Father's Day Gift

Mother's Day has just passed, and around the corner in June is Father's Day. Every year, the third Saturday of June is a holiday for fathers, and this year, the date is June 18. Starting to pick out a gift for your father yet? If your dad is a gardening enthusiast or a foodie who likes to grow his plants. Then some gardening tools or supplies are the perfect gifts.

Especially since June is the growing season for many plants, it's the perfect time to use new tools to take care of the garden. So, for our guests to pick the perfect gift in the quickest time possible. We have put together a comprehensive list of gifts for fathers.

garden gift

(Garden gift) 

Plants for Dad

Apart from gardening tools, you can also pick some plants for dads. Whether it's for the office desk or adding a new variety to the garden can add a different kind of fun.


Succulents are not only lovely in appearance but also require little time and effort to maintain. It is especially suitable for the desk as a decoration. Among the succulents, cactus is the most popular species. Succulents should be watered twice a month in spring and autumn, and once a month in winter during dormancy. And in summer, it needs to be watered thoroughly once a week. Keep your succulents dry and allow their roots to drain well.

Nippon lily

This is a very easy-to-keep and ornamental indoor plant. It is an evergreen plant all year round. Besides, it can remove harmful substances such as nicotine and formaldehyde, which is very good for the elderly who have weak immune systems. This plant needs regular and moderate watering to keep the soil moist.

Money tree

It is a great symbolic plant to give as a gift to your father to represent blessings and offer good luck. It is also a very ornamental plant.

During daily care, you can use a spray bottle with water and spray its branches and leaves with water frequently to maintain the high air humidity. It should not be watered too often, because it can store a certain amount of water in its root mass and has a certain degree of drought tolerance.

Succulents,Nippon lily and Money tree

(Succulents,Nippon lily and Money tree) 

Tools and Accessories for Gardening Dads

Whether your father is an experienced gardening expert or a hobbyist, these tools will make it easier for him when gardening.

Walk-in greenhouse

If the space in the garden is limited or your father's back condition is not very good. Then a walk-in greenhouse would be an indispensable gift. This walk-in greenhouse offers three shelves with a width of 56.3 inches, allowing you to put down multiple plants without stress. The height is up to 76.8 inches, so fathers can also stand inside without bending over.

Quictent walk in greenhouse

(Quictent walk-in greenhouse) 

Garden bed

The garden bed is suitable for situations where soil conditions need to be improved or root plants need to be planted. It provides an easier way to garden. The garden bed helps you to control the ratio of soil, fertilizer, and filler precisely. And it can also help you to protect your plants from pests or animals. Produce fewer weeds while helping plants grow better. Again raised garden beds will be a better choice for people with bad back conditions.

Galvanized Raised Garden Bed

(Quictent Raised Garden Bed) 

Garden cart

It can be used to carry potted plants, soil, rocks, and everything else needed for gardening. Saves time and energy. Rather than trying to walk through the garden with a heavy bag of soil, a garden cart is not only much faster but also avoids the possibility of muscle strain in carrying it. At the same time, many garden carts use tires that can be easily maneuvered on rough ground, more convenient and safe.

Garden cart

(Garden cart) 

Personalized aprons

One of the necessary accessories for gardening activities is an apron, especially one with pockets in the front. While keeping things clean, the front pockets can also hold small tools such as scissors and the like. But on Father's Day, it would be too boring to just send a plain apron. So you can opt for a personalized apron. You can choose a cartoon of your father or a slogan about Father's Day. This is not only more interesting in appearance but also makes your father think of you every time he puts it on.

Garden aprons

(Garden aprons) 

Garden boots

Gardening activities will inevitably get you covered in dirt, and besides aprons, gardening boots allow your regular shoes to stay clean. At the same time, gardening boots are usually made of rubber, which is waterproof and sturdy and has a thicker bottom. This not only keeps you safe but also allows you to clean up whenever you want. Perfect for people who spend long hours in the garden.

Garden boots

(Garden boots) 

Garden planner

The garden planner is also a thoughtful gift if you have a small budget. It can help plan and organize annual goals, track garden and individual crop performance as well as chart garden designs. All garden projects can be organized and tracked to help develop future garden plans. There are also garden planners that include professional guidelines to help keep garden activities on track.

Garden planner

(Garden planner) 

DIY Ideas for Father's Day Gifts

Of course, if you wish to give a more innovative gift, DIY might be a good idea. Give our green-thumbed father an exclusive planter that becomes a symbol of good times this Father's Day. First of all, you need to choose a plain clay pot, preferably a solid color so that it is easy to paint later. After that, prepare the paint to paint the design you want or write a sentence on it. Finally, apply a protective layer on the color to seal it from damage.

Meanwhile, a gardening tool basket is also a good choice. It can include pruning tools, small digging tools, and some gardening accessories. Examples include a humidity meter, soil pH tester, and gardening gloves.

Final Thoughts

Giving your father a warm gift on this special day is perfect for showing your love and appreciation. Whatever you choose to give, the most important thing is to choose and prepare the gift with heart and love. On our website, you will be able to find popular gardening products that are a great choice for Father's Day gifts. Come and pick the perfect gardening gift for fathers!

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