Pop-up canopies can be found in both outdoor recreation and commercial markets. It is a great way to avoid the effects of the weather on you when you are outdoors, and it also enhances privacy. As a temporary shelter, the pop-up canopy has many uses.

If you need to choose one for your outdoor activities, have you considered the science behind the color choices besides issues such as durability and installation?

Many people usually choose the color of their pop-up canopy based on preference. But actually, choosing the right colors for your tent can affect you in a very noticeable way. Let's discuss some of the science behind the effects of pop-up canopy colors as well as frequently asked color questions.

What color canopy is the coolest

This is one of the most common questions, especially in summer. As a rule, we recommend a light-colored canopy tent such as a beige or white canopy tent.

Quictent white 10x20 canopy

(Quictent white 10x20 canopy)

Dark colors, especially black, do not reflect the sun's heat but absorb it. Although the canopy tent shades you from the sun, the inside of the tent will be more stuffy with the addition of sidewalls.

Best color canopy for sun protection

Contrary to the answer above. If you are looking for a better UV protection tent, choose a dark blue or black canopy tent. This is because darker colors absorb UV rays better, thus protecting you from UV damage.

Quictent black pop up canopy backyard

(Quictent black pop up canopy backyard)

Best color canopy for festivals

Festivals, markets, and trade shows are all highly rated places to use pop-up canopies. And the most important thing at these places is to get noticed. Besides decorating the canopy tent according to different themes, the first place to start is by choosing the right colors.


One of the most common colors in the markets. Many fair organizers require only a white pop-up canopy. The advantage of white is that it allows freedom of decoration because it goes well with all colors. It is the color with the most flexibility.


Also a neutral color, the color is more muted and is a classic color. It brings a sense of calm and comfort and is perfect for booths selling scented candles, handicrafts, or paintings. If it's a charity event, a pop-up canopy in a neutral color will fit the theme.

white and beige canopy tent

(White and beige canopy tent)


It is effective in attracting attention. This eye-catching color can stimulate appetite according to research, so it can be the first choice for food vendors. Of course, the red pop-up canopy is also more in line with the Christmas market theme color.


A soothing color and the most restorative shade. The color green is also effective in relieving eye fatigue, giving a feeling of relaxation and naturalness. Ideal for farmers markets or outdoor classes, and of course the green canopy tent works equally well for Christmas markets.

red and green canopy tent

(Red and green canopy tent)


A very popular bright color, especially after the release of the movie "Barbie". Stands out and catches people's attention at various fairs. Perfect for creating a soft and cheerful atmosphere. Ideal for birthday or theme parties, but also vendors of clothes, toys, accessories, and more.


The colors are reminiscent of the sea and the sky. Like the color green, it relieves stress and is suitable for flash mobs or studios. Of course, the blue copy tent is also great for Independence Day-themed events, making it even easier to decorate.

pink and blue canopy tent

(Pink and blue canopy tent)


A classic and powerful color. Can be blended or contrasted with any color in the booth. Especially during Halloween, a black canopy tent is the most popular choice.

quictent black canopy

(Quictent black canopy)

Final thoughts

Color choices appear in every aspect of life, and you may not notice the wonders at first. Choosing the right color meets different needs. Whether it's for casual or commercial use, it's wise to choose colors that match the tone of the environment and atmosphere you want.

Combined with the science of color mentioned above, pop-up canopies can be selected in a targeted manner to create the ambiance you want and need.

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