quictent 10x20 carport

Spring is the perfect time to tidy up your backyard and add elements to your backyard. After a winter of wind, rain, and snow, you'll need to clean your backyard, repair your RV, check your gardening tools, and prepare a new shelter for your car (if your carport is destroyed this winter).

10'x20' carport

A 10'x20' carport is a normal home carport size. If you only need shelter for one car, the 10'x20' carport is an option worth considering. And, the 10'x20' carport fits most backyards. You can set them up anywhere in your backyard without thinking about space.

10'x20' portable carport

Many 10'x20' carports are portable. Portable carports are easy to set up and take down, affordable, and versatile.

You can find a variety of 10'x20' portable carports on the market, these carports are not only used to protect the vehicle but also for parties, banquets, afternoon tea, barbecues, and other places. You can also use the portable carport for boat protection and item storage.

carport party

(carport party tent)

Usually, portable carport covers are made of high-quality polyethylene fabric. This type of fabric has the characteristics of UV protection, tear resistance, and water resistance.

Quictent 10’x20’ carport

The 10'x20' carport is the most classic carport size in the Quictent portable carport series. You can find a variety of 10'x20' carport canopies with different features in the carport collection.

20' x 10' Basic Car Canopy (2 Colors Available)

This 20'x10' carport is a basic portable garage with two colors to choose from. If you are trying carports for the first time, you can start with this car canopy.

To strengthen the structure of this basic car canopy, Quictent provides free reinforcement accessories, including tools such as nails and ropes.

If you follow the instructions, you will quickly install this car canopy. Install the car canopy with your partner and you will be able to get this portable garage up on its feet in less than 30 minutes.

basic carport               (basic carport)

This carport can be used for temporary parking of your vehicle. However, remember to try not to leave the carport outdoors overnight, especially on windy or snowy days. Using this carport in bad weather may make it challenging for the carport to tear or collapse.

20' x 10' Classic Heavy-duty Car Canopy (5 Colors Available)

As a classic heavy-duty portable garage, this carport is loved by many users. The 20' x 10' Classic Heavy-duty Car Canopy is a Quictent classic carport product.

This heavy-duty carport is available in five colors, including white, gray, blue, green, and camo.

If you're considering adding a 10'x20' heavy carport to your backyard, this carport is worth choosing.

Quictent added three additional reinforcement cables to the top of the carport. The three cables are easy to adjust and help maintain the top shape continuously. At the same time, these steel cables also provide additional stability.

carport and life

(carport and life)

You don't need to worry about this temporary carport being destroyed by high winds. This structure is made of upgraded galvanized steel, the diameter of the steel pipe is 38mm, and the thickness is about 0.8mm.

To keep your portable carport stable in the wind, you better reinforce the carport. Quictent has taken this into account for the user and provides free anchor accessories in the package. Corrosion-resistant screw anchors and sandbags will increase the stability of your carport.

20' x 10' Upgraded Heavy-duty Carport Canopy

The 20' x 10' Upgraded Heavy-duty Carport Canopy is a popular carport on Quictent website. This upgraded heavy-duty carport has received many positive comments from users, and you can find many compliments from users at the bottom of the product page!

This carport is beautiful and can add more fun to your party, banquet, wedding, afternoon tea, barbecue! You can even set it up in your garden or farm and grow plants or raise animals in it!

10x20 heavy duty carport                   (10x20 heavy duty carport)

The top structure of this carport uses four extra reinforced steel cables to keep the top structure. You can get different lengths by rotating the device.

This carport has an extended cover to protect the top bar in rain or snow. The canopy is made of 180g high quality PE fabric that can withstand rain, dust and other elements.

20' x 10' Car Shelter with Windows

This car shelter is perfect as an alternative to a party tent. Unlike other 10'x20' carports, this one has removable windows on both sides.

heavy duty car canopy          (heavy duty car canopy)

You can easily roll the windows up and down. The removable window design makes the car canopy more design and better ventilation.

20' x 10' Standard Car Shelter -White

This car shelter is built to be flexible and features two removable sidewalls. If you want to park your car inside, you can keep or remove the sides (two sidewalls and two zippered doors) as needed.

20' x 10' Standard Car Shelter -White
  • Size: 10'x20'
  • Height:9.5'
  • Benefits: Reinforced Steel Cables,Detachable Sidewalls,Extra Ground Bars

This car shelter provides you with a warm, fully enclosed place for enclosed occasions such as meetings, parties, weddings, etc.

If you want to try a different kind of 10'x20' carport, start with this one!

This standard carport is very practical and has a variety of uses that can save you money.

20' x 10' Upgraded Car Shelter (2 Colors Available)

This upgraded 10'x20' car shelter comes with two removable side walls. To make the car shelter structure more stable, Quictent added steel cables at the top and rail supports at the bottom.

There are 4 reinforcing steel bars at the top and 6 additional bottom bars at the bottom. If you are looking for a standard car shelter that can be used all year round, this upgraded car shelter can be one of the options.

20' x 10' Upgraded Car Shelter (2 Colors Available)
  • Size: 10'x20'
  • Height:8.7'
  • Benefits: Extra Bottom Bars,Galvanized Poles,Detachable Sides

If you're worried about carport quality, browse the reviews on the product page and you'll find that many users love this carport!


If you're looking to buy a new 10'x20' portable carport for the New Year, the Quictent carport is the perfect choice for you! We hope this GUIDE has been helpful to you. You can create more interesting uses for your Quictent carport!