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The most common question people ask on home improvement websites is how to add privacy to their backyard. Your backyard is a derivative part of your home, and you should feel just as comfortable and secure in it. You don't want your neighbors watching what you're doing while mowing in the backyard. To avoid this, we've gathered some easy-to-install backyard privacy ideas. These barriers strike the right balance between subtle and effective, so you can enjoy your time in your yard in peace. While still satisfying your need for aesthetic appeal.

Pop-up canopy with sides

This is one of the easiest structures to build to create privacy. Since the frame of the pop-up canopy is pre-built, you only need to pull it apart and put the top cover and side walls on to complete the installation. Besides the ease of installation, the removable side walls are also a characteristic. If you want a shaded and airy outdoor space in summer, you can choose to remove the side walls or just leave one side.

Privacy 8' x 8' Pop Up Canopy

 (Quictent privacy pop up canopy)

If you want a completely private space, closing all four side walls will achieve the goal. And don't worry about air circulation, the double-pane windows on the sidewalls are designed to meet a variety of needs. The outside layer is the same waterproof and sun-proof Oxford fabric, when pulled down, the inside is a mosquito-proof screen, while ensuring air circulation. For a regular size backyard, a 10x10 canopy or 13x13 canopy would be the most suitable choice. It is worth mentioning that the pop-up canopy is not a permanent structure, so if you encounter heavy stormy weather, please dismantle it and store it.

Fences or walls

The most traditional way to have private space in your backyard. They can effectively block the view and also partition different areas. Of course, there are different materials to choose from for both fences and walls, such as the most common wooden fence, which is cheap and easy to install but easily damaged and not durable.

Brick or stone walls are stronger and provide better privacy than fences, but are also more expensive. My suggestion is that a wooden fence can be designed with a higher height, and a metal fence can be planted with shrubs and plants in front.


(Backyard fences)

Lattice Wood Panels

The ideal way to have privacy without making your yard too enclosed is to add a simple lattice panel, which is perfect for displaying vine moons or your favorite vine plants. The structure of the grid may not provide complete privacy, but the ability to allow sunlight to pass through adds a lot of visual interest to the landscape. And you'll find that lattice panels are much cheaper than building a traditional fence.

Lattice Wood Panels

(Backyard lattice wood paneling)


A pergola is a backyard shade or garden feature that forms a sheltered walkway or sitting area. It consists of vertical posts or columns that usually support beams and a sturdy open lattice. However, a regular pergola does not provide complete privacy. Here are some ways to fill the gap at the top of a pergola. For example, planting some vines on the top, not only provides shade and privacy but also achieves an aesthetic effect on the garden.


(Wooden pergola)

Or a retractable pergola, which is a modern construction. Two types of roofs: fabric roofs and louvered roofs. Retractable pergolas offer an intelligent design that allows the roof to close at the push of a switch. Even neighbors on the second floor can't peek in at your movements. As for the sides, curtains can be added for extra privacy.

Tall trees

Want to turn your backyard into a natural garden? Planting some tall trees and colorful plants can turn your backyard into a private oasis. So to be able to provide enough privacy, it is best to choose trees with a dense canopy. For example, ginkgo trees range in height from 14 feet and width from 5 feet. They are hardy, need little maintenance, and their foliage turns a stunning golden yellow in the fall.

backyard tree

(Backyard trees)

Next is bamboo, which is fast-growing and hardy. It provides a serene atmosphere for the senses and has an oriental aesthetic. Typically, bamboo reaches 10 feet in pots and 12 to 15 feet in the ground.

The last is the brightly colored flowering dogwood. It produces white, pink, and red flowers during the changing seasons. A height of 15 feet and canopy width of 15 feet is suitable for medium to large backyards. Ideal for planting in moist, well-drained soil. Before deciding to plant a tree, you need to choose the right size for your backyard, local weather, and soil. Plus, trees take time to grow so they are not a good fit for people who are urgently in need of a privacy solution.

flowering dogwood

(The fragrant flowers of dogwood)

Hanging basket plants

Outdoor hanging plants not only add charm to the backyard, but the rows of dense plants hanging vertically also block the view of outsiders. This is another, simpler approach to living fence. Pots can be filled with vegetables and herbs or flowering plants ready to overflow, then hung on a shelf to become a wall of plants. Petunias, verbena, and lobelia are the most popular hanging plants, while cherry tomatoes and strawberries can make your living fence edible.

Hanging basket plants

(Hanging basket plants)


Unlike a fence, a screen does not go around the entire yard and is suitable for small backyards or decks. It provides privacy in your backyard in a compact and flexible stance. Screens are mainly made of wood and can be folded for easy storage or transportation. Apart from being used in the backyard, it can also be put back inside the house as a space divider or purely for decoration. This simple wooden structure can be adapted to different styles of backyards.

outdoor screens

(outdoor screens)

Sunshade Sails

Sunshade sails can be used for more than just summer shade. Triangular shade sails are suitable for patios, while square and rectangular shade sails are more suitable for backyards or pools. Or retractable shade sails that can be spread downward can enhance privacy even further. This affordable and quick way to turn your backyard into a flexible space for entertaining, and the detachable shade sails help avoid blocking views of the outdoors.

Quictent square shade sail

(Quictent square shade sail) 

Privacy Screen Cover

If you want to make your existing fence more private. A fence privacy screen is a quick fix that can be installed around the fence to cover the gaps. Screen cover is a fabric made of high-density polyethylene that lets in light but blocks the view. It is a more economical and easier way to gain privacy.

Privacy Screen Cover

(Outdoor privacy screen cover)


Having your own private outdoor space is like creating a small sanctuary where you can relax and spend your leisure time. In any residential landscape, privacy is a key factor. These privacy-creating landscapes also add to the beauty and value of your home. By adding more plants, you can create a diverse ecosystem. This improves the quality of the air around you and also provides cooler temperatures.

With these nine landscaping ideas that increase concealment, they can add a sense of comfort and style to any yard, making it more complete. 

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