10x20 pop up canopy tent

Whenever you need a canopy tent for an outdoor event, the first size that comes to mind is probably the 10x10 canopy. After all, it's the most popular size, whether it's for camping or farmers' markets you'll always see it in action. But, besides the 10x10 canopy, there is another canopy tent that is also worth investing in, and that is the 10x20 canopy.

Compared with a 10x10 canopy, of course, a 10x20 canopy has a larger shade range. And it is more suitable for medium or large outdoor events such as block parties, weddings, etc. If you are considering whether to buy a 10x20 canopy, but do not know much about its characteristics and specifications. Here is the most detailed introduction guide for you.

How to put together a 10x20 canopy?

Check that all accessories are available before installation. For the 10x20 canopy, we recommend that two adults install it due to its large size.

  • Step 1:Take out the pre-assembled frame. Two people grab the two outer legs, lift the frame slightly off the ground, and then pull the frame open while taking a step backward.
  • Step 2: Place the roof fabric of the canopy tent over the top of the frame.
  • Step 3: Lock the leg button by pushing the crossbar upward until you hear the upper part click.
  • Step 4: Continue to pull the frame apart until it is fully extended. It has three adjustable heights, adjust to the height you need by pressing the leg buttons. Then hook the built-in leg sleeve at the bottom of the top into the appropriate adjustment hole to secure it.
  • Step 5: If you purchased the 10x20 canopy with sidewalls, attach the sidewalls to the frame using the included Velcro tape.
  • Step 6: Secure the entire frame with the provided anchor attachment. You can also add some extra weight such as sandbags or buckets to enhance stability.

How to disassemble a 10x20 canopy?

  • Step 1: Remove the anchor stakes and ropes for securing. If there are side walls also need to be removed first.
  • Step 2: Press the height adjustment button to lower the frame to the lowest. After that, unlock the upper frame.
  • Step 3: Push the frame inwards and remove the roof. Finally, we recommend that you place the canopy tent in the storage bag provided when you need to store or transport it.
Quictent 10x20 canopy tent

(Quictent 10x20 canopy tent)

How many people can fit under a 10x20 canopy?

The 10x20 canopy provides 200 sq. ft. of space. It can accommodate 30 to 35 people without adding any furniture.

How many tables fit in a 10x20 canopy?

Four 36-inch round tables or two 6ft round tables can fit into a 10x20 canopy and can accommodate 16 to 20 people. If the table is rectangular, it can accommodate two 8ft tables.

Can a 10x20 canopy fit a car?

Yes. 10x20 canopy can accommodate a single car. Of course, there will be space left over for other miscellaneous items such as mowers and other backyard supplies.

Privacy 10' x 20' pop-up canopy with sides

(Privacy 10' x 20' pop-up canopy with sides) 

Quictent's different 10x20 Canopy specifications

Now you almost know the basic information about the 10x20 canopy. To give you a better understanding of Quictent's 10x20 canopy tents, we have compiled all the details for your further selection.

No-side 10' x 20' EZ pop-up canopy

This 10x20 pop-up canopy without sidewalls is available in four colors. The three adjustable heights are 8.5' / 8.2' / 7.9'. The lack of sidewalls makes it lighter at 54 lb, making it easier to transport and install. Ideal for commercial uses such as farmers' markets or trade shows.

No-Side 10' x 20' EZ Pop-up Canopy
  • Size: 10' x 20'
  • Height:8.5'/8.2'/7.9'
  • Benefits: Light weight,Easy to carry

Upgrade no-side 10'x20' EZ pop-up canopy tent

This new Quictent 10x20 has a fully assembled folding frame design. It is flatter at the top of the frame, giving it better top stability. There are also 6 extra sandbags for weighting, for extra strength. This tent is available in 3 color options, the adjustable height is also 8.5' / 8.2' / 7.9' and the weight is 54lb.

