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Can you go on an RV traveling without a partner? The answer is yes. No one ever said that you have to be with other people on an RV trip. While traveling with a partner or friend will bring you a lot of joy, it must be admitted that solo travel gives you a much more unique travel experience!

And, you're not the first to do so, there are plenty of RVers out there who think like you, and some have already had the experience of solo RVing. If you still have some concerns, read on for the article and find the guidelines!

Six reasons to get solo RV travel

Why choose solo RV travel instead of being with your partner? Maybe you'd like to plan a solo RV travel, but have no reason to convince yourself. Here are some reasons why solo RV travel is worth your choice.

Gaining Freedom

Freedom is a big reason that drives travelers to start solo RV travel. If you've ever traveled with family or friends, you know that before you travel, you must consider each of your travel partners' ideas and then determines your destination, meals, and accommodations. However, if you are traveling alone, you don't need to think much more.

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Your ideas and preferences are all that matter! You can decorate the large or small RV the way you like and have the freedom to go anywhere you want! It's a free trip, just for you.

Socialize at will

Don't worry about being alone when you are on the road, there are many solo travelers just like you, and you can find them on several social media platforms and related websites. If you find a traveler near you on a platform, don't worry, be brave and start your social life. RV socializing can make your solo trip more enjoyable, and through this trip, maybe you will gain more interesting friends.

Some solo RV platforms  RVingWomen is a community of women 18 years and older who travel solo RVing. The members of this community are friendly and welcoming and they welcome new members! They are happy to help you!  Loners on Wheels is an RV club of single men and women. They are here to share camping, travel, RVing, and single lifestyle experiences. Please note that this is a sharing platform only and there are no dating services.  WIN RV Singles is the premier singles RV club with tracks in the United States, Canada, and Mexico and is open to all legally single adult travelers. WIN RV Singles offers many recreational options for members including hiking, biking, sightseeing, kayaking, zip-lining, boat tours, and more!  An awesome community of travelers. Members share their passion for travel, exploration, and discovery with others. Come here to find your partners!

Discover your romantic relationship

For some men or women, a busy life can leave them bored with love. Try to forget about your work and studies for a certain period and embark on a free solo RV travel, maybe you will get a surprise encounter.

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Looking for a romantic relationship on a solo trip? If you're receptive and curious, take the plunge! If you meet a man or woman on an RV trip who makes you fall in love, be brave and start your first RV date!

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Traveling with your buddies will give you peace of mind and comfort, and you won't need to focus too much. Before and during the RV trip, perhaps you will divide tasks.

But if you're going on a solo trip, that means you'll be independently responsible for everything and take every risk that might come your way! Such a trip may make you worry because no one will be around to help you. It will be a particularly rewarding trip, and you will challenge yourself to become stronger.

You won't be under a lot of pressure to live within your comfort zone, but you probably won't make any more significant progress. Stepping out of your comfort zone may cause you to panic. Overcome your fears and you'll reap more of the gifts life brings you!

Be popular in your social life

You'll experience encounters you wouldn't normally expect on a solo RV trip. Traveling differently from others makes you look more attractive and interesting. Don't forget to shoot videos as often as you can on your trip!

Funny and special videos can make you a popular video blogger on social media! Try solo RV travel and experience more!

These solo RV travel tips you need to know

When you start your solo RV living, you need to independently resolve all the unexpected situations on the trip. Getting some advice is great for your trip and helps ensure you get a great travel experience. 

Check and maintain your RV and trailer

Whether you can have a good trip is highly related to the condition of your RV. If your RV has been in good condition during the trip, your trip will be smoother. To make sure your motorhome continues to be in good shape, it's a good idea to check and maintain your RV or RV trailer before you trip. Don't neglect this matter, it's necessary.

When you're sure you won't be using your RV or trailer for a long time before your trip, remember to protect it from dust, leaves, animals, and rain and snow with a cover. RV cover, for example, is a quality option. Or you can park your RV or best travel trailer under an RV carport.

Carry a first aid kit

Altitude sickness can occur when you camp at high altitudes. This is when you need a first aid kit to get your body back to normal as quickly as possible. Even if your destination is not at a high altitude, you should still have a well-stocked first aid kit in your car. As a camper, it is essential to take a first aid class before traveling to master some of the first aid methods. For example, CPR is a common first aid session.

Make a Plan B

Having a Plan B for your solo RV travel can give you more peace of mind during your trip. You can't guarantee whether you'll encounter an unexpected situation on your trip, and a contingency plan can prevent or reduce your worries.

For example, if your vehicle suddenly needs repairs while on the road and you're staying at a nearby hotel or motel, you'll need to come up with your backup funds.

Bring a paper map and compass

Apple Maps and Google Maps are loved by many travel enthusiasts, and both apps are easy to use when it comes to Even so, they are sometimes criticized for recommending questionable routes for travelers. So, relying on mobile maps is not advisable and you need to use your smart brain when viewing map apps, not your phone program to take control.

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Take the latest version of paper maps with you so you can still find your way forward when your phone is stuck or cellular service is ineffective.

A compass is also necessary for those who enjoy hiking or trekking. A paper map and compass can help you get out of a jam when you're lost and your cell phone has no signal.

Avoid long hours of driving

Driving for long periods can make you look tired and it can increase the likelihood of an accident. To keep you safe while driving, try to limit your driving time to less than 5 hours. To be precise, when you drive for one to two hours, it is best to rest for half an hour to 45 minutes to relax and recover. We understand your desire to get to the campsite as soon as possible, but everything is premised on your safety.

Arrive at the campsite before it gets dark

Try not to arrive at the campsite at night. Campgrounds are on the outskirts of cities and don't have much lighting at night. You will be setting up your RV and doing other work in the dark, which is not a good experience. Also, remember to choose campgrounds that are surrounded by restaurants, hotels, stations and other buildings. If you encounter an unexpected situation, you can adjust your camping plan in time.

Prepare some self-defense equipment

This is particularly important for solo women. One thing we must mention is that even if you are solo travel, the environment around you is mostly safe. You don't have to keep imagining in your mind that your RV will have large animals like bears and tigers breaking in, and you don't have to worry about uninvited guests hurting you.


For solo women, your intuition is important. As soon as you feel that your surroundings are making you feel dangerous, leave immediately and do not hesitate. Just in case, you can prepare some self-defense equipment, such as alarms, special sprays, etc. We hope you will never use these self-defense paraphernalia.

Ready to try your solo RV travel?

This may seem like an adventurous decision. Solo RV travel is not as difficult and mysterious as you might think, and many of your fears will not come true.

Even if there are some hiccups during the trip, you can solve them if you think and prepare well before the trip.

Take courage and start your solo journey!

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