Winterize Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is an important part of any backyard or patio space. It allows you to enjoy fresh air and sunlight while providing a comfortable place to relax and entertain guests. Whether you want to create a comfortable seating area or a functional dining space. There is a wide range of options to suit your style and needs. From classic wooden chairs to modern dining sets, or easy-to-install gazebo tents. Outdoor furniture comes in various shapes, sizes, and materials to fit any outdoor space. With a little planning and some creativity, you can turn your backyard into a cozy and inviting oasis that you'll love spending time in. 

Once you've enjoyed the convenience and comfort of outdoor furniture during the summer months. It's time to get your outdoor furniture winterized and ready for the end of December. We give different protection methods according to the different materials of outdoor furniture to ensure that it will not be damaged even after the winter and can be used for years.

Outdoor Furniture

(Outdoor furniture) 

Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Rattan furniture is one of the preferred raw materials for outdoor furniture because of its high plasticity and durability. Real wicker outdoor furniture often has higher requirements for the surrounding environment. Daily use should be placed in an outdoor environment with appropriate temperature and humidity.

Many of today's wicker furniture is not made from real rattan, but from polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, and other materials. With durable, water and sun protection, mothproof and other characteristics. And do not spend too much time on maintenance.

Wicker Outdoor Furniture

(Wicker outdoor furniture) 

How to protect it

First of all, you need to clean the dust and impurities, the space between the vine can use a soft brush to clean. Do not use corrosive and highly concentrated cleaners. Finally, rinse it with water and wait for it to dry, it is best to cover the waterproof protection cover, if your area exists under a snowstorm situation please tie the cover tightly to the furniture. Plus rattan furniture is lighter, and if located in windy areas can also be tied with heavy objects such as sandbags to fix.

protect wicker furniture

(Protect wicker furniture) 

Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Wooden outdoor furniture is also a popular choice for many homes. It has an elegant appearance and brings a sense of warmth to the environment. And environmentally friendly, the choice is natural wood processing, in the case of proper maintenance can be used for many years. Wooden outdoor furniture due to long-term exposure to outdoor, humid air, or sunlight will affect the load-bearing wooden structure.

So choose teak, fir, pine, and other wood with high oil content and good durability. This wood is hard, the thick structure is more practical and more durable. Among them, grapefruit wood is stable, has high oil content can secrete oil, this oil can make the surface of furniture more smooth and shinier. It makes furniture resistant to decay and weathering and protects it from water pollution and decay. Grapefruit wood has become one of the most popular choices of wood for outdoor furniture due to its unique properties of moisture resistance, mosquito resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Wooden Outdoor Furniture

(Wooden outdoor furniture) 

How to protect it

First, you need to clean up the dirt that exists on top of this year. You can use warm water with vinegar to wipe off the dust and stains on the surface. Or use sandpaper to sand the surface. Remember to use only wet rags to wipe, otherwise, the residual moisture will affect the wooden furniture.

After that, when it is completely dry, you can proceed to the most important step, oiling. Bring disposable rubber gloves, and then use a brush to give the table and chairs an even application of oil can be. Use the brush with the grain of the wood to apply, so that the wood can be better absorbed. If it is often used tung oil maintenance of tables and chairs, then you can also not use a brush, instead, use a cotton rag with oil along the grain of the wood to repeatedly wipe. After wiping the first coat of oil, you need to dry it for a day.

Use a piece of fine sandpaper to sand any uneven details on the surface of the oiled furniture once more, and you can proceed to the second coat of oil. Usually, for outdoor furniture and deck flooring, two coats of tung oil are enough. If you are in an area with a lot of rain and snow, it is best to put on another layer of sealant to prevent moisture from seeping in.

polishing wood patio furniture

(Polishing wood patio furniture) 

Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

The use of aluminum outdoor furniture is not limited by the environment. It can be used indoors and outdoors. It has good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation effects. The wear resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, and structural strength of aluminum outdoor furniture are much higher than those of wooden furniture. At the same time, its affordable price is also better than other materials of outdoor furniture. Thus, aluminum dining tables and chairs not only have a long service life but also save time and money on maintenance.

Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

(Aluminum outdoor furniture) 

How to protect it

When maintaining aluminum furniture, because the surface of this type of material tables and chairs commonly have a layer of corrosion-resistant anti-rust paint, use a rag to wipe clean.

After cleaning it, check carefully for wear and tear and cracks. If there is the phenomenon of paint loss should immediately fill the paint. At the same time, you need to pay attention to ensure the aluminum table and chair parts that are complete and installed securely. For example, the screws at each joint and other small parts are not rusty or loose, and other problems. Because aluminum furniture is relatively lighter, in windy weather is easy to scrape down.

So after all the above steps are completed you can cover it with a fabric cover so that you don't have to worry about putting it on throughout the winter after processing. Or disassemble it and put it in the storage shed.

Protect Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

(Protect aluminum outdoor furniture) 

Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Plastic has the characteristic of easy processing, which makes the shape of this kind of furniture more malleable. And plastic products can be offered in a wide range of colors that can be matched to different themes or seasons, making leisurely living more pleasant and personalized. Outdoor furniture of this material is also more affordable and suitable for all styles of backyards.

Plastic Outdoor Furniture

(Plastic outdoor furniture) 

How to protect it

What we need to know is that plastic products are prone to aging, so the natural life of the furniture is shorter than other materials. Plastic furniture for outdoor use can be washed with ordinary detergent after dirty. Pay attention to not touching hard objects, do not wash with a metal brush, as it will scratch the surface of the plastic. Plastic furniture should not be subjected to direct sunlight and partial draping pressure, nor to heat to avoid expansion and debonding of the veneer joints.

For white plastic, avoid using chlorine bleach and bleaching agents as they will corrode the material, it is recommended to use environmentally friendly anti-mold cleaners. For stubborn stains, wipe with a clean damp cloth dipped in distilled white vinegar. Sprinkle some baking soda on the damp sponge to form a mildly textured rubbing surface, which will effectively remove the stain without damaging the surface of the material. After cleaning the plastic furniture, apply a coat of car wax for protection. 

Temporary Shade Shelter

Temporary shade shelters are usually divided into two types, pop-up canopies, and pop-up gazebos. The difference between the two types of shelters is whether the top frame has an extended eave and double roof. Pop-up canopy has better portability and more size options.

The pop-up gazebo, on the other hand, has a more sophisticated look and better ventilation. Both are very suitable for backyard and patio use shade tents can create a private shade space. The canopy tent with side walls can be used in many seasons, and the fabric is not only UV resistant but also waterproof. In summer, it can also prevent the outdoor furniture inside from getting wet by rain, which is one of the very functional outdoor furniture.

pop up gazebo with netting

(Pop up gazebo with netting) 

How to protect it

It is important to note that neither of these two types of shade tents is suitable for use in areas with heavy snow storms. If you are located in an area with this type of weather, then they will need to be disassembled and stored. Check for holes or tears in the fabric of the canopy tent. If there are tears, then you need to fix them in time to prevent the cracks from getting bigger and bigger.

Check the tent fabric for stains and mildew stains, clean it with a soft brush or sponge and then wash it with warm water. You can also buy specialized tent fabric to clean it. But please be careful not to put it in the washing machine or use strong detergents, which may make the fabric more fragile. Wait until the fabric is completely dry before using or storing it, otherwise, it will tend to breed mold.

So after washing the tent fabric, lay it flat in an open area and wait for it to dry. Wipe off any stains on the tube with a damp cloth before removing it. The frame needs to disassemble carefully and stored in a storage bag.

storage shed

(Quictent storage shed)


Outdoor furniture needs to be cleaned properly, regardless of the material. Use a cover to protect it after maintenance or put it in storage. For small or disassembled outdoor furniture you can choose to invest in a storage shed to store it. You don't have to take up space indoors, and you can easily take it out when you use it next time. By adopting the above maintenance practices depending on the material of your outdoor furniture, you can protect your outdoor furniture in winter. You'll be able to see that the furniture is still in great condition when enjoying outdoor life again next spring.

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