South Carolina State Fair

The 2023 South Carolina State Fair will be held for 12 days from October 11th to 22nd. The address is Fairground in Columbia. This state fair has a variety of rides, rodeos, and a folk culture village to visit besides to great food and drink. The South Carolina State Fair has a long history of promoting South Carolina agriculture since 1869.

If you are a vendor located in South Carolina, the State Fair would be a great opportunity to promote or sell your products. Each year the SC state fair attracts nearly 400,000 people. And with the call for vendors offered by the state fair, you'll have the opportunity to participate in this huge event if you do a good job of applying.

To make the process of getting involved easier for you, we've put together an application process for South Carolina State Fair vendors.

State Fair Vendor Application

Like the Minnesota State Fair, the South Carolina State Fair requires an online application form to be completed. Among the information to be filled out are: business name, contact person, business phone, cell phone, email, website, address, on-site contact person, list of products to sell or services to offer, and references to previous fairs attended.

Finally, you have to choose the size of the booth you need, which are 10x10, 10x20, and 10x30. It is important to note that you will not be able to become a vendor just because you fill out the application form. If your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation via email.

If you have any questions, please contact

South Carolina States Fair

(South Carolina State Fair)

South Carolina State Fair Exhibit Information

The venue for the vendors is the Goodman Building, an indoor venue. It is a 35,000-square-foot building located next to the Southgate and Cantey buildings. All booths in the Goodman Building are 10 feet wide x 10 feet deep. The building is capable of providing up to 138 booths.

South Carolina State Fair Vendor Fees

Booth fees vary depending on the type of business.

  • For-profit corporations and out-of-state rates: $2,000 for the first booth and $1,500 for each additional booth. Corner booths are an additional $300 per corner.
  • South Carolina Government and Non-Profit Organization Rates: $1,500 for the first booth and $750 for each additional booth. Note that non-profit organizations must provide a tax identification letter.
  • South Carolina Small Business and Craft Goods Vendors: $1,000 for the first booth and $750 for each additional booth. Must be a locally owned and operated small business in South Carolina.
  • Corner booths are an additional $200 per corner.
SC state fair vendor

(SC state fair vendor) 


Attending the state fair will take time in your application form as well as adequate preparation. So, read this South Carolina Vendor Application Process carefully to understand the requirements of the state fair. It gives you a better chance of being selected to take part.

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By using this vendor application checklist for strategic planning, we hope you will have sales success at the South Carolina State Fair!