Come and cool your summer in California – the Watermelon Festival

Summer is not only about hot weather and irritability, but also about delicious cold drinks and watermelons! Chilled watermelon juice is a summer-only drink at many restaurants, and the cold and refreshing juice will clear away your worries.


Your summer won't be boring, many exciting and fun music festivals, parties, and receptions are scheduled for summer, such as the upcoming 2022 California Watermelon Festival, which has many elaborate activities this year, come and get your refreshing summer!

Watermelon Festival Dates

This year's Watermelon Festival has not been postponed or canceled due to COVID-19, you can come to Californian from June 11 to 12 to taste the delicious and joyful atmosphere with watermelon lovers.

Watermelon Festival Events

Non-stop watermelon supply

Eating watermelon at home may be restrained, because you can only buy a limited number of watermelons, which makes you feel constrained and uninterested. If there is a place where you can eat free and unlimited watermelon, you will want to get that pleasure right away. The Watermelon Festival can fulfill your dream with a huge truck filled with fresh watermelons from the farm. All you need to do is to hold a watermelon free of charge ticket issued by the event organizer and you can enjoy this pleasure like crazy.

Watermelon special snacks

Watermelon as a fruit can not only be eaten directly but also used in cooking dishes to enrich your family recipes. For food lovers who like to explore a variety of unique foods, the Watermelon Festival can provide a wealth of inspiration.



During the event held here, a variety of dishes made from watermelon as an ingredient will be showcased, such as Smoked Watermelon, Watermelon Tortilla, Watermelon Fried Shrimp, Watermelon Smoothies with Honey and Tahin, and Watermelon BBQ Sauce with Steak. These are just some of the dishes, there are more creative dishes waiting for you to taste and make.

Watermelon Costume Contest

The Watermelon Costume Contest is one of the regular events of every Watermelon Festival, and this tradition will continue in this year's Watermelon Festival. The most creative and popular watermelon costume contest will be held on Saturday at 2 pm. The contest is free for everyone who loves watermelon and feels that you love life and have creative ideas for costume design.

Watermelon Carving Exhibition

Every visitor at the Watermelon Festival site will enjoy watermelon carvings made by professional carvers, a special event brought to visitors by the event organizers who wish to promote this special fruit carving craft.

More exciting festival events

In addition to the special events related to the watermelon theme, you can also find many popular fun activities at the Watermelon Festival site. Other activities include animal shows, craft-type activities, foam parties, band performances, graffiti artist demonstrations, and more. These are just some of the activities set up, every year new elements are added to attract visitors to the Watermelon Festival, hopefully, this year you can find something you like on-site.

Ideal accommodations during the Watermelon Festival

To experience all the activities during the Watermelon Festival, you need to arrange a reasonable place to stay next to the event site. Staying too far away from the venue will affect your experience, so if you are not a resident, book a hotel or hostel before you come to the Watermelon Festival.


If you just want to come and soak up the atmosphere of the event and are not a devoted watermelon festival fan, you can also choose a road trip tour and consider the watermelon festival as an attraction on your journey, then find a park where you can camp and set up your tent there.

Both of these are viable lodging options during the festival, but both have limitations. You can also try RV travel, which has become popular in recent years. RV travel will provide you with great convenience and a new and exciting travel experience.

If you don't have an RV, you can contact local RV rental agencies online and compare as many as you can (comparing their RVs, rental prices, and some considerations) and finally choose the one you are most comfortable with. Next, you can start a relaxing RV watermelon festival trip.

If you are an RV owner, before you leave, check if there is an RV park or camping park, etc. in the area where the watermelon festival will be held, if not, you will also need to look online for an RV park or RV campground near there (for the maintenance of the RV and the quality of your trip). Carefully inspecting your RV before you travel can help you eliminate some of the pitfalls, and RV covers can insulate the RV from dust and rain.

Extended Ideas - How to grow your watermelon?

Nowadays many people like to grow vegetables and fruits in their gardens or on their balconies, but very few people grow watermelons, which require a higher temperature compared to other fruits. Watermelon is a warm-season plant native to Africa and there are so many considerations that few novice growers would consider watermelon as an option.

Ensure the right temperature

If you want to grow watermelon outdoors, make sure the soil temperature does not fall below 65 degrees F. When the soil temperature reaches this amount, you can plant the seeds in the ground. Watermelon seeds are not resistant to frost, and lower temperatures will affect germination. If you want your watermelon to ripen quickly, ensure warm temperatures during growth so that the watermelon may ripen in 70 to 90 days.


Choose the right variety

Although watermelons don't look much different in shape or fruit, every cultivator needs to understand that there are many varieties of watermelon that have different growth habits. The biggest misconception is to sow seeds based only on your favorite variety, which can lead to planting failure. The sensible thing to do is to increase your chances of success by choosing the right cultivar according to the climatic conditions in your area and your growing habits and preferences.

Ensure adequate moisture

Watermelons need plenty of water during germination, and you need to ensure that you give your watermelon plants 1 to 2 inches of water per week during this process. But when the fruit starts to grow, the plant doesn't want as much water and that's when you should slowly reduce the amount of watering. This is just a general suggestion, to get a better idea of how much to water, you can refer to more articles and videos from planting experts.

Create a good drainage environment

Watermelons like well-drained soil. A small hill is better for growing watermelons than a flat area because it absorbs more heat from the sun and drains better. Plants should not be placed too close to each other, as this can affect drainage and nutrient absorption, and proper spacing is good advice for every type of plant.

Greenhouse cultivation can be of great help to you

  • Flexible growing in colder areas. Greenhouse cultivation of watermelon is a benefit for gardeners in colder areas where cultivators cannot provide good growing conditions for watermelon seedlings and where watermelon plants die easily in frost conditions. To simulate a warmer environment, greenhouses can provide cultivators with the convenience of being able to grow watermelons in colder areas by scientifically installing heating equipment, humidifiers, and other necessary amenities in the greenhouse.
  • Increased yields. As an annual plant, greenhouses can provide watermelon with the right soil temperature and humidity, which can increase yields and sweeten watermelon.
  • Start your planting anytime. As a watermelon lover, it is exciting to start your growing program at any time of the year. Greenhouse cultivation can fulfill this desire. As long as you provide the most suitable growing environment for watermelons in a greenhouse, you will not be disappointed in the final harvest season, growing watermelons in a large greenhouse is better than in a small greenhouse.

Plan your watermelon season now!

Summer and watermelon are the perfect matches, the California Watermelon Festival is famous throughout the country, and we wish you a lot of fun at the event. You can exchange planting experiences with watermelon lovers and promote your watermelon program. Now, start your watermelon party!

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