Near the end of December, the weather is getting colder and colder, and people can't help but shy away from the outdoors. And previously favorite outdoor parties, camping or backyard barbecues seem to have become the exclusive mark of summer. But in fact, these activities are not just created for summer, the fall and winter scenery is also unique and charming. When the weather starts to cool down, many tent owners start to put their tents away neatly. Keeping themselves indoors during these months, they may not even realize that using a tent in the winter is a viable option. Just because many people don't understand how to keep their tent warm in the winter makes them miss out on a lot of fun in wintertime.

That's why we're here so that the fun of various outdoor activities can be delayed for a longer period. We've listed how to keep different tents warm, whether it's a party tent, canopy tent, or camping tent. Let's get the winter party started, shall we?

wintertime tent

(Winter time tent)

How to keep the party tent warm?

Want to hold an outdoor party in the upcoming Christmas? Don't let the weather stop you, a winter party can make all the difference for you and your guests!

Choose the right party tent

In the wintertime, pay extra attention to the material of the party tent. First, the fabric material of the tent needs to be waterproof. Therefore, whether it is snowing or raining, the inside of the tent will not leak. And when you need to put a heater in the tent, the fabric is required to choose to use a fireproof tent. The use of a fireproof party tent allows you to use the heater without worrying about whether there will be a fire hazard.

Secondly, the frame needs to have an anti-rust coating as well, so that the tent can avoid the snow making the steel pipe rust affect the service life. Also important is the vinyl and frame material that can withstand low temperatures to ensure that your party tent can be used all year round without worrying about the temperature. Quictent offers fireproof tents that meet the above criteria in two sizes to choose from, 20x20 tent and 20x40 tent.

Quictent party tent

(Quictent party tent)

Use of heaters and diffusers

Using a heater is the most effective and easiest way to keep the inside of your tent warm. Typically, propane heaters are the most popular option, being inexpensive, efficient, and noiseless. The most important point is that it is safer. But be careful to keep the heater and the fabric at a distance to avoid any danger. But for large party tents, one heater is not enough, you will need a diffuser. It can be connected directly to the heater and inside the tent, which allows the heater to stay outside the tent. Allowing you to heat the party tent safely and efficiently without the heater taking up too much interior space.

party tent heater

(Party tent heater)

Adding sidewalls and floors

Chilly winds as well as cold air are hard to avoid in the wintertime, but the presence of sidewalls protects you from the all-weather elements. Whether it is raining or snowing, it can help withstand it. The sidewall also adds privacy to your party by being able to provide a safe and private environment for your guests and can be closed or pulled back at any time depending on your needs. The windows in the sidewalls also allow you to maximize the view of the outdoors.

Not only the sidewalls but also the floor is a very useful way to keep warm. In the winter, the ground can become slippery and hard, making it unsuitable for long stays. And cold grounds can also make guests feel stiff. Installing flooring will ensure that your guests are completely comfortable at the party. There are many options for party tent flooring, and I would recommend affordable portable outdoor tiles that are non-slip and provide good coverage and cost $2.70 per square foot.

party tent with sides

(Party tent with sides)

How to keep the canopy tent warm?

When you want to enjoy a quiet relaxing time or want to have a simple gathering with your family in the backyard. When you can watch the snow or the warm winter sun, the canopy tent is always your best prop. It has a similar heating method to the party tent. But you can also keep the canopy tent warm with a few small details.

Add accessories

Of course, placing a small heater inside the canopy tent is a good idea, also in terms of decoration and outdoor accessories. First of all, lights, lights, and lights. The color of the lights can change the perception of temperature to a large extent. Cold white lights will make people feel calm and cold. While bright yellow warm lights can enhance the atmosphere in addition to giving a warm, comfortable feeling. So you can hang string lights on the top of the tent, or place warm light table lamps and candles.

pop up gazebo with sides

(Pop up gazebo with sides)

Of course, to keep you comfortable in the outdoors, add soft cushions as well as warm blankets to your seat. Another clever idea is to offer a variety of warm food and drinks. No one can resist a delicious doughnut and apple pie and a steaming drink in winter. Hot beverages can be held in guests' hands to warm not only their palms but also to drink to keep their whole bodies cozy. Choose from mulled wine, hot chocolate, and hot apple cider. These three drinks are easy to make, yet very tasty and perfect for a group of people to enjoy while sitting and chatting together.

