Trust me, 20 x 20 tent can be used for more than just parties,it can have multiple uses waiting for you to discover. Just today we will discuss which outdoor games are best suited for such a large party tent. Even in winter, the classic outdoor games never go out of style. In the upcoming Christmas holidays, instead of sitting on the couch and looking at your phone, come to the backyard with your family or friends to start a special party. (Especially if you have kids, you don't want them staring at the electronics screen during the holidays.) These classic outdoor games, whether it's peek-a-boo or stoplight, can keep them happily entertained for hours. And you can play the following games with minimal expense, so let your friends bring some drinks to the backyard and start to have fun.

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The most classic hide-and-seek 

hide and seek


Everyone loves to hide and seek, and everyone knows how to play this game. But you can also try a more interesting edition is the blindfolded version of hiding and seek, in a completely invisible situation to find the hidden person. It enhances the fun for both sides of the game. Install your 20 x 20 tent, which can fix the scope of the game inside the tent. It is safer for the participants of the game to not worry about the risk of being scraped by the branches. Especially tent with sidewall can be insulated from the weather, the canopy can block the sun and UV rays all year round. The sidewall can withstand the cold wind and light rain, as long as you want to carry out outdoor activities, it can guarantee to complete the task.

Red light/Green light game



One of the most famous games in the Squid Game, the TV series has brought the game back into the list of games for kids. Choose a person to be the traffic warden and turn your back on the participants of the game. When he says green, everyone can move and better quickly rush to the "traffic warden", while when he says red, everyone must stop moving, and if anyone moves, they must go back to the starting point. In the summer to play this game will certainly make people sweat, but with the party canopy can avoid the direct sunlight. Let everyone be able to play in the shade and not worry about being sunburned.

Capture the flag



This game is perfect for a large group of people to participate together, dividing everyone into two teams. Each team needs to prepare their flag and divide the area between the two teams, and clean up the surrounding debris before starting the game in case you accidentally trip over it. The goal of the game is to run into another team's territory and fight for their flag. The people inside the team can divide the work, part of them go to the other team's territory to grab the flag, and the rest of them can stay around the flag to protect it. There is also a rule that when a player is captured in the opponent's territory, he becomes a prisoner of the opponent and either opts out or joins the opponent's team. This is a great test of teamwork, using a large party tent can accommodate about 65 people while still having room to play. The regular shape also solves the problem of how to fairly divide the territory, and the clear site can make the game more orderly.

Undercover games 

outdoor games


This game can be played both indoors and outdoors, but outdoors can provide fresh air as well as a large enough field to provide a different feel for this game. The game will divide players into three groups: regular players, undercover agents, and Mr. White. They will each receive a main word, a word similar to the main word, and a blank paper. Players' identities are kept secret, and all players will describe the word each turn, and then one player they believe to be undercover will be eliminated. The ultimate goal of the game is to eliminate all undercover agents, and this game is a great test of players' acumen and ability to improvise. Perfect for a large group of friends to play together. When you play this game outdoors, the natural light allows you to better observe everyone's expressions, and you may be able to find the undercover player as quickly as possible.

Musical Chairs game



A very old-school game but still fun, it requires everyone to form a circle and arrange the chairs facing outward, with the total number of chairs being one less than the number of people. After the music is played, the game starts and the players start walking around the chairs. After the music stops, the players quickly sit down on the chairs and the player on the last chair is the winner. This game can be played indoors, but grabbing chairs requires fast movements and the floor may slip indoors, so it's safer to play outdoors. If you want to play the game in a tent in winter, placing a heater will keep everyone away from the cold. So a fireproof party tent will be a must, and the design of its center pole can make the whole tent more stable in structure, in addition to having a clear center point is also more suitable for this kind of circle game.

20 x 20 tent can reach greater potential

Now that we know these fun outdoor games, you can try them with your family during the holidays. More outdoor activities can strengthen the body resistance, while some games are test teamwork and cooperation, which is also an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with the family. So try as many outdoor activities as possible, it can make you feel relaxed both physically and mentally.

Quictent 20'X20' PVC Fire Retardant Pole Tent


In addition to being able to be used as your outdoor game room, providing a safe and clean venue for your outdoor activities. It can also be used as your private theater, creating a private and comfortable viewing experience. Of course, everything you can think of for outdoor activities can be done with a 20 x 20 party tent that can be used many times over. This is why it is a wise investment.

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