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In the spring, lawnmowers are the most worthy lawn care tools. You'll need a lawn mower to help you remove weeds before you start the next step for lawn grooming, such as fertilizing.

lawnmower outdoor
(lawnmower outdoor)

 A lawn mower will play an important role in your spring gardening efforts. For ease of use and maintenance, lawnmower storage needs to be considered. You could find a suitable place in your backyard, store your lawn mower, and maintain it regularly.

When it comes to lawn mower storage, we offer some ideas in this blog post for your reference.

The best place for lawn mower storage

Properly storing your lawn mower will keep it in good condition and last longer. You need to store your lawn mower in a suitable place.

There are three best places for your lawnmower storage, a garage, a carport, and a portable storage room.


The garage is ideal for lawn mower storage. The garage can provide good thermal insulation and a dry environment.

And store the mower in the garage, so you don't have to worry about rain, snow, wind, and other bad weather. But you wouldn't customize a garage for lawnmower storage, because that would be too extravagant and costly. Moreover, it does not seem cost-effective.

garage for storage(garage for storage)

If your garage is not next to the garden, you can't use the mower right away when you need to mow the lawn, which can be a hassle for some gardeners.


If you feel that the garage is an inexpensive investment, consider the carport. The portable carport can be easily set up in the backyard. A well-enclosed carport is an ideal space for the storage of the lawnmower and protects the mower from external elements. You should set up the carport next to the garden for easy access and storage.

You can also use the carport to store your other gardening tools, such as shovels, buckets, water pipes, storage boxes, etc.

If your lawn mower is expensive and has the potential to be stolen, choose a locked carport or portable garage.

Portable storage 

If you have less space in your backyard, you may not want to build either a garage or a carport. A portable storage room is the best option for you. Choose the portable storage room that best suits your backyard size, and you can also store other items in the storage room. Try to place portable storage next to the garden for easy access and storage of tools.

portable storagev

(portable storage)

Portable storage is usually made of metal or durable plastic. Usually, the portable storage compartment will take up very little space. This way of lawnmower storage is suitable for most people. And, opting for a small, portable shed means you don't need to apply for a building permit, which can be convenient for you.

How to choose the best portable storage shed for lawnmower storage

After you decide to use a portable storage room as your lawnmower storage option, you need to learn more about portable storage. The following guide gives you more ideas.

What Is The Best Portable Storage Cabinet Size For Weed Mower Storage?

There are many sizes of portable storage units on the market. 6'x6' storage, 8'x8' storage, 10'x10' storage, and 10'x12' storage are all common storage room sizes. These dimensions are suitable for lawnmower storage. Choose the right portable storage room according to the size of your lawn mower and your actual needs.

What are the materials used for the portable storage room?

Resins, metals, and plastics are all common materials used for lawnmower storage.

  • Features of resin:

Easy to clean and maintain. Easy to set up. Not easily corrode and rust. Compared to wood, the resin is more environmentally friendly. The disadvantage of resin is that it must be fixed to the base and can withstand a limited weight. Moreover, the resin is more expensive than other materials.

outdoor lawnmower storage
(outdoor lawnmower storage)
  • Features of the metal:

Low maintenance costs. It is extremely durable and fire, insect, and rot resistant. But the metal must be fixed to the base, and the sizes and styles are not diverse. Due to its weight, metal is not easy to transport and assemble.

  • Features of plastic:

Polyethylene is a commonly used material for making storage units. It is cheap and readily available, easy to maintain, low maintenance, and comes in a variety of styles and sizes. However, compared to resin and metal, polyethylene lasts for a shorter time.

How much is a portable storage room for lawnmower storage?

A portable polyethylene storage room can cost anywhere from $100 to $500. If you want to customize a wooden storage room or a metal storage room, the cost is higher and labor costs are included. The most expensive storage room can cost upwards of $30,000. Most homeowners spend between $500 and $3,000 on lawnmower storage.

Quictent portable storage room

Quictent offers premium portable, heavy-duty temporary storage. There are three sizes for you, 6'x6' shed, 8'x8' shed, and 10'x10' shed.

Quictent portable storage

(Quictent portable storage)

The structure is made of a rust-proof upgraded galvanized steel frame. The covering material is industrial-grade polyethylene fabric that is waterproof and UV resistant.

Screw anchors can be used to secure this temporary storage compartment. Ratchet straps can tighten the structure.

Other tips for lawnmower storage

Keep the environment dry

To keep your lawnmower in top condition at all times, you should store it in a dry environment. In such an environment, you can avoid rusting, moisture accumulation, etc.

A cool environment

If you are unable to get a lawnmower storage and need to store the equipment outdoors, a shady environment is necessary. Heat can hurt the equipment, such as deterioration of parts, color deterioration, and expansion of plastic parts.


We hope these lawnmower storage ideas are helpful for your next tasks. The storage room is a great help for your lawn mower maintenance. Storing your lawn mower outdoors is doable, but keep in mind some maintenance details that will make your lawn mower last longer.