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Pop-up canopies are vital to a successful craft show. As a versatile and portable structure, it not only protects the vendors and their products from other elements but also creates an attractive and professional space for potential customers. At the same time, a professional pop-up canopy also allows a space for vendors and guests to communicate, taking the entire booth to another level.

So the process of choosing a pop-up canopy is a crucial part of it. There are many styles of canopies on the market to choose from, but not all of them meet the needs of a craft show. To solve the dilemma of choosing a canopy, we will explore what kind of pop-up canopy is needed for a craft show. Helping vendors make an informed decision to enhance the exhibiting experience as well as the grade of their product display.

Craft Shows

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How to choose a pop-up canopy for a craft show


Size is a key for craft shows because whether it's a farmer's market or a trade show there is a set size provided to the vendors. And usually, 10x10 is the most common show size. It is also the most popular size for pop-up canopies. Also, consider the height of the canopy, as a higher top creates a cozy and spacious atmosphere.

Easy to set up

When you are attending a craft show, to be able to set up your booth as fast as possible, choose a pop-up canopy that is easy to set up. You won't want to spend a lot of time setting up the tent.

Choose pop-up canopies that have a simple and quick setup process. Look for features such as simple push-button mechanisms or center lock systems for easy assembly. The key benefit is also the fact that it can be set up by one person and does not require the help of tools. This simplified setup allows you to focus more on displaying your product.

canopy tent function

(Canopy tent feature) 


The frame of the pop-up canopy is its backbone and determines its stability and durability. Choose a full truss heavy-duty frame, which can withstand more wind than a regular frame.

The frame of the canopy tent is also divided into the straight-legged canopy and slanted-legged canopy, for craft shows, it is better to choose a straight-legged frame. Not only do they have more space, but they also fit the needs better.


Craft shows provide a unique opportunity for vendors to showcase their products and brands. At the same time, your canopy can be an extension of your brand identity. For example, choosing a pink pop-up canopy with prominent colors allows you to catch the attention of potential customers among the many booths.

pink canopy tent

(Pink pop up canopy) 

And of course, it can be personalized with a banner branded with your logo or artistic design hanging from the canopy. Striking the right balance between professionalism and visual appeal can leave a lasting impression on potential customers, enticing them to explore your booth further.

Required function


Unexpected weather conditions can ruin a well-prepared craft show. So for the sake of the booth and to have a better experience, a pop up canopy with sidewall would be a better choice. Different styles of sidewalls bring different functions.

A screened window sidewalls creates a private environment and protects against the effects of the weather. Church window sidewalls are more sophisticated in appearance and are waterproof and UV resistant. The fully screened sidewalls protect against mosquitoes and keep air circulating. These removable sidewalls are perfect for craft shows as they have the flexibility to adapt to changing weather conditions or specific display preferences.

LED light

If it's a craft show that will last into the evening, having an illuminated booth will be enticing. Consider opting for the innovative feature of a pop-up canopy with light, which has eco-friendly solar-powered LED string lights inside the canopy. The lighting not only illuminates the booth and products but also provides a cozy atmosphere, which is a practical addition to a craft show setup.

pop up canopy with light

(Pop up canopy with light)

Roller bag

Most canopy tents come with a storage bag, but for an outdoor event like a craft show, a bag with rollers would be a better choice. This will make it easier and faster to transport the tent to the site.


Now you know what kind of pop-up canopy you need for a craft show. When choosing one, browse the detail page carefully to see if it has the features and designs mentioned above. A well-chosen pop-up canopy not only protects from the weather but also enhances the appeal.

At Quictent, we offer quality pop-up canopies with the above features that will make you look the best at the craft show.

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