The best time of the year to travel is spring and summer, with summer activities being more varied and interesting than those in spring, fall, and winter. California is always a popular tourist state, with beautiful RV parks and campgrounds. In summer, there are also many interesting night markets in California. Many travel enthusiasts travel around the state in RVs because of the charm of California, and in summer they will experience all the night markets that are famous in California.

Why choose California

As an RV enthusiast, California is a state you should visit at least once. This charming state is well worth the praise of tourists and it fulfills many of their expectations. If you come here, you will surely be attracted by its uniqueness.

Beautiful natural landscapes

There are many national parks and many wildlife habitats within the state of California. Each of these national parks has its distinctive features that attract travelers from all over the country to explore and learn more about them. It is home to the tallest redwood tree in the world and was the setting for the movie Star Wars.

Ideal for road trips and camping

California attracts road trip enthusiasts with its approximately 840 miles of coastline, a Pacific Coast Highway that stretches from Northern California to Southern California.


Many scenic highways in California are perfect for your driving experience, and many scenic areas and parks are suitable for campgrounds. The beauty of California is that even travelers who don't like camping will come to California and be enchanted by the scenery and then fall in love with camping.

Charming beaches

One of the most rewarding things to do in California is to walk the beaches. Beaches large and small are a big part of California, and the Golden State is said to have over a thousand miles of them. Some of the most famous beaches are Venice Beach and Glass Beach in northern Mendocino County. If you're not interested in forested landscapes, or if you prefer the ocean, California will not disappoint.

RV travel is the best way to explore California

California is like a versatile girl, and in this magical state, visitors will experience the many flavors of California. If you want to explore California, the right way to travel is important, it's about whether you can have an enjoyable travel experience.


Like an mobile home, a motorhome can easily take you to many parts of California, whether it's a national park or a beach, and your motorhome will always be with you.

Motorhomes are very popular in California, with the best motorhome shows and motorhome parks.

The most well-known RV shows in California

RV shows provide the perfect place for people who wish to learn about and buy RVs, where visitors will visit different styles of RVs, whether they are travel trailers, fifth wheel RVs or vans that will gather here and wait for their owners. In addition to the show, you can fully interact with dealers, manufacturers, and suppliers here. Moreover, the RV show will attract a large number of RV enthusiasts and you will find people here who share your interests.

  • California RV Show

The California RV Show is the most famous RV show on the West Coast and is usually held in October. The California RV Show has been around for 68 years and has been dedicated to promoting RVing and helping people fall in love with this fashionable style of living. The California RV Show continues to be a more seamless platform for visitors. With its reputation for attracting many exhibitors each year, the California RV Show now has RV seminars to attract more visitors and exhibitors to the show. In addition to motorhome, you will see RV accessories such as RV covers, tents, boats and other outdoor products at this most famous show.

  • Northern California Boat, Sport, and RV Show

This comprehensive exhibition is held annually at the Shasta District Expo and Events Center in Anderson. It's a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, with lots of fun and novel outdoor sportswear on display. As with most motorhome shows, you'll have the opportunity to experience a variety of motorhome styles such as travel trailers, fifth-wheeled motorhomes, and buggys.


One of the highlights of the show is that the show will also showcase a variety of cool yachts and the latest fashion outdoor products. In addition, there are exhibition areas designed for children and pet areas, suitable for the whole family to visit and entertain.

  • Annual Manufacturers’ RV Show

The Annual Manufacturer's RV Show is one of the largest and most popular RV shows in California and is held annually at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton. This RV show has been held for over thirty years and is one of the longest-running RV shows with many loyal visitors. This show invites the most well-known RV dealers and manufacturers to exhibit each year, aiming to create an open RV communication platform and provide users with the most valuable RV-related information.

Why Choose California RV Night Market Tour

California is a state full of humanities, where summer activities are abundant. During the summer, California attracts many tourists to vacation every year, and the numerous night markets in California are the most characteristic humanistic scenery. RVing allows you to travel more freely and interestingly, with fewer restrictions.


If you love crowds, food, and RVs, California's summer night markets will give you the most unforgettable experience this summer. With some of the best and most unique night markets, RV gives you the freedom to have fun.

