backyard transparent greenhouse

You will always be told to buy as large a greenhouse as possible, but backyard space can influence your choices. Every gardener wants to grow more plants in their greenhouse garden, but space may limit your imagination.

greenhouse with garden bed

(greenhouse with garden bed)

What you need to do is make the most of the limited greenhouse space to make the greenhouse create more for you.

We provide you with practical greenhouse ideas in this blog to help you maximize the use of your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Idea 1: Make a year-round planting plan

Your ideas will affect the use of your greenhouse throughout the year. Without clear planning, your greenhouse can descend into chaos. To organize and use your greenhouse space effectively, think about the following questions:

  1. What vegetables, fruits, or flowers will I be growing?
  2. What plants are suitable for my temperature zone?
  3. How much space will the plants need?
  4. What gardening tools will I need and will they be stored in the greenhouse?
  5. How long will the whole growing process of the plants last?

The above are important factors that affect the use of your greenhouse, if you have other considerations, please include them together in your list of questions. Once you have a clear idea, it's time to start planning your greenhouse space.

Greenhouse Idea 2: Transplanting Plants

Transplanting is a recommended way to grow. You can grow plants in your greenhouse in the fall, winter, or early spring and transplant them to your garden in the right season. Transplanting will both allow your plants to thrive and reduce the amount of time they spend in the greenhouse. In this way, you can carry out a greenhouse and outdoor garden planting program at the same time.

It is important to note that each plant has a different growth cycle. Before transplanting, you need to carefully observe the growth status of your plants to prevent them from growing slowly or even dying after transplanting to the outdoors.

Greenhouse Idea 3: Use hooks, hanging pots, and other greenhouse accessories

You can use hooks, hanging pots, and greenhouse shelves to make full use of the vertical space in your greenhouse. If you grow tropical plants or vine ornamental plants, hanging pots may be the best containers. It can help reduce the space of plants in the greenhouse and make the greenhouse look more beautiful.

greenhouse accessories

(greenhouse accessories)

To make it easier to organize the greenhouse, some gardeners choose to store their gardening tools and accessories in the greenhouse. A shelf and hooks can help organize these tools and take up little to no greenhouse space.

When you buy a Quictent walk-in greenhouse, you not only get a quality portable greenhouse, but you also get extra tools from Quictent, including 10 S-shaped hooks, 50 T-type tags, and 30 zip ties. Quictent thinks these tools can help your greenhouse gardening. 

Quictent walk-in greenhouse(Quictent walk-in greenhouse)

Greenhouse Idea 4: Divide your greenhouse into functional areas

Combine your greenhouse structure with your gardening needs and divide your greenhouse into multiple zones. This will help to make the best use of space and increase efficiency.

Greenhouse functional areas can be divided into two main categories: planting areas and tool storage areas, and the specific standards for regional division are up to you.

A good idea is to divide your greenhouse zones according to plant type, harvest time, watering frequency, and temperature requirements. For example, you should separate hardy crops from heat sources. Cultivate plants that prefer warmth in areas close to heat sources.

Greenhouse zoning can also help you organize your greenhouse, and dividing the different zones can reduce confusion. Separate tool areas are convenient for you to use and store your tools, and you will not waste time looking for them.

Greenhouse Idea 5: Take care of the rubbish

There will be all kinds of garbage in your greenhouse, such as plant debris and general household waste. If you ignore them, they will quickly take up more greenhouse space. To keep your greenhouse looking neat and orderly, you should dispose of this garbage regularly.

We recommend that you buy at least two bins, of course, you can make trash cans out of them. Try to choose a larger trash can. Put different kinds of garbage in the prescribed bin, which will make it easier for you to operate.

If your greenhouse is relatively large, you better place the trash can at the entrance of the greenhouse. If it is a relatively small greenhouse, it is recommended that you buy or make a trash can with wheels so that it is easy to move. 

Greenhouse Idea 6:Using raised garden beds

If you have a large greenhouse, you can introduce raised garden beds into your greenhouse. Square or oval-shaped raised garden beds can help you organize your greenhouse space. Moreover, raised garden beds can drain excess water.

The Quictent 48 "x24 "x30" Raised Garden Beds is a beautiful wooden raised garden bed.

The 30" height eliminates the need to crouch or bend over while gardening in your greenhouse. This garden bed comes with a non-woven liner that keeps the soil moist and drains excess water. It has 4 drainage holes to avoid water logging.

wooden raised garden bed

(wooden raised garden bed)

This raised garden bed comes with nylon lattice netting to assist in growing climbing plants. You can place pots or gardening tools at the bottom of the garden bed.

Greenhouse Idea 7:Greenhouse Staging

Greenhouse staging is a popular space-saving method for gardeners. To make the most of the limited greenhouse space, you can hang shelves from the ceiling to grow more plants.

greenhouse staging and plants

(greenhouse staging and plants)

This creates plenty of vertical growing space for seedlings as well as crops. Or you can purchase special greenhouse shelves at a gardening market, which need to match the size of your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Idea 8:Choosing the right greenhouse

Buy a greenhouse that is large enough for your budget so that you will have more space to use. Portable greenhouses are common hobby greenhouses with greenhouse covers made of high-quality polyethylene material that is perfect for you to explore greenhouse gardening.

Here are two large greenhouses from Quictent:

20' x 10' x 7' Heavy Duty Large Greenhouse

This 10' x 20' Heavy Duty Greenhouse is constructed in a traditional round arch shape. You can set up a walkway inside for easy walking and plant care. Set up shelves or garden beds on either side of the aisle to grow plants.

20' x 10' x 7' Heavy Duty Large Greenhouse
  • Size: 19.7x9.8x6.6FT
  • Frame::Galvanized Steel
  • Benefits: Versatile Windows, Reinforced Top Structure,Adequate Ventilation

Both greenhouse doors are mesh doors with zippers for ventilation, and there are multiple ventilation windows on each side of the greenhouse.

10' x 9' x 8' Backyard Greenhouse

If you are exploring greenhouse gardening for the first time, this 8'x10' greenhouse can be your first greenhouse. It is a good size for most backyards.

10' x 9' x 8' Backyard Greenhouse
  • Weight: 44 lb
  • Frame::White powder-coated steel
  • Benefits: Good Ventilation, Ease of Setup,Sturdy Frame

The white tarp is considered to be the best greenhouse cover and this greenhouse will make your backyard more beautiful.

Although the greenhouse is not very large, you can easily set up tools such as benches, greenhouse racks, or hanging basins in it. This greenhouse frame is made of heavy-duty coated steel and has a strong structure.


We hope the above greenhouse ideas will help you to organize your greenhouse space. If you want to buy a large greenhouse, come to Quictent, we have a variety of large greenhouses for you.