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Over the past few years, many schools have started to host more activities outdoors due to the epidemic. This has become the new norm, and it is good for students to be outdoors more often for sensory development and physical benefits. The increased use of outdoor space also allows schools to reduce the burden of overcrowding indoors. This is one of the reasons why schools need a pop-up canopy so that students can have shelter outdoors.

school canopy tent

(Pop up canopy in the school)

Organize Outdoor Classes

Outdoor classrooms enhance their social and practical skills compared to indoor ones, where there is plenty of space for children to move and interact. The outdoor environment allows for direct contact rather than textbook writing.

The natural environment can give students something different, stimulate imagination and enhance creativity. It can also relieve stress and improve health. Green plants and landscaping can de-stress and relax teachers and students. The sunlight, in particular, replenishes the body with the micronutrients it needs. It also encourages children to be physically active outdoors during break times.

outdoor classroom

(Outdoor classroom)

Weather is a problem that needs to be solved in the outdoor classroom, and a pop-up canopy is a perfect solution. Whether it's harsh sunlight or sudden rain, it has you covered. The canopy tent for the outdoor classroom is a 10 x 20 pop-up canopy in size and provides 200 square feet of space. Together with a 60-inch round table, it can accommodate 16-20 people.

Student Organization Activities

All kinds of activities organized by students themselves should not be overlooked. Joining a club with your interests at school is an essential experience, and becoming close friends with people who share your values is the best thing ever. Inevitably, there will be activities and recruitment for clubs, and pop-up canopy can be useful for these club activities.

School fairs are a must for students every year, selling simple items that are both enjoyable and profitable. Or, for fraternity or sorority parties on college campuses, the 10x10 canopy is the perfect size for these events, as it is easy to carry and has plenty of space.

Student Organization Activities

(School fairs with canopy tent)

Sports Events

How can campus life be without sports events? After a long day of studying, we all deserve a little fun. No matter what type of event is held in an outdoor venue, the pop-up canopy can be an all-around helper. Off the field, it can be a food area providing drinks and snacks for spectators, or it can promote the competition teams. Inside, the pop-up canopy can provide a cool, shaded resting place for athletes. It can also be used as a medical tent to provide simple wound treatment for injured athletes. It can also be used as a party tent after the event to celebrate the end of the competition.

School Sports Events

 (School outdoor sports events)

Outdoor Dining Space

Lunchtime will be packed with people every day and it will be difficult to manage the crowd in case of an emergency. Therefore, using a pop-up canopy to set up an outdoor dining area makes it easier for the school to manage students while giving them plenty of space to relax. It's also a great time for students who spend a lot of time indoors to relax and enjoy the natural scenery.

Outdoor Dining Space

(School outdoor dining space)

Job Fair

Before every graduation season, there are always job fairs on college campuses. At the fairs, companies recruit graduates or interns from the campus, which is a great opportunity for both parties to interact. The job fair venue, whether indoors or outdoors, requires a pop-up canopy to distinguish each company's booth. A well-decorated booth will also serve as a promotional opportunity for the company.

outdoor school canopy tent

(Job fair booth)

How to Choose Pop-Up Canopy for School

Pop-up canopy is easy to carry and lightweight. It's also very easy to set up. But you'll want a tent that will last for years or more, and you'll need a sturdy canopy tent that can withstand the elements, so here are some things to keep in mind before buying a pop-up canopy for your school.


In the choice of frame material, it is best to use reinforced powder-coated steel. This material has excellent corrosion resistance and is not prone to rust. Powder-coated steel will hold up well in most temperate outdoor environments.

The fabric can choose Oxford cloth plus PU-coating. Oxford fabric has good waterproof performance but is also more durable and tight, and sturdy. It can easily cope with inadvertent collisions and friction. Plus PU coating has durability, chemical resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, and temperature resistance.

Quictent canopy tent materials

(Quictent canopy tent materials)


Choose easy-to-operate connectors and buttons that are less likely to hurt your fingers when adjusting. Full truss heavy-duty frame is sturdy and less likely to be blown over by the wind. Also, be sure to choose the bottom of the frame legs with holes, so it is easy to reinforce.


To be able to use it for a long time, choose a brand with a longer warranty. Especially for schools that need multiple pop-up canopies, it is more important to ensure future maintenance. Quictent offers a 6 months warranty for the frame, roof, and sidewalls, a lifetime warranty for ropes and stakes, and a lifetime warranty for a few natural-loss parts. 50% off for part orders exceeding the 6-month warranty.

quictent 10x15 pop up canopy tent

(Quictent pop up canopy tent) 

Shelter for All

Pop-up canopy is very versatile as an outdoor shelter. Besides all kinds of activities, it provides more space for schools. Keeping waiting areas and entrances safe and dry are some of the other ways pop-up canopies can make life easier for children, parents, and teachers.

That's why schools need a pop-up canopy, which creates a shelter for learning and fun in a convenient and affordable format.

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