Fully enclosed sidewalls

During the cold season, an open tent is a nightmare. Like a party tent, a pop-up canopy with sides is more suitable for the cold season. The sidewalls that can be completely closed are the best choice, leaving a small exit or window to keep the air flowing. For better insulation from the cold wind, you can also hang a blanket on the side wall to achieve a double layer of warmth. The 10x10 pop-up tent not only has a completely closed side wall, and waterproof fabric, suitable for a variety of weather uses. The transparent sidewalls also give you the maximum view, while the 10x10 size is the most popular, and a small heater is enough to warm the range.

Quictent 10x10 clear canopy tent

(Quictent 10x10 clear canopy tent)

How to keep the camping tent warm?

Keeping warm in winter tent camping can indeed be a challenge as well, especially in the highlands, mountains, and other areas known for their cold. In fact, with enough preparation, some knowledge, and the right equipment, keeping warm in a tent is not that difficult. Here are specific ways of how to stay warm while tent camping on a cold night.

Prepare suitable tent

Use an all-season tent that can withstand extreme weather, which is usually heavier and stronger due to the reinforced poles and stronger materials.

If you are camping in an exposed area in winter, or if you experience heavy snow or high winds, these are situations where a four-season tent is much better. Also in material selection, cotton fabric has higher insulation performance than chemical fiber fabric, and the thicker the cotton fabric, the better the insulation performance. Second, whether the tent with an inner net also affects the insulation performance. Another choice is a canvas tent. Although much heavier than the traditional nylon tent, canvas tents can better withstand snow and wind in winter. Plus, canvas tents insulate well and can keep you warm. Better yet, you can use a winter tent stove in most canvas tents. It also keeps the inside of the tent warmer.

winter camping tent

(Winter camping tent)

Choose a suitable place to set up camp

Choose a camping location that is sheltered from the wind, such as next to rocks, a dry area, or another place that has a wind-blocking effect. Try to face east to the sun so that you can be directly exposed to the sun when it rises. Before setting up camp, use a sled or snowshoes to solidify a flat area so that you won't sink into the soft snow when climbing into your tent. Even if the weather is clear, secure your tent as securely as possible.

Adding a sleeping bag and camping pad

Picking a proper, high-quality sleeping bag based on the lowest temperature of your environment is the best way to stay warm while camping in a tent. Look at the lower temperature rating of the sleeping bag, this number is the lowest temperature the manufacturer believes the average user can stay warm.

In my personal experience, when buying a sleeping bag, you should take into account the temperature factor, the lower the temperature, the thicker the sleeping bag you buy. When you use it at night, remember not to let your body and sleeping bag have too much space. Because the larger the gap, the more heat the body has to generate to fill the gap. So try to reduce these extra spaces. You can choose a sleeping bag with a good fit. In addition, adding a moisture-proof pad will allow you to be better insulated from the cold ground, thus adding a lot of warmth to your camping sleep.

camping sleeping bag

(Camping sleeping bag)

Other tips

  1. First, remove snow from the ground, which will retain more heat if your tent is placed directly on the ground rather than on top of the snow. It's a bit of a hassle, but it's necessary to insulate your tent in cold weather.
  2. When camping in winter, you can also put the canopy tent outside the camping tent to form a warmer private space.
  3. Remember not to seal the tent in cold conditions either, otherwise, the moisture caused by breathing will condense on the inside walls of the tent as it cannot evaporate, forming snow and dripping water.
  4. Finally, your body burns calories to stay warm. At night, high-fat and high-protein foods are burned more slowly than high-carbohydrate foods, allowing you to stay warm for longer. Hydration is also a key factor in keeping your body working well in the cold. Drinking more water can also help reduce fatigue.
remove snow from the ground

(Remove snow from the ground)

Now you know what you need to know about keeping warm in all categories of tents, no matter what kind of winter event you are trying to host. Stay active, keep warm, and have a great fun winter!

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