The best night markets to visit in California

  • 626 night market

One of the most famous night markets in California and the whole United States. In 2022, 626 night market is coming. 626 night market was started by Jonny Hwang in 2008 during the recession and the founder's original intention was to help small businesses that were struggling at that time. 626 night market has many venues in California and visitors can get the specific venue online every year.

The most authentic Asian style is one of the main features of 626 night market, where you will taste the most authentic Taiwanese snacks and Southeast Asian delicacies, it is a food lover's paradise! The 626 night market attracts many exhibitors and vendors every year, and there are at least 300 stalls here, and the number of stalls is growing.

In addition to the food, a variety of handmade products, crafts and other characteristic goods are also displayed here, and many merchants gather here hoping to sell their products to tourists. The 626 night market is not held in one place, and each 626 night market venue has an artistic performance, allowing you to experience live entertainment while enjoying the food.

To make the 626 night market enjoyable for you, bring your enthusiasm and curiosity and make sure you come to this night market on an empty stomach. Elegant high heels are not suitable for this casual and lively place, flat shoes are a better match for 626 night marktet. One more tip, bring enough cash, it's important.

  • 805 night market

The 2022 805 night market will be held from June 25 to June 26 at Oxnard High School. 805 night market is inspired by the global character of open-air night markets, with the idea of openness and diversity, bringing together a variety of people.

One of the distinctive features of 805 night market is that participants of all ages will find activities and friends that interest them, and everyone will have a fun night out together. 805night market has food, games, entertainment, performances, a retail area, and a huge children's area, so no one will be bored here.



805 Night Market is suitable for you to bring your family and friends together. The more people there are, the more fun 805 Night Market can bring to you. To head to 805 Night Market for a night of fun, you need to bring a hungry stomach as well as an open mind.

  • Oceanside Sunset Market

Oceanside Sunset Market is a unique waterfront market. Held every Thursday night in four blocks of downtown Oceanside, the Sunset Market attracts locals and tourists alike. This unique coastal market has been in existence for over a decade and offers a great place to relax, enjoy good food, and enjoy shopping.

The Oceanside Sunset Market attracts vendors to this unique business each year and now has over 200 vendors selling their wares.

In addition to the food, Oceanside Sunset Market is also a popular farmers' market for locals, where locals can often find items of interest. The Sunset Market now has many musicians and performing artists on hand to add to the energy of the market. It has gradually become an ideal night market where entertainment, shopping, food, and relaxation all come together.

  • FoodieLand Night Market

FoodieLand Night Market is a night market featuring food that is perfect for everyone and is the perfect outdoor food event. This night market is held every year in the summer and fall and has attracted many food lovers in recent years. This outdoor night market in downtown Pasadena is inspired by Asian night markets.


The highlight of this outdoor food event is that it is located near San Francisco Bay and you will enjoy a magnificent night view of San Francisco Bay as you enjoy exotic food at the market. Whether it's local dishes or exotic delicacies, fine wines, or non-alcoholic beverages, you can find your favorite food here. The FoodieLand Night Market now has entertainment in addition to the food and will offer visitors an ever-increasing variety of programs.

Beautiful RV Parks in California

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is a very popular campground near the city of San Francisco with places to park your RV. If you want to come to the night market craziness of San Francisco, Half Moon Bay is a place that can bring you peace.

This camping park is beautiful and suitable for everyone to come and visit. You can sunbathe, fish, take photos, and have picnics here. This park is next to Francis Beach and Venice Beach.

Angel Island

Angel Island is a popular spot near San Francisco and a must-see for every visitor to San Francisco. This island is known as the largest island in San Francisco and is only 6 miles away from San Francisco. When you climb to the best location on Angel Island, you can see the best view of the city. Arguably, this island is your best viewpoint overlooking San Francisco, and visitors can take the ferry across the bay to this island. This island is superb for camping, you can come here for a honeymoon, adventure, or camping, Angel Island will be your best holiday destination choice.

San Francisco RV Resort

This unique RV resort is designed specifically for RV travelers and is built on a 60-foot cliff. From this resort you can see the great Pacific Ocean, providing you with super cool ocean views.

This resort is very well equipped and you can come here with your friends to have an unforgettable vacation. Don't worry that you will encounter embarrassment that you can't solve during your trip, this place will provide you with attentive services.


Moreover, this resort is only 15 miles away from San Francisco, which means you won't spend a lot of time on the road. Short distances are very important for travelers so that you can spend more energy enjoying the scenery.

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