California has been incredibly hot in July. The Southern California area, in particular, has been under a heat advisory. In recent years, California heat waves have been a source of distress. And this heat wave has continued into August. For the next ten days, the highest temperatures will reach 93 °F.

While we love living in warm weather, overheating can turn fun into danger. To protect you from the dangers of a heat wave, don't forget your pop-up canopy. it can help create a plan to beat the heat. Just taking simple preparations can help you create a private oasis even when you're in the middle of a California heat wave.

Heat danger

(Heat danger) 

The dangers of heat waves

Besides the dangers of dehydration and heat stroke.

  • Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can lead to many heat-related illnesses that can be life-threatening. This is especially true for the elderly as well as infants and young children.
  • Hot environments can also lead to more stress for people with their medical conditions.
  • Not to mention pets, which have limited areas to dissipate heat. And heat stroke in pets caused by high temperatures can increase their mortality rate. It's a nightmare for all owners. 

How to prepare a pop-up canopy

Choosing the right material

If you are choosing a pop-up canopy that can help you survive the California heat wave. First, focus on checking what fabric its canopy is made of. Choose a fabric that is resistant to sunlight and UV rays, preferably waterproof as well. After all, summer weather conditions are unpredictable. The 420D Oxford fabric, with PU coating, can perfectly fit this need. As for the frame, it is best if it is rust-resistant and easy to install.

Quictent canopy tent fabric

(Quictent canopy tent fabric) 

Check frames and fabrics

If you already own a pop-up canopy, it's a good idea to inspect it carefully before using it. Look for any signs of wear, tear, holes, loose connections, or damage on the shelter.

Given the California weather, it's a good idea to check for integrity before each use. Make sure all legs are securely locked in place and frame joints are tightly fitted together. Tighten or reinforce any loose connections. If you find a broken area, try repairing the canopy first or contact the manufacturer directly. Ensure that the pop-up canopy can be used safely.

Adding Sidewalls

We all know that the direction of sunlight changes over time. So adding sidewalls enhances your protection and provides an extra barrier. That's why it's a good idea to have sidewalls made of the same material as the top, a waterproof and UV-resistant fabric.

Quictent canopy tent window

(Quictent canopy sidewall window)

Something like Pop Up Canopy with Mesh Window offers a full range of sun-protective fabrics. And there are mesh windows on the sidewalls to ensure good air circulation even in the hot summer.

While the removable feature can be changed according to the direction of the sun to provide enough shade for your space. Also, adding sidewalls enhances privacy. Allowing you to stay inside the tent without worrying about the sight of others.

Adding extra equipment

Other equipment can be added to make this shaded space cooler. Small fans can be placed inside the pop-up canopy to increase air convection. It's also a good idea to place a water mister behind the fan, which will blow a fine mist of water evenly to every corner. This will not only cool down the air but also make it more comfortable inside the space.

Quictent pop up canopy

(Pop up canopy and hot tub)

Many people will build the pop-up canopy up when using the hot tub. It is used for privacy as well as shelter. Then in a situation like a heat wave, a portable pool can be added inside the canopy as well. Whether it's a child, adult, or dog, it can help to cool off. Of course, chilled drinks along with refreshing fruits are served in ice buckets. This all reinforces the chilly atmosphere.

Proper setup

To avoid the sun, this means placing the canopy on the west side of the deck or patio space. This will provide better shade from the sun. Check the predicted position of the sun during peak hours. Adjust the position accordingly to optimize shading. For more stability in using the pop-up canopy. It is best to secure the canopy to the ground using stakes and ropes to prevent it from blowing away in gusts of wind. Alternatively, use heavy objects such as sandbags to tie around the legs for extra stability.

If you don't have the appropriate sidewalls, you can also block out the sun by adjusting the height of the canopy tent.

Quictent pop up gazebo tent

(Quictent pop up mesh tent) 

Final thought

Once the pop-up canopy is ready, how to beat the heat outdoors is no longer a question. By following the tips above, your outdoor shelter will make the summer outdoor experience more comfortable. You can have summer fun even amid a heat wave.

So, make safety a priority, stay hydrated, and avoid staying in the heat for long periods. By being prepared for the blazing sun and extreme heat, a pop-up canopy allows you to make the most of summer while staying cool.

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