Fall Decorating

Fall will always be my favorite time of year, whether it's the cozy weather or the leaves turning golden, and of course the spooky Halloween parties. And at the same time, fall is a perfect time to give your home decor a makeover.

The elements of fall decorating are more plentiful and simple in comparison. With a few DIY projects and affordable decorations, you can transition into seasonal style without breaking the bank. We've compiled fall decorating ideas from the front door to the backyard for those who are clueless about decorating. 

Fall Decor for the Front Door

Front door decorations can make people feel the charm of fall before they even set foot in your home.

  • Start by hanging an eye-catching wreath on the door, using maple leaves, pine cones plus sunflowers as accents. This can make it a focal point. A wreath like this will cost between $25 and $90, while the more elaborate ones will cost over $100. If you opt for a DIY wreath then the price can be kept under $20.
  • Next up is a doormat that fits the theme. A pumpkin or black cat-style doormat will make the whole front door more adorable. Of course, if you're on a budget, a simple brown doormat would also be a good choice. This will keep the price down to $10.
  • Pumpkins on the porch would be a good decorative choice. Mini pumpkins and straw bales from the supermarket would be affordable and pretty fall decorations. Other than that, corn stalks and crocus can be an alternative for front door decoration.
Fall Decor for the Front Door

(Front door fall decor) 

Fall Style in the Foyer

The foyer doesn't need to be overly ornate or complicated, and a theme of white, brown, and gold colors can be a good way to illustrate fall décor. If the foyer has shelves, place a few gold candlesticks and vases. The vases can be artificial maple branches or some fall flowers such as chrysanthemums, African daisies, and pansies.

Place some small pumpkin decorations and add some bright orange to be a contrast to the brown. The overall décor can present a warm and rustic atmosphere that makes people feel cozy.

Fall Style in the Foyer

(Foyer fall decor) 

Fall Ideas for the Living Room

When trying to decorate your living room, add a Halloween theme to it. Reuse some of last year's decorations such as skulls, spiders, and ghosts. Place them randomly throughout the living room, which will give it a playful vibe. 

Halloween themes are one of the options for living room decorations. And apart from that, it can turn the living room into a softer vibe. Change the cushions on the sofa from light colors to darker colors or pumpkin shapes, and the blanket can be white or chai.

Fall Ideas for living room

(Fall ideas for living room)

Place scented candles and maple leaves or dried flowers in transparent jars on the coffee table. If you have a photo wall, hang it or put maple leaves on it. Finally, a lantern-style lamp in the corner becomes the perfect accent.

Fall Vibes in the Dining Room

Candles, dried flowers, and wooden tableware will be able to create a cozy fall scene in the dining area. For a DIY dried flower bouquet, chrysanthemums, alyssums, and lavender would be the perfect dried flower material choices, and they will keep their color even after drying.

On the other side, dark green, orange, and dark chai linen tablecloths can be the basis of this ambiance.

Candles can use electronic candles as an alternative to avoid safety hazards. Or string lights in clear glass jars are a great idea for low cost and ambiance.

Dining Room fall ideas

(Dining room fall decor) 

You can't go wrong with refrigerator decorations either. Choose some apple, leaf fridge stickers to stick on the fridge to get a seasonal style. Also, replace the fruits that are always on the table with apples. Place cinnamon in glass jars on the countertop for an autumnal aesthetic and to give the kitchen a light cinnamon scent.

Fall Sensation in the Bedroom

To turn your bedroom into a fall oasis, the first thing you need to do is switch up your bedding. Earthy tones will complement the fall season, whether it's blankets or rugs. And to have a color contrast, the cushions can be changed to mustard yellow and light green.

If possible, change the curtains in the room to white and light translucent. This way the sunlight can reach the room during the fall afternoons.

Bedroom fall decor

(Bedroom fall decor)

Hang LED strings of lights above the bed to create a cozy feel. Place pine cones and cinnamon in jars on the nightstand so that the room will be filled with the natural smells of fall.

Feeling Fall in the Backyard

Finally, let's move our fall decorating to the outdoors. The backyard is an extension of your home, and it can also take this fall decorating to another level.

  • Make the most of nature and if there are piles of maple leaves in your backyard, don't just throw them away. Organize the fallen maple leaves and lay them flat on the ground in your backyard to hear the crisp sound every time you walk out. It puts you in the middle of the decorations that nature has to offer.
  • If you have trees in your backyard, hang string lights vertically from the branches. Illuminate the night while creating an enchanting feel. Of course, a greenhouse in the garden can be used not only for planting but also as a storage room for pumpkins and some decorative items.
  • Remember to place some cushions and blankets in your backyard dining or lounge area as well to keep it warm when you are outdoors. As for the backyard storage, you can upgrade it by painting it cream or bright yellow.
Backyard Fall Ideas

(Backyard fall ideas) 


“Fall colors are funny. They’re so bright and intense and beautiful. It’s like nature is trying to fill you up with color, to saturate you so you can stockpile it before winter turns everything muted and dreary.” – Siobhan Vivian.

Trying to complete the fall decorations from the front door to the backyard is not difficult. Combine the suggestions above with your own creativity in trying to DIY some decorations. Your home will sparkle this fall!

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