Upgrade No-side 10'x20' EZ Pop-up Canopy Tent
  • Size: 10' x 20'
  • Height:8.5'/8.2'/7.9'
  • Benefits: Upgrade framework,Free sandbags

Privacy 10' x 20' pop-up canopy with sides

This 10x20 canopy has versatile sidewalls. There are six sidewalls in total, four of which have double-pane windows on them. The outside layer is a screen mesh, and the inside layer is a waterproof and UV-protective Oxford cloth material. So you can enjoy a lot of fresh air flow, but at the same time can fully protect you from mosquitoes and insects.

And after the windows are closed, this will be an absolute privacy space to ensure that you are not disturbed. This is a must-have for comfort in all seasons. This tent has three height adjustments of 8.36' / 8.03' / 7.7' and weighs 75 lb, there are six colors to choose from. This 10x20 tent with sides can be used for family camping or as a backyard gym.

Privacy 10' x 20' Pop Up Canopy with Sides
  • Size: 10' x 20'
  • Height:8.36' / 8.03' / 7.7''
  • Benefits: Removable Sidewall,Mesh Window

10' x 20' pop-up canopy with sidewalls

This 10x20 canopy is similar in appearance to the previous one. The difference lies in the design of the windows. The church-style windows made of PVC material allow you to see the outdoor scenery to the greatest extent.

The three height adjustments are 8.5' / 8.2' / 7.9' and the weight is 62lb. Although there is only one color option, it is equipped with 6 sandbags to increase the stability of the tent. It is more suitable for outdoor birthday parties, family gatherings, etc.

10' x 20' Pop-up Canopy With Sidewalls
  • Size: 10' x 20'
  • Height:8.5' / 8.2' / 7.9'
  • Benefits:Private space,Free sandbags

10' x 20' pop-up canopy with screen

This 10x20 pop-up tent will be your best choice for summer. Both the frame and the sidewalls are different from other styles. In terms of the frame, there are only four legs, making it lighter and more portable. The side walls are fully screened to keep mosquitoes out and to maintain excellent air circulation.

Adjustable height is 10' x 20' x 8.5', weight is 35lb, and is the lightest model among the 10x20 canopy tents. What's even better is that to make it better fixed, there will be four sandbags weighing 22lb each.

10' x 20' Pop Up Canopy with Screen
  • Size: 10' x 20'
  • Height:10'/20'/8.5'
  • Benefits:Keep bugs away,Free sandbags

10x20 white pop-up tent

This is Quictent's newest 10x20 canopy. which has a special roof design with a high ceiling that allows rainwater to fall faster and avoids ponding. The window design on the side walls is also different from other 10x20 canopies. Although the same church style, the window area is larger, and the outdoor view can be fully seen.

And there are upgrades in every detail. For example, the top, which needs to be in contact with the frame, is treated with thicker fabric to prevent breakage caused by wear and tear over time. There are also small hooks where the fabric is attached to the frame to prevent the top from being blown away by the wind.

The adjustable height is 10.0' / 10.3' / 10.6' and the tent weight is 89.5lb. It is also equipped with 6 sandbags to make it more stable. Due to its special shape design, it is very suitable for outdoor weddings or engagement parties and other occasions.

10x20 White Pop-up Tent
  • Size: 10' x 20'
  • Height:10.0' / 10.3' / 10.6'
  • Benefits:Sturdy frame,Excellent details

Final Tips

To make your 10x20 canopy last for a long time, please follow these tips

  1. Do not leave your unreinforced canopy tent unattended outdoors overnight as it is designed to be a temporary structure.
  2. Do not use canopy tents in inclement weather conditions; it is best to disassemble and store them.
  3. For your safety, use stakes and ropes to secure your tent. More weight is also necessary if in an area with variable weather.
  4. Always make sure the canopy tent is clean and dry before storing it. Please clean the fabric with a mild detergent, preferably not in the washing machine.
  5. Not all canopy tents are made of flame-retardant materials. Always keep the canopy tent away from any source of heat or fire. For example, do not use a grill or build a fire inside the tent.

I believe that with this guide you will no longer feel confused when selecting a 10x20 canopy. And be able to choose the most suitable one for your event.

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