All kinds of canopy tents

Canopy tent, an outdoor essential. Whether it's relaxing in the backyard, or gathering with friends to hold a barbecue party. Or the children's play area, a picnic in the park, the beach, and camping will see the presence of a canopy tent. For home or commercial use, it will be your best partner.

A canopy tent with different accessories can bring different feelings in all seasons. In the summer, it can shield you from the sun and create a cool space. Pop-up canopy with sides can keep you warm in the cold season, but also protect your privacy.

Not only that, but the canopy tent has pre-built frames that can be easily set up and taken down. The canopy tent is the same in all major aspects, but its material, weight, and price vary with the brand. So at the beginning of 2023, we have compiled several brands of canopy tents, including their various qualities and prices, so that you can buy according to your needs and budget.

Quictent mesh canopy tent

(Quictent mesh canopy tent) 

Coleman OASIS Lite 10 x 10 Canopy with Sun Wall

The Coleman 10x10 canopy tent has a one-person setup called one push center hub, which can be installed and removed with a simple push or pull. At the same time, the height button setting on the frame can also fix it at the required height.

Plus the sun wall clips for easy installation of the side walls can also prevent the side walls from being blown up. It will also provide a carry bag with wheels for safe packaging and easy to carry.

Lite 10 x 10 Canopy with Sun Wall

(Coleman OASIS Lite 10 x 10 Canopy with Sun Wall)


The space provided by this canopy tent is 100 square feet, with an interior center height of 8 feet 8 inches. The material of frame is lightweight steel, so the tent weighs 34.4 pounds, making it light and portable.

There is a 1-year limited warranty, and the product will include stakes and ropes for reinforcement for your use. But, although it comes with side walls, there is only one side to block the sun.

Plus the top is a fabric made of polyester, which is inherently hydrophobic and coated with a water-resistant coating to help water runoff. It does not seep or drip like uncoated nylon fabric. But the seams are not taped, so water can easily seep underneath when it pours. This is something to keep in mind before you buy. The Coleman canopy tent is priced at $159.99.

Quictent Privacy 10' x 10' Pop-Up Canopy with Sides

This is one of the most popular Quictent canopy tents. With four side walls to give good privacy and shade, no matter what the season is, it can be insulated from the weather. Another feature is the double windows on two of the sidewalls. The outer side is a mosquito-proof mesh window that still allows good air circulation. The inner side is made of oxford fabric with water and UV protection. It allows you to enjoy the fresh air and peace outdoors.

What's even better is the fabric - 420 D coated Oxford fabric for more durability. This 10x10 canopy will exceed your expectations with its outstanding performance in waterproof and UV resistance. It can block 99% of UV rays.

Quictent 10x10 canopy
(Quictent 10x10 canopy tent) 


Again, the space provided is 100 square feet and the interior height is 8.5'. The material of the frame is reinforced powder-coated steel frame which has excellent corrosion resistance and is rust resistant. Powder-coated steel holds up well in most temperate outdoor environments. Although the weight is 42.7 pounds, it is much more stable.

Of course, Quictent will also provide ropes and stakes in the package to add stability to the canopy tent, and a carrying bag with rollers for easy transport. As for the warranty period, the rope, stakes, and natural loss of accessories have a free lifetime warranty. Other accessories have a warranty period of 6 months, and if the accessories are damaged after 6 months, you can buy brand-new parts at a 50% discount. Quictent 10x10 canopy price is $179.99.

Quictent - Best Choice
Privacy 10' x 10' Pop Up Canopy with Sides (7 Colors Available)
  • Size: 10' x 10'
  • Adjustable Height:8.5' / 8.2' / 7.9'

Shelter logic Commercial 10 ft. x 10 ft Straight Leg Pop-Up Canopy

shelter logic's Quik Shade 10 x 10 straight leg canopy has a patented double-reinforced frame system, and sliders on the frame and leg extensions make it easy to use. The fabric used for the canopy is 300D polyester with Aluminex, providing up to 99% UV protection. It also has a height adjustment setting and a heavy-duty roller bag for transport and storage. But there are no sidewalls, and the package will contain only the frame, canopy, roller bag, and stake anchor.


The straight-legged canopy tent is the same size 10x10, but provides 114.67 sq. ft. of space, with an interior height of 10 ft. The frame material is alloy steel, which is characterized by greater abrasion resistance and toughness. The weight of the entire canopy tent is 31 pounds.

