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It's time to get your fall RV storage ready. You may need an RV cover that will protect your RV from the natural elements during the fall and winter. There are many RV covers on the market for you to choose from. These RV covers may cost as low as a few tens of dollars, and the most expensive ones may cost you thousands of dollars! But if an expensive RV cover doesn't meet your needs, it means a waste.

rv cover in the fall

(rv cover in the fall)

You may be able to get a satisfactory RV cover without spending more! This RV cover has the features you need.

Some product details can tell you if you lost at least $50 on a RV cover!

These details can tell if you lost $50 on a RV cover

Super Non-Woven Plus

Many common materials can be used to make RV covers, such as polypropylene, polyester, acrylic, and Super Non-Woven Plus.

Polypropylene is a lightweight and inexpensive material. RV covers made from polypropylene offer only basic protection and are usually not waterproof. These RV covers can last up to 2 years. Users typically spend between $50 and $200 on a polypropylene RV cover.

Super Non-Woven Plus

(Super Non-Woven Plus)

Polyester RV covers offer only basic protection and are not waterproof or snowproof. These RV covers costs between $100 and $400.

Dyed acrylic is a high-end material, but it's expensive. You'll pay at least $700 for this type of RV cover.

Super Non-Woven Plus is an upgraded non-woven fabric designed for outdoor use! Made from a blend of polypropylene and polyester fibers, this non-woven fabric is durable, tear and abrasion resistant. And, Super Non-Woven Plus is also waterproof and UV resistant, making it ideal for protecting your RV.

Super Non-Woven Plus is the best value RV cover material because of its excellent quality and affordability. Users can save at least $70.

Many Quictent RV covers feature Super Non-Woven Plus. These RV covers are available in a variety of sizes and can be priced up to $350.

Anti-aging material

In fall and winter, RV covers are exposed to harsh outdoor conditions. As you use it, the RV cover will deteriorate. For the RV cover to continue to serve you, it is recommended to choose a product made of anti-aging materials. This material resists the effects of UV rays and protects the fabric from damage.

Many users choose RV covers made of Solution-dyed acrylic. But this type of RV cover is not the best choice.

anti-aging fabric

(anti-aging fabric)

Solution-dyed acrylic is a premium material with excellent UV resistance. But this material is expensive and you need to spend at least $700. Some Solution-dyed acrylic RV covers even cost over $1000. This is just an estimate and you may invest more on this.

Solution-dyed acrylic RV covers are a great product for people who have enough money. However, people who are not on a budget will still reject this product. They prefer to go for a more budget-friendly product.

Silver coated Oxford fabric

Silver-coated Oxford fabric is a common material for RV covers. Silver-coated Oxford fabric is a mid-range material that is cost-effective and of better quality. This material is durable, waterproof, and UV resistant.

This fabric is lightweight and easy to install and use. You can quickly remove it from your RV in the spring and summer.

Quictent New Travel Trailer Covers

(Quictent New Travel Trailer Covers)

RV covers made of silver-coated Oxford fabric usually cost between $100 and $400. Compared to Solution-dyed acrylic RV covers, you can save at least $300.

At Quictent, you can find our new travel trailer cover. This RV cover is made of silver-coated Oxford fabric and is available in 8 sizes. You will pay up to $260 for this RV cover.

RV Cover Accessories

When choosing an RV cover, you should select those that come with accessories. RV cover accessories can provide extra protection for your RV. If you choose a product that is just a single RV cover, you may need to purchase additional accessories for subsequent use. This will bring more expenses.

Wind straps. Wind straps can help secure the RV cover and prevent it from being blown away by high winds. In the fall and winter, windbreaks are important.

Fixing Strap

(Fixing Strap)

Vents. Vents prevent moisture and mold from building up inside the RV cover.

Storage Bag. Storage bags make it easy to store tools for maintenance of the RV cover.

Tire cover. Tire covers protect RV tires from damage or wear caused by exposure to the elements.

Adjustable Fixing Straps: Adjustable Fixing Straps can help hold the RV cover in place and prevent it from wobbling. An adjustable Fixing Strap makes the RV cover more durable.

Typically, zipper access panels will cost $15 to $50, tire covers will cost $20 to $50, and Wind straps will cost $30 to $50. Storage bags will cost $10 to $40, and Adjustable Fixing Straps will cost $20 to $45.

If you buy additional accessories, you will need to spend at least $150. All Quictent RV covers come with tire covers, Zipper Access Panels, and Wind straps, so you don't need to purchase any of these RV cover accessories separately. By choosing a Quictent RV cover you can save at least $100 on RV cover accessories.

Warranty service

When purchasing an RV cover, you need to be concerned about the warranty in addition to the product. If the merchant can't provide you with warranty service, you will need to pay for the subsequent maintenance.

If your RV is torn or has holes, you need to hire professionals to fix the problem or repair it yourself. If you repair it yourself, you need to spend at least 40 dollars. Professional repairs can cost more than $70!

Therefore, users should choose an RV cover merchant that provides warranty service.

Quictent has been in the RV cover business since the 21st century, and we provide you with excellent after-sales service. Quictent offers a two-year free warranty for your RV cover. You can save at least $50 by choosing Quictent RV covers!


Some details can tell you if you spend more on your RV cover. When purchasing an RV cover, you need to focus on warranty service in addition to fabrics and accessories. Quictent has been providing you with quality RV cover products and excellent after-sales service. We help you save more. Come to Quictent to get your quality products!

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