Outdoor weddings are a great choice for many couples, especially when it comes to tent weddings. First of all, the environment is even better. Especially in spring, the breeze, the fresh air, and the stunning outdoor scenery. When the weather warms up, there will be the sound of birds chirping along with the wedding process.

Secondly, outdoor venues are not limited by space. There are enough places to dance, take pictures and move around. Finally, compared to a normal outdoor wedding, a tent wedding allows you to be almost weatherproof. Let a quality wedding tent give you a versatile venue for both dining and dancing.

Of course, there are several questions to consider before deciding whether to add a tent to an outdoor wedding. How many people will be at the wedding? Do you want to invite a band or catering team? This will determine the size of the wedding tent. What kind of tent do you like? Do you want to rent or buy a wedding tent? To address questions about wedding tent expenses, keep reading!

outdoor wedding tent

(Outdoor wedding tent) 

How much does a tent for a wedding cost?

The answers to those questions above represent the cost of your wedding tent. The price of buying a wedding tent on the market ranges from 150$ to 34000$. The price varies by type, size, and material.

Quictent's wedding tents range in price from $159 to $1,699, and in size from a lightweight 10x20 tent to a heavy-duty 20x40 tent.

Depending on the type of tent

We can simply divide the wedding tent into three categories. Frame tents, pole tents, and high-peak tents.

High peak tents

The high-peak tent is the cheapest of the three types of wedding tents. A high-peak tent is usually polygonal in shape and has a high ceiling at the top. Due to the special shape, a high-peak tent of the same size does not accommodate the same number of people as a frame tent.

However, it does not must the support of a central pole like a pole tent. It has a very elegant shape, like a frame tent, but with a different top structure. The frame structure is also suitable for many types of ground.

Quictent high peak tents

(Quictent high peak tents) 

Frame tents

Frame tents have a roof-type frame and are suitable for a variety of events. It is also the most expensive of the three types of wedding tents, but it is spacious and easy to set up.

The frame is made of multiple heavy-duty steel material tubes connected. No poles are blocking the middle of the frame tent, and there is enough space for a clear layout. This type of tent is suitable for all kinds of ground, grass, beach, concrete, etc. Quictent frame tent is waiting for you to check it out.

Quictent 20x40 tents

(Quictent 20x40 frame tents)

Pole tents 

Pole tents are moderately priced. Compared with other wedding tents, they have distinctly different shapes. Many galvanized steel poles support the entire tent. And in the center of the tent, there will be poles to keep the fabric at the top. For this reason, pole tents require extra installation space to secure the stakes to the ground.

Moreover, pole tents cannot be installed on concrete like frame tents. Instead, it is best placed on grass, which will not cause wear and tear on the steel poles, and soft grass is more suitable for reinforcing pole tents.

Quictent 20x40 pole tent

(Quictent 20x40 pole tent) 

Depending on the size

If it is a small wedding with no more than 50 people attending. Then you can choose the 20x20 tent, which can also accommodate 45 to 50 people with the addition of round tables, for a price of $729.99 to $799.99. Or you can choose two 10x30 tents, which can accommodate a least 60 people, for a total of $420.

If the wedding is for no more than 100 people, the 20x40 tent would be a better choice. It can accommodate up to 125 people and a minimum of 80 people. Prices range from $1399$ to $1699$.

Depending on the material

Even though it is the same size, the price of the wedding tent varies on different materials. Using the Quictent 20x40 tent as an example, the white model has a frame made of 38mm thick poles, as well as a rust-proof frame and high-quality metal corner joints.

The material of the roof and side walls is 180g PE, which is waterproof and UV-proof. The price is $1399.

The heavy-duty 20x40 tent model is made of galvanized material, both the frame and metal joints are thicker and more solid. The roof and side walls are made of 340g PVC, which is tear-proof, waterproof, and UV-proof. The price is $1699.

Depending on whether to rent or buy

The question of whether to rent or buy a wedding tent depends on one's budget and whether one plans to have an outdoor event afterward.

For example, a 20x20 with a windowed side wall costs $729.99 at Quictent, while a rental costs $670 plus a deposit. Not to mention the transportation and insurance costs associated with renting. This makes it more cost-effective to purchase a wedding tent.

My advice is to choose to rent a tent over 20x40 size. Because after buying a large tent you need to install it yourself, and the installation process will take a lot of time. And after the disassembly and storage will be a problem.

The wedding tent rental will have a person to help you install, disassemble, and transport. This will make the whole process much easier and more convenient.

Quictent white party tents

(Quictent white party tents)

Additional fees

Before you hold a tent wedding at an outdoor wedding venue or in your backyard, check if local regulations need a tent permit. The price of a permit will usually be around $100. Next, think about whether your wedding tent will need other accessories.

For example, side walls, reinforcement accessories, etc. It is important to note that many tent suppliers will provide them separately. Quictent's wedding tents will include sidewalls in the price, as well as reinforcements and storage bags.


In short, planning an outdoor wedding is exciting but costly. And one of the major expenses to consider is a wedding tent. The cost of a wedding tent can vary, depending on the size, type, location, and other factors of the event.

That's why it's crucial to set a budget for your wedding tent and consider the above issues early in the planning process. By carefully considering these factors and making an informed decision, couples can make their wedding memorable without breaking the bank on the cost of a wedding tent.

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