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We are already halfway through the World Cup 2022. Which team will be this year's champion remains unknown until December 18. Just a short time ago the United States defeated Iran, and then the USA will face the Netherlands on Saturday, December 3. We are all looking forward to the outcome of this match. So in the coming period, everyone will witness new history. Why not choose a better way than watching the exciting matches at home alone? Host a World Cup-themed party at home! This allows you to get together with friends and family and scream at the screen for hours on end, and support your team. Don't know where to start? Follow me, here's all the advice and tips you need.

World Cup

(World Cup) 

What to Have at My World Cup Party?

When you want to host a party at home preparation is always the most important. Especially for a major sporting event like the World Cup. This checklist below will ensure that the party is foolproof.

Outdoor canopy tent

Sports games are always exciting and tense, and it's easy to bump into indoor furniture and get yourself injured. So the best place to hold a party is in the backyard, where there is plenty of room to express your emotions. Having an outdoor canopy tent will allow you and your guests to relax without worrying about the weather and with plenty of space for you to do so. It is essential for outdoor parties.

10x20 pop up canopy

(Quictent 10x20 pop up canopy)

For backyard parties there are two types of tents to choose from, one is a pop-up canopy and the other is an outdoor party tent. The difference is the frame. The former uses a pre-built framework, which can be easily built. The latter uses a collocation-type frame, it takes time to build the tent. So, if you like to move into the backyard, I recommend a canopy tent because of its convenience. Plus with the current temperature, a pop-up canopy with sides can help you stay warm and private.


Why choose a TV when there is a bigger screen to enjoy? What's more, moving a TV outdoors can take a lot of effort, while a portable projector and screen are much more convenient.

Use Projector

(Using the projector)

Heaters and blankets

Even super enthusiasm can't stand up to the cold. Use heaters or blankets to keep your guests warm. It's best to put cushions on the seats again for added comfort.

How to Prepare World Cup Party Menu

Of course, the party menu should also have a theme. The easiest way to do this is to prepare lots of finger foods. Try nachos, popcorn, chicken wings, and a variety of vegetable platters, for example. 

If you want to be more in tune with the theme, you can try different national dishes depending on the competition afterward. For example, when Serbia plays Switzerland, try making Sarma, a traditional Serbian dish that is also perfect for winter. It consists of sauerkraut leaves wrapped in various kinds of fillings, such as bacon, sausage, and carrots. Once wrapped, it is simmered in hot water for a few hours and then some dried sausage or bacon is added. This helps add depth to the sauce.

World Cup Party Menu

(World Cup party menu) 

And for Swiss cuisine, you can choose bircher muesli, the perfect choice when you need something light to soothe your stomach. Usually, bircher muesli requires oats, yogurt, milk, grated apples, and finally using apple juice for flavoring. There are also some simple exotic dishes to try.

Portugal: Filos, which is a traditional Portuguese doughnut. The ingredients require yeast, sugar, lemon juice, salt, milk, butter, eggs, flour, and canola oil. This dessert is best enjoyed with a cup of coffee.

Brazil: Pao de queijo also known as cheese puffs. Requires tapioca starch, milk, butter, salt, parmesan cheese, and eggs. Great finger food for soccer games.

Spain: Tortilla a la espanola, also known as potato omelet. The ingredients are also simple, olive oil, sliced potatoes, sliced onions, salt, and eggs.

For your menu to stand out, even more, you can choose team-inspired cocktails. Or large batches of beer and buffet party punch that can easily fill a pitcher and wine bowl. Then you won't have to miss out on the action by needing to mix drinks all the time.

World Cup Party food

(World Cup Party food) 

How to Decorate the World Cup Party

The World Cup theme offers party planners many easy ways to incorporate World Cup enthusiasm into their party decorations. Balloon decorations in the shape of soccer balls make a statement, simple but full of charm. They can be tied to the frame of a canopy tent or used as props for photos.

Apart from that, themed tableware can also make your table more interesting. Disposable tableware and napkins printed with soccer balls are affordable and convenient party decorations. You can also buy some small football-themed flags to put on the cake or burgers and other food. Make the party atmosphere more active.

soccer party balloons

(World Cup party decorations) 

Let your guests use inflatable balloons to celebrate or let off steam, it's safer. Later, flags and ribbons from the 32 participating countries can be used both as decoration and as props during the celebration. 

How to Plan the World Cup Party Games

After watching the competition, host some games to keep the party going.

Drinking games

It's a great way for everyone to get an extra happy hour at the party. It doesn't have to be alcoholic either, non-alcoholic drinks can be prepared for the guests as well.

Red or Yellow Card: Before the game begins choose a player, either the one you like or the most famous one. Afterward, during the game, if your chosen player is shown a yellow card, then you can let anyone at the party drink. How much to drink is up to you. If the player of your choice is shown a red card. Then your comeuppance comes, which means you will drink double the alcohol of the yellow card. This is a brutal game, which also means you will be watching where the game is going at all times.

Penalty kicks game: Similar to the previous game, again by luck or you can say the skill of the player you choose? If there is a penalty moment on the field, at the time of the kick, you must choose whether this time you will score or miss a goal. If you make a wrong prediction, you must have a drink. Anyone who doesn't make a prediction has to drink too. That's the beauty of watching a soccer game because you never know what's going to happen next.

drinking games

(Drinking games) 

Beer soccer: it's just a different take on the classic drinking game beer pong. Only we replace the ping pong ball with a soccer ball and the cup with a keg. The rules are that two teams stand side by side with a bucket in front of them on a table or the floor. Just like in beer pong, the goal is to get your ball into the opposing team's bucket, and only after one success can you move further down the team's route. The losing team must drink enough beverages. This game will be just as exciting as a soccer game.

Gambling games

Contests offer a great way for everyone to get involved in the party. You can run a party betting pool where each person guesses which team will win before the tournament starts. The harder part is guessing the score. The prize can be candy left over from the party or the winner can get a bigger prize. It's best not to set the stakes to money, it will ruin the fun of the party itself. You can prepare a small whiteboard. Having partygoers fill in their expected outcomes for multiple games raises everyone's curiosity about the outcome of the game.

Dress up as a player

Don't think that a sports-themed party can't be dressed up. At a World Cup party, have your guests dress up as famous soccer players to at least give an idea of who they are dressing up as. If any guests are clueless, you can have a lottery and each person dresses up as the player drawn. This also avoids awkward scenarios where someone dresses up as the same player.

World Cup Dress Up

(World Cup dress up)

Take pictures

Finally, photo time! Friends and family gathered to watch soccer games, enjoy food, play games and have a wonderful time together. Plus with unique decorations and fun costumes, there is certainly a need to leave the precious moments with photos.

Final Thoughts

Even if you're not a soccer fan, the quality of the World Cup is what brings a group of people with different personalities together. The love of the competition and being able to watch sports with friends and family will be a valuable time. The World Cup is also a landmark event that brings together the best players from around the world. So don't miss this rare opportunity to throw a party, even if it's the next World Cup you'll be talking about the fun things that happened at this year's party. So, get your decorations ready, get your face painted and have a great World Cup party!

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