National Girlfriends Day

Ladies, it's time for us to celebrate National Girlfriends Day! This would be the perfect time to show your support and love for your girlfriends as a way to strengthen your friendships with each other.

And in the summertime, it can be confusing how to celebrate this day. Here's our advice, organizing an unforgettable party in the great outdoors would be the perfect way to do it. Don't forget to bring a pop-up canopy, which will turn this event into a paradise full of laughter and joy.

National Girlfriend Day

(National Girlfriends Day) 

About National Girlfriends Day

National Girlfriends Day, the creator of the holiday is currently unclear. But we know that the holiday is meant for girlfriends to show appreciation for each other and celebrate their precious friendships. And girlfriends are included in a wide range - they can be your sisters or your mother.

When is National Girlfriend Day

This holiday is celebrated on August 1 every year.

How to celebrate National Girlfriends Day outdoors

Celebrating National Girlfriends Day outdoors can be a fun and memorable experience. But hot weather and UV rays are inevitable. That's why pop-up canopies are especially important at any event. This shade shelter can be set up quickly to circumvent the weather elements. Offering waterproof, UV-protective fabric, you can stay cool even in the summer outdoors.

Here are some ideas on how to make the most of the pop-up canopy to celebrate this special day.

Beach Day

The beach is such a wonderful place to plan a relaxing day with your girlfriends. You can sunbathe and play beach volleyball. Take a dip in the ocean and enjoy the relaxing feeling of the waves. Or simply lay back and rest in a pop-up canopy that provides shade and feels the breeze of the sea.

It serves as a very functional shelter and can be used as a beach tent. The beach is also a great picnic spot to enjoy each other's company by the sea. Of course, don't forget to bring your beach towel and sunscreen.

Quictent beach tent

(Quictent beach tent) 

Outdoor Yoga Session

Even if not familiar with yoga, this is a way to create unique memories on this day. Find a park with a beautiful setting or right in your backyard. Spread out your mat there and enjoy a peaceful yoga session in a natural setting. Practicing yoga outdoors gives you good breathing circulation and the fresh oxygen provided is good for the heart and lungs.

If you want a more private outdoor yoga environment, a pop-up canopy with sides can also provide that. With 4 removable side walls, it allows you to adjust to the sunlight whenever you want. Whether you want to work out in your backyard or head to the park, it's easy to set up and take with you.

outdoor yoga

(Outdoor yoga) 

Outdoor Movie Night

Movie nights are classic and timeless. It doesn't require too much preparation but still allows everyone to participate. Even if the venue is set up outdoors, simply place the projector inside the mesh tent for a safe and bug-free outdoor space. Pick your favorite movie with your girlfriends, or a horror movie, respectively. Have popcorn, some snacks, blankets, and pillows ready to end the holiday in comfort.

10x20 pop up mesh canopy

(10x20 canopy tent) 

Private Beauty Treatments 

National Girlfriend Day can also be a day of self-pampering. Consider setting up the pop-up canopy as a lounge area. Set up comfy seating inside for a manicure, facial or mini spa. For a more luxurious experience, there can also be a simple mini bar for girlfriends to bring their favorite wine or drink. Talking or gossiping in such an intimate setting can strengthen the bond.

Beauty Treatments with friends

(Beauty treatments with friends) 

Luxury Camping

Camping doesn't necessarily require a trip to a specialized campground; it can be a great experience to camp in your backyard. This is not only affordable but also more convenient, especially for the inexperienced. In case of unexpected weather conditions, you will be able to return to the house without ruining the day. For a luxurious experience, a pop-up tent with light can enhance the ambiance and keep it bright. It's going to be an "adventure"!

Other ideas

  • Decorate the pop-up canopy according to your ideas, which can be different themes and styles. Enhance the atmosphere of the event with a visual presentation that is well worth posting on social media.
  • Fun games can also energize the festivities and, regardless of the type, bring laughter and precious moments.
  • Capture the moments with your camera, which will leave a souvenir of the good times of National Girlfriends Day.

Final Thoughts

I always feel that the great high privilege, relief, and comfort of friendship was that one had to explain nothing.- Katherine Mansfield, author

National Girlfriends Day is an opportunity for friends to support each other. And celebrating this holiday can lead to deeper connections with each other. And with Quictent's pop-up canopy, we can celebrate this day outdoors without the stress. So gather your girlfriends and pop up your canopy. Enjoy this special day together and appreciate the bonds that make your friendship priceless.

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