Was there a moment when you wanted to live in the forest, or by the lake? Do you even have a brave idea to find a place with fresh air to build a small house as your vacation and leisure resort? Hey friend, you are not alone, you can find enthusiasts like you online. We can forget the big house and go to the lake, go to the forest to enjoy the joy of mini space. You can do it, it's not imagination, it's achievable fun. As long as you are a doer, you can do it!

Why do you want to live in a mini space?

Get away from the clutter of your home.

A big house needs a lot of furniture in order not to become empty and boring. But after you have lived there for a few years, you get tired of cleaning your room to keep it neat and beautiful. You want a smaller living environment, and a simpler life, a mini space this time is like a magnet to attract you.

Minimalism Practitioner.

As a minimalist, you are more than willing to practice a minimalist lifestyle. You don't want your living space to be filled with cluttered items.

Compared to the large space, you feel that the mini space is more refined and practical. The mini home does not need to spend a lot of time and effort to take care of. In your mind, you feel that big and much doesn't mean beauty and fashion, concentration is the essence.

Maybe a more comfortable living experience.

Couples love to enjoy a simple romantic atmosphere for two. And some couples feel that their house doesn't need to be too big and refined, so they're more than happy to live in a high-quality mini house.

enjoy a tiny house

The smaller living space can bring two people closer together and make feelings heat up. People who like to live alone may feel that a 20-square-meter house is enough for them, so the mini-warm houses are very popular among loners.

Experience a different life.

If you're tired of a big house, you might want to change your lifestyle, maybe it is special happiness. Not that the big house is bad, but you'll be inspired by different living experiences. 

How to get a mini and cozy home?

The tiny house has been a hot comment topic on Youtube for the past two years. You can find many mini space shows, mini home life diaries, and other videos on social platforms.

In fact, getting a mini space is not as far as you think. Many bloggers have shown you their happy and simple life in the form of pictures, videos and words.

Build your tiny home on the land

If you plan to live in a mini home all the time or use your tiny home as a retreat and vacation place.

Choose a suitable place to build your home, such as a forest, a meadow, or a beach. And before you start your construction work, learn more about your state's laws and regulations to make sure you won't break them by building.

build your mini house on land

Since you plan to fix your cabin in a certain place, you can build the foundation directly on the soil. Remember to use excellent quality building materials so that your small house will not be seriously damaged by rain, snow, wind, or hail.

Make sure that the location you choose is flat and open to receive sunlight and not too wet. If you don't feel confident in your creativity, you can go to Youtube and find some videos on building tiny homes to learn and study.

Build your lovely home on the trailer

If you want to build a tiny house on a trailer. If you don't like to stay the same and you like to modify and move your tiny house, you can try to build a mini space on a trailer. The advantage of this is that your mini house is more flexible and you have more options.

Before carrying out your creative work, carefully read the laws and regulations. This tiny house on wheels may allow you to enter the gray area of the law. So you need to determine in advance whether you need to apply for permits and other procedures.

 the house on the trailer

If you want to move your home easily. Choose safer and lighter materials for the mini space to facilitate disassembly and movement. Reinforcement is also essential to ensure safe living and safe movement. During the building process, you need to pay attention to the internal and external reinforcement of the tiny house.

Choose an RV as your home

If you want to live in your mini house quickly and easily. Maybe you are a person who is afraid of trouble, you don't want to spend time checking the law, designing and building a small house. And you prefer to have a trip to go immediately. Then the best option for you is to have an RV where you can take your family and friends anywhere you want to go. RVs are more flexible than tiny house trailers, and there are fewer legal licensing concerns.

You need to protect your mobile tiny house carefully in normal times, like giving your RV full protection with an RV cover when you don't need it. We recommend Quictent's RV covers for you.

modern motorhome

Quictent's RV covers are made of Super Non-woven Plus. This new material is softer than non-woven and has a higher water tightness index. It is also more resistant to tears and more breathable than oxford cloth.

Quictent equips each user with practical accessories for easy protection of the RV.

How to decorate your small home?

If your little home has a balcony or garden. Planting some flowers and plants can reflect the tastes of the owner. You can choose the raised flower bed to add a sense of layering. A unique gardening design will make your balcony or garden feel designed.

balcony plant

If you prefer a minimalist decorating style and don't want to take care of plants often. You can place some easy-to-maintain potted plants in your mini house.  

small potted plant

Your decorating style should be as uniform as possible with your mini house style. For example, if your mini house is in warm color, then your decorating style is also in a warm color. You can choose some easy-to-move, light-textured decorative materials.

For example, before hosting a party, hang colored lights for your tiny house and hang garlands on the door.

You can hang colored lights for your tiny house and hang garlands on the door before you hold a party.

Always keep the passion of life

People easily feel bored with things that don't change. And a life that remains unchanged may make you lose the motivation to change. People discover their potential and enrich their lives in change. It is important to discover a different style of life and to have fun in life. Some change will always fill you with passion for life and a desire for the unknown.

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