Quictent Top Gifts for Father’s Day
Theoretically, it would not be a problem for Father’s Day gift ideas as there are a bunch of different items for you to pick out- from a classic gift, like a hand-crafted mug, a cashmere sweater, or a handsome fountain pen, to something personal for daily use such as a razor.
It is not true when it comes to the real situation. We know whatever we gift, dad will show their excitement – just because it is coming from you, he does not want to disappoint you at all by showing any dislike.
That explains why every year we find people are searching for answers to similar questions such as “What's the best Father's Day gift?“  “What do dads want for Father's Day?" We can imagine how anxious people behind the screen are waiting for answers to refer to. On this special day, we want to gift something that impresses our hero, to make them happy at the bottom of their inner heart, not just “showing happiness“.
We at Quictent believes that your company is the dearest gift for your dad, from a meal, an exercise, a picnic, to going fishing, or camping. Actions should be embodied in daily life, not only on Father’s Day. Bear it in mind: Dad just wants to be with you.
Adhere to such belief, we list something to facilitate co-activities between dad and you.

Pop up Canopy

Every dad grows from a boy. Nothing is better than recapturing that inner sense of adventure by taking dad into the wilderness.
Camping together is sure to be a good idea. Dad will thank you when you eventually make it out and he’s reminded of the vigor of his youth from the adrenaline rush.
Quictent pop up canopy is a good assistant when you plan camping, hiking, fishing, or outdoor activities. Come with a roller carry bag for each tent, the tent can be easily stored and transferred to your destination.
Recent research has shown that the Screen and Privacy series are the top 2 choices.
  • Screen Series
Quictent Screen pop up canopies are great shelters for outdoor events, especially in summer. With waterproof cover and a whole piece of mesh screen with full-length Velcro attached, they help you get rid of mosquitos and insects while enjoying outdoor fun. 
We recommend a 10’ x 10’ one (in tan or royal blue) as its big enough for two-person. Click the item name to go to the listing page.
  • Privacy Series
Quictent Privacy pop up canopies provide you a private space as it features with mesh windows on two side panels which can be fully closed. When four sides - the two mesh window panels and the two zipper panels are rolled down, the whole is a temporary restroom. 
We recommend a 10’ x 10’ one in white forits capacity and easy-decorated. 
You can explore more Quictent Pop Up Canopies

Shade Sail

If you do not think a pop up tent is a good idea because dad is not a sport fancier, here come Quictent shade sails.
No one would refuse a shade sail as the temperature is getting higher, right?
Woven from high-density fabric (185G HDPE), Quictent shade sails lower at least 20 degrees. You can easily use it to provide shade over a patio, pergola, backyard, courtyard, and much more. They can block 98% of harmful UV rays, which is quite impressive.
We carefully selected 12'X16' 185G HDPE Colored Stripe Rectangle Shade Sail (White and Blue) as its large enough to keep a large group of people entertained without being exposed to direct sunlight and heat.
It’s a newly colored stripe one in white and blue, which reminds us of the sea and sky. Nothing would be better than taking a break under the cool area it provides. 
You can also find more Quictent Shade Sails in various shapes and colors.


It is a safe bet that most dads own a car. But we are not so certain to conclude that a garage is owned by every family.
There are tons of people who do not have the luxury of a garage. Buying or building a garage may be impossible for many limitations, but getting a portable garage is not! Needless to say, a carport would be the best alternative for a settled garage – as a free-standing, roofed structure, it offers much-needed protection for vehicles.
We have long observed the market, found the 10’ x 20’ carports are the most popular ones. Here we recommend two types.
As a novice, we recommend you to start with Quictent 20' x 10' Heavy Duty Carport-Gray. It is a basic one, it provides a good shelter for cars or other vehicles. With washable cover and galvanized steel tubes, it can stand for years if being well-cared.
You can try Qucitent Upgraded 20' x 10'Heavy Duty Carport-Gray if you require a more heavy-duty one. It is in the same style as the basic one. We upgraded the material – which you can see from the net weight – for the basic one, it weighs 79 lbs while the upgraded one weighs 83 lbs.
The good news is that both are on sale. Do not hesitate, seize the chance to buy!
You can also explore more Quictent Portable Garages. 


Since we have recommended practical things for the backyard, greenhouses should not be ignored. 
We recommend the following two sizes which are on sale: Quictent 10' x 9' x 8' Portable Greenhousewith 2 Doors-White and Quictent 12' x 7' x 7' Waterproof Walk-inGreenhouse-Gothic Arch.
Made of the heavy-duty frame and overlong cover, Quictent greenhouses are not a one-use structure. They provide a proper environment for your plants throughout the year and protect plants inside from the heat, wind, rain, and pest.
If you need a mini one or a bigger one, you can find at Quictent Greenhouse.
All products we recommended are mainly for personal use. Given the National Day is approaching, you are probably to hold a family gathering to celebrate it. Here we’d recommend a party tent which can be used soon - Quictent Upgraded 10' x 30' Heavy Duty Party Tent. It holds up to 30 people, literally a perfect choice for a family gathering, party, and event. On top of that, it is on sale now. The best time to take one home.
Thank you for being a reader of this passage. That’s it for our recommendation. You can share your unique ideas with us by commenting on this blog,  Quictent Twitter, Quictent Facebook, and Quictent Instagram
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