The arrival of fall means that the hours of sunshine are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping. If you can't stand cold, dry weather, fall and winter are not the best camping seasons for you, and the warmth indoors may suit you better. But, for your travel plans next spring, you still need to maintain your RV so that it can survive the fall and winter and be in top condition next year.

What is the best time to prepare your RV?

Generally speaking, you can start your RV winterization plans as early as October. The exact timing may vary depending on the climate of each location.

Five maintenance Suggestions

Check the tires

Because you may not be moving your motorhome for months, you must do regular tire inspections to make sure your tires don't get cold temperatures.

The specific items of tire inspection are:

  • Check the tires for damage
  • Keep the tires properly inflated
  • Ensure that the tire load is evenly distributed
  • Tire maintenance.

Of course, these are just the basic tire inspection items. Depending on the tire wear and tear of the RV, you also need to do targeted maintenance.

Cleaning and waxing the exterior of the RV

After nearly a year of use, the exterior of your RV will become old and dull due to wind, rain and UV rays. Annual exterior maintenance will maintain the performance of your RV and extend its life. You can hire a professional RV service company to clean and maintain the exterior of your RV, or to save money, you can purchase RV-specific cleaners and waxes to do the task yourself.

Tip: Waxing an RV is a daunting task. If you plan to do this project yourself, it is best to seek advice and help from a professional before everything starts to try to avoid troubles in the follow-up process. It can be tested in an inconspicuous area before being used for the entire RV.

Check and clean the RV battery

Maintaining your RV battery is the most important part of maintaining your RV during the winter. One important task you need to complete before winter arrives is to check and clean the RV battery.

You will need to do the following:

  • Monitor the battery level ( for longer battery life and to detect problems in time)
  • Clean the battery (to remove any corrosion, dirt or dust)
  • Charge the battery in a timely manner (in cold weather, you may want to fully charge the RV battery, but don't overdo it)

Note that when the temperature is too low, you must remove the battery from the RV and store it in a warm place, such as an enclosed garage, basement, storage room, etc.

Check the seals on the roof, windows and joints

Even if you regularly check the seals on all parts of your RV, this is still a task that cannot be ignored in the fall and winter. Your seals will be challenged by rain, snow and dust, which will increase deterioration. Any seam in the roof, windows, etc. can leak, and the dust and rain that penetrates the interior of your RV can have a negative impact on the interior.

Tip: You can apply a thin layer of clear silicone sealant around the window frame to extend the life of the seal.

Use special antifreeze for RVs

The most effective way to protect your RV plumbing system from the effects of freezing temperatures is to use an RV antifreeze. One thing that makes RV antifreeze different from regular antifreeze is that it is non-toxic and non-harmful.

RV maintenance antifreeze

(RV antifreeze for winterzation)

You can safely add this liquid substance to your RV plumbing and it will not adversely affect the water used in your RV. Generally, a few gallons of antifreeze is enough for an entire RV.

RV carport and cover recommendations after maintenance work

Parking a motorhome in an RV carport

If you park your RV in the open air in the yard, your RV will still be affected by falling leaves, dust, and snow. If you're likely to camp in a Fall/Winter RV, cover your RV with an RV shed after you've done all the maintenance tasks.

rv carport           (Metal RV carport with a long RV )

It can provide the best protection for your RV. When you need to access your RV, you can easily remove it from this semi-enclosed shed.

Protect your RV with an RV cover

Using an RV cover in the fall and winter is the primary way to protect your RV. Many people do not have a large enough place to build a garage and an RV cover becomes the most convenient and effective tool.

What RV cover should I choose?

When choosing an RV cover you need to pay attention to a few details to make sure you will pick an excellent product.

  • Waterproof material. With all the rain in the fall and winter, you need to pick an RV cover that is 100% waterproof to keep your RV dry. Polyester and polyethylene materials are better when it comes to water resistance.
  • Right size. Please measure the size of your RV before buying a cover. There are many sizes of RV covers on the market and you need a product that fits your RV size. A cover that is too large may not be tight enough creating gaps that allow dirt and moisture to get in. A cover that is too small may cause damage to the RV body.

quictent rv cover        (Outdoor Quictent RV cover)  


  • Tear-resistant. High winds present a challenge to your RV's protection. If the RV cover material is weak, winter gusts can destroy your cover. Tear-resistant materials are more durable and last to protect your RV.
  • Breathable and dry. If you have a long-term need to cover your RV with a cover, choose a breathable RV cover. Non-breathable materials may cause mold and mildew. It is best to choose an RV cover that has vents.

    Two excellent RV cover products

    • Travel Trailer Covers ( 6 Sizes Available)

    This travel trailer cover is available in six sizes. The material is made of upgraded super non-woven, with a high waterproof index, tear-resistant, and more breathable. A total of six vents on both sides help dry quickly. Roll-up zipper doors on each side allow for easy daily inspection and maintenance of the RV.

    Travel Trailer Covers ( 6 Sizes Available)
    • Size: 240"L-396"L x 105"W
    • Height:108"
    • Benefits: Super Non-woven Plus,RWindproof & Quick-drying
    • 5th Wheel RV Covers ( 4 Sizes Available)

    This fifth-wheel RV cover is available in four sizes. The material is waterproof, tear-resistant, and breathable. The RV cover comes with upgraded PVC buckle straps for added cover stability. Windproof straps and tension panels work together to provide greater wind protection. The integrated buckle connection system makes it easy for you to remove and install.

    5th Wheel RV Covers ( 4 Sizes Available)
    • Size: 348"L-492"L x 102"W
    • Height:120"
    • Benefits: Upgraded PVC Buckle Straps,Easy Access Panels


    Now you know how to prepare your RV for winter and have great product suggestions. Start your fall/winter RVing mission!

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