Wise RVers will turn their attention to RV covers last fall because these types of RV items can protect their beloved RVs during the winter and early spring. It's safe to say that the RV cover is the perfect invention for those who don't travel in their RVs during the winter months.

However, you may continue your RV trip in the spring, which means that you will remove the RV cover before the trip. It is necessary to maintain your RV cover in early spring for it to last for the next winter.

What should you check before maintenance?

Experienced RV cover users know that it is important to check your RV cover after a winter. The RV cover inspection is one of the most important steps before maintenance. You should use the inspection to understand what the RV cover has been through this winter and to clarify the next maintenance tasks.

Is the RV cover moldy?

First of all, it must be clear that the RV cover has the possibility of mold. Even the best RV covers are not guaranteed to be mold-free.

black RV Cover

 (black RV cover)

Mold on an RV cover is due to mold or mildew buildup underneath the cover. The cause of mold is poor ventilation or leaving the RV unattended for months at a time.

To avoid mold, try to choose a well-ventilated RV cover and check it frequently.

Is the RV cover in good condition?

The most common challenge that RV covers face in winter is strong winds. Strong winds can tear down an RV cover. After you remove your RV cover, you should immediately check to make sure it is intact and that there are no torn openings. If you are unfortunate enough to have your RV cover torn by high winds, you will need to repair the rips.

If the tear is severe, this RV cover will not be able to protect your RV for the next year, which means that you have failed in this RV cover investment.

How to maintain your RV cover

Cleaning your RV cover

To make your cleaning job easier, you should clean your RV cover before you take it off the RV. Doing so will allow you to find all the dirt on your RV covers more quickly. You should try to choose a sunny day to carry out your cleaning work, as it will be very easy to clean the RV cover in such weather.

If there are any stains on your RV hood, a little warm water mixed with a mild detergent will make your hood look new again. You can use a hose to rinse the RV cover while using a soft brush as an aid.

clean RV Cover                         (clean RV Cover)

After you have finished cleaning, you should put your RV cover in a dry place and let it dry gradually.

Repair the RV cover

RV covers are consumables, and wear and tear are normal. If your RV cover has been in service for several winters, you should carefully inspect the torn and worn condition of the RV cover. Generally, RV covers last 8 to 10 years if properly maintained.

If you have a harsh winter season, you should double-check your RV cover before your spring motorhome trip, even if it arrived at your home a few months ago.

If you find a crack, it should be repaired with a strong material so that your RV cover will last.

How can I prevent my RV cover from tearing?

To make your RV cover last for you, you need to use the correct installation method when installing your RV cover and use protective straps, acrylic webbing is recommended. You should also keep your RV cover ventilated.

Folding and storing your RV cover

Some people will overlook this step. However, it is important to understand that it is important to fold the RV cover correctly. Some RV cover packages will include storage bags and folding instructions, and you should follow the steps and notes in the folding instructions to fold them properly.

RV Cover in backyard(RV Cover in backyard)

If there are no folding instructions, you can refer to the following suggestions for folding methods.

Step 1: Fold two straight lines along the length to reduce the width of the RV cover to one-third of its original size.

Step 2: keep folding down the length using the Z-fold.

The correct folding method can facilitate the user to manage the RV cover and save space.

After you have finished folding you should place the RV cover in a storage bag. If storage bags are not available, storage bins with sealed lids, portable storage, garages, and clean plastic trash cans are all storage spaces to consider.

How can I reduce RV cover maintenance costs?

Choose a quality RV cover

There is no doubt that a quality RV cover can provide full protection for your RV. High-quality RV covers are usually made of breathable, high-quality materials, such as polypropylene or polyester. These RV covers are usually tear-resistant and can withstand strong winds in the winter.

Quictent RV Cover(Quictent RV Cover)

High-quality RV covers have a quality design. For example, RV covers have multiple vents on both sides to reduce the probability of mold and mildew.

RV covers come with protective straps that reduce the effects of shaking in high winds and prevent air from entering the interior of the cover.

Check the RV cover frequently

Even if you park your RV in your nearest yard and protect it with an RV cover, you need to keep an eye on your RV and RV cover.

Winter and early spring weather conditions are variable, with severe weather conditions such as high winds and snow storms occurring frequently. When the weather conditions are a little better, you should check your RV cover for tears, wear and tear, mold and mildew.

If not, you also need to be cautious. No RV cover seller can assure you that their RV cover will survive every test in bad weather.

Use the right maintenance methods

It is more important to use a scientific approach to maintenance than to blindly do a lot of maintenance. Before you take your RV cover off and prepare it for maintenance, specify your detailed maintenance procedures and the materials you will be using in advance.

For example, about cleaning, there are many different RV cover materials and different cleaners applied to the RV cover may make a difference.

The wrong way of maintenance can cause more expenses and waste your time.

Recommended Quictent RV Covers

Travel Trailer Covers ( 6 Sizes Available)

This Quictent classic travel trailer cover is one of the most popular products among users. Exceptional materials and design make the Quictent travel trailer cover stand out in the market! There are six sizes to choose from!

Travel Trailer Covers ( 6 Sizes Available)
  • Size: 240"L X 105"W
  • Height:108"
  • Benefits: Exclusive Super Non-Woven Plus, Well-Vented & Quick-Drying

This travel trailer cover is made of super non-woven fabric. This non-woven fabric is an exclusive composite material that combines the advantages of non-woven fabric and Oxford fabric. It is softer, more breathable, better waterproof, and more tear-resistant.

Three vents on each side provide optimal ventilation. These vents reduce the impact of high winds on the RV cover and are great for keeping the interior dry.

5th Wheel RV Covers ( 4 Sizes Available)

The 5th Wheel RV is one of the most popular types of RV for many RVers, and Quictent offers the best 5th Wheel RV covers for RVers. You have four sizes to choose from.

In addition to the unique super non-woven fabric, the blue PVC band that wraps around the 5th wheel RV cover is another feature of this RV cover.

5th Wheel RV Covers ( 4 Sizes Available)
  • Size: 348"L x102'"W
  • Height:120"
  • Benefits: Better Protection, Easier Maintenance

This blue PVC band makes this 5th wheel RV cover stand out and is also functional in design. It has multiple eyelets to hold the straps in place, which provides better wind protection and reduces tearing.

Easy to maintain. The zipper on the RV cover makes maintenance easier. If you need to maintain your motorhome, just unzip the side panels, roll them up, and it's easy to maintain!

New White Travel Trailer Covers ( 6 Sizes Available)

Quictent new white travel trailer cover is worth trying! This unique white travel trailer cover is made of anti-aging silver-plated Oxford cloth.

This material blocks bright light and UV rays. The eco-friendly silver gel coating blocks 90% of UV rays to protect your motorhome.

NEW Travel Trailer Covers ( 7 Sizes Available)
  • Size: 240"L X 105"W
  • Height:108"
  • Benefits: Anti-aging Material, Windproof & Quick-drying

The combination of 6 adjustable straps, 2 windproof belts, and PVC tension plates protects the RV cover from high winds and avoids tearing.


Now winter has not passed and it is still cold outside. Unless you live in Hawaii, keep an eye on RV covers. By early March, you can consider removing the RV cover from the RV. We hope this guide can provide you with advice. Now you still have time to think more about RV cover maintenance.

If you find your RV cover unfortunately torn this winter, don't get frustrated and try to fix it. If it can't be repaired, you should buy a new RV cover. Quictent offers you quality RV covers that will protect your RV in the new year.

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