a mini greenhouse or a Quictent indoor greenhouse. your choices include the 71" X 36" X 36" Mini Greenhouse and the 56 "x29 "x77" Indoor Greenhouse.

  • 71" x 36" x 36" Mini Greenhouse

This greenhouse can be set up in your garden or indoors. This greenhouse has two doors with zippers for easy care and management of your plants. You can use this greenhouse with garden beds.

mini greenhouse

(mini greenhouse)

  • 56 "x 29"x 77" Indoor Greenhouse

This greenhouse can easily be set up indoors, on a balcony, and in the garden. This greenhouse provides good ventilation and has a mesh window on each side in addition to the mesh screen door.

If you want to grow potted plants

The Quictent greenhouse is the perfect gardening tool for you to grow potted plants. Multiple Quictent greenhouses are available to protect your potted plants.

If you are growing small potted plants, the 71" x 36" x 36" Mini Greenhouse, 56" x 29" x 77" Indoor Greenhouse, and the 95" x 36" x 36" Small Greenhouse all meet your needs.

If you are growing taller or larger potted plants, the Pop Up Portable Walk-in Greenhouse is a better greenhouse product. At Quictent, you can find the 8' x 6' Pop Up Portable Walk-in Greenhouse and the 10' x 8' Pop Up Portable Walk-in Greenhouse.

  • Pop Up Portable Walk-in Greenhouse

This walk-in greenhouse can be quickly set up in your garden. One person can install this greenhouse. This greenhouse includes 4 ropes and 16 stakes for a sturdy structure. The three-position height adjuster provides the user with more options for growing plants of different growing periods and heights.

pop up portable greenhouse

(pop up portable greenhouse)

You can set up shelves to hold your potted plants in this walk-in greenhouse. Gardening tools such as water bottles, rakes, and gloves can also be placed in this walk-in greenhouse.

If you want a large greenhouse

A large greenhouse brings a lot of help to your gardening. You can grow a variety of plants in a large greenhouse and also set up tools such as garden beds and gardening shelves. At Quictent, you can find the 10' x 9' x 8' Backyard Greenhouse, the 10' x 10' x 8' Large Walk-in Greenhouse, the 20' x 10' x 7' Large Greenhouse, and the 25' x 10' x 6.6' Upgraded Large Walk-in Greenhouse.

All of these greenhouses have multiple vents and multiple rollable zipper doors on both sides.

There is so much more you can do with these greenhouses besides gardening. For example, when Halloween comes around, you can use the greenhouse as a temporary display. You can use the greenhouse as a temporary storage tent. You can even take a bath in the greenhouse.

You need a portable greenhouse for winter use

You can also use a Quictent greenhouse during the winter months, and you can find large, heavy-duty greenhouses at Quictent.

  • 20' x 10' x 7' Heavy Duty Large Greenhouse

The frame of this large greenhouse is made of galvanized steel. Normally, this greenhouse would only have one ridge pole, but this heavy-duty greenhouse has three steel poles at the top to make the greenhouse structure stronger. Thickened steel poles, diagonal poles, and U-shaped stakes keep the greenhouse firmly on the ground even in winter.

In addition to three rows of stabilizing top bars, this greenhouse has five sets of top hoops to minimize damage from rain and snow accumulation. The ground frame, secured by U-shaped grounding spikes, will effectively grip the ground and minimize wind resistance.

Upgraded Large Walk-in Greenhouse

(Upgraded Large Walk-in Greenhouse)

The greenhouse cover is reinforced with Oxford fabric for added durability. The Oxford fabric is 100% waterproof. This design prevents the greenhouse cover from tearing.

This greenhouse comes with Velcro on the windows to help lock in heat and keep the inside of the greenhouse warmer than the outside in the winter.8 screens help with ventilation.

Quictent greenhouses continue to make your gardening life easier!

We hope Quictent Portable Greenhouses continues to be fun for you. Buy any Quictent greenhouse with confidence.

No matter what problems you have, we will provide complete after-sales service.

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