The warranty is 1 year limited, besides this, another feature is that it has CPAI-84, which is a fireproof certificate, this certificate is required for many commercial activities. For example, trade shows, farmers' markets, etc. The price of this commercial canopy tent is $189.99.

Commercial C100 Straight Leg Pop-Up Canopy10 ft. x 10 ft

(Shelter logic Commercial 10 ft. x 10 ft Straight Leg Pop-Up Canopy)

E-Z UP Patriot ONE-UP Vented Technology Shelter

This canopy tent from E-Z UP has the same easy setup process. push the center lock upward and the canopy tent will be secured, while the quick-release button allows it to be easily removed. And the double-layer design on top allows for better air circulation.

The top fabric used is Polyester, which is waterproof and mildew resistant. The frame material is high-strength powder-coated steel, and the weight of the canopy tent is 36 pounds. Plus it can be customized with a banner on the top, making it perfect for a variety of promotional activities.

E-Z UP Shelter

(E-Z UP Patriot ONE-UP Vented Technology Shelter) 


The E-Z UP is a 10 x 10 technology shelter, but with a double roof, it has an internal height of 9.5 ft. The roof material is fire resistant and complies with the fire code CPAI-84 and can be custom with a slogan or design to make your company or product more visible. Of course, the price is relatively high, with the original price being $199. The custom models, on the other hand, range from $216 to $605.

ABC Canopy S1 Commercial 10x10 Canopy

The ABC canopy tent has central stabilization protection that prevents the top from moving away from the center of the canopy. The corners of the canopy fabric are thickened to prevent the frame from puncturing it and to extend its life. The frame is treated with deluxe truss washers to provide a stable structure. Plus with a choice of 12 colors, it deserves to be a hot seller with an ABC canopy.

ABC canopy Commercial 10x10 Canopy

(ABC Canopy S1 Commercial 10x10 Canopy)


This Commercial 10x10 Canopy of ABC canopy is their S1 level. In other words, its frame thickness is the thinnest 32 mm steel material. Its rooftop is then made of silver-coated polyester, which is flame retardant. The ripstop is a mesh woven into the fabric that gives it extra strength and tears resistance.

The warranty of ABC canopy is one year of after-sales protection for the frame, and six months of after-sales protection for fabrics and accessories. Besides the rope and stakes in the package, there are four sandbags for reinforcement. The Commercial 10x10 Canopy is priced at $199.95.

Canopy tent comparison table

It's okay to be a little confused, we've put together a simple comparison table.



Coleman 10 x 10 Canopy with Sun Wall

 Quictent tan canopy tent

 Shelterlogic Straight Leg Pop-Up Canopy, 10 ft. x 10 ft

 E-Z UP Shelter

 ABC canopy 10x10 Canopy



Shelter logic


ABC Canopy


No small parts, easy to install, sturdy and relatively light

With four side walls, double windows, Waterproof & Anti-UV

CPAI-84 compliant, easy to use , provides larger area

Double roof for easy ventilation, customisable, Fire-resistant

Increased stability of the central bar, sandbags included, various colour options


With only one side wall, not waterproof

Relatively heavier,Can't take the storm

Single colour, for temporary use only

Expensive, without sidewalls

Expensive, no sidewalls

Shaded Coverage

100 sq. ft

100 sq. ft

114.67 sq. ft

100 sq. ft

100 sq. ft

Peak Height

8.8 ft

8.5 ft

10 ft

9.5 ft

10 ft

Frame material


Reinforced powder-coated steel frame

Allloy steel

Powder-Coated Steel Frame


Canopy Fabrics


420DOxford fabric, with PU-coating

300D polyester top with Aluminex

Silver coating polyester

silver coated polyester


34.4 pounds

42.7 pounds

31 pounds

36 pounds

40 pounds



7 Colors Available


7 Colors Available

12 Colors Available

Storage Bag







1-year limited warranty

Free lifetime replacement of ropes and stakes & natural loss of parts.

6 months free warranty on roofs, side walls, frames and poles.

Lifetime half price supply of parts beyond the normal 6 months warranty.

1 year limited


1 year warranty on the frame and 6 months on the fabric and accessories.


Free Shipping on orders $50+

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Free Shipping On Orders Over $149

Free Shipping Over $69









The first time you search for a canopy tent, you will be dazzled by the variety of products out there. Canopy tents vary greatly from brand to brand in terms of material, quality and value. It is for this reason to make sure you buy the right product the first time. Quictent hopes that this complete guide will help you to get the perfect canopy tent.

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