National Sons and Daughters Day is here! Spend the day with your children on August 11th! There are so many ways you can have fun. Make your children feel valued and learn about their hobbies and ideas!

National Son and Daughter Day

(National Son and Daughter Day)

You will have a fun and meaningful day! In this blog, we offer six happy and creative ways that we hope will be useful to you!

Why Celebrate National Sons and Daughters Day?

Become friends with your kids! Let your kids know you value their ideas and want to be a part of their lives. You are more than just their father or mother, you are their friend. Spend quality bonding time with your kids and enjoy the moments you have with them! National Sons and Daughters Day is a great opportunity to bond!

Six awesome activities for your National Sons and Daughters Day

Have a family backyard party

No child doesn't love to chase and play at a party! Make your child's wish come true on this day! Right in your backyard, with your child, have a family backyard party! You can have the party by the pool or on the lawn. Prepare the holiday supplies you will need ahead of time. Food is a must; barbecue, cake, a variety of desserts, and drinks will make you and your child happy.

family party

(family party)

Decorate for your party! Balloons, banners, ribbons, and strings of lights can add more fun to the party! Shop with your child for the party supplies you need. Involve your child in family activities!

Remember to prepare your party tent or pop-up canopy! You will need the perfect shelter! Enjoy your family time in this shelter!

Quictent offers quality shelters for your family party!

10' x 20' Party Tent-White

Quictent offers high-quality party tents to bring joy to your party! This 10x20 white tent accommodates up to 30 people and is ideal for family gatherings. This white party tent is also suitable for weddings, graduations, and more.

This party tent is made of heavy-duty rust-resistant powder-coated steel tubing for durability.

You can also create more uses with this party tent!

No-Side 10'x20' EZ Pop-up Canopy Tent

This is a large 200-square-foot canopy tent that seats up to 24 people (6 of the 4-seat tables)! There is also plenty of room at the top for you to decorate. You can use it for a small party!

A large canopy tent can accommodate outdoor events, whether it's a birthday party or a flea market.

Go to the movies with your kids!

Movie theaters are a favorite place for many children! It has the best atmosphere, delicious popcorn, and drinks. We believe you and your kids can have a great time here! Pick a movie that you both love and enjoy!

watch movie

(watch movie)

Six tips

  • make sure your kids can stay in the movie theater quietly without walking around or making a lot of noise.
  • In the summer, the movie theater will be air-conditioned. The temperature inside may be cooler. You can bring along a small blanket so that you and your child do not feel uncomfortable.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early. If you need to buy popcorn or other food, it is best to arrive at the movie theater early.
  • If your child is small, you can prepare raised seats to give your child a perfect movie-going experience.
  • Go to the restroom before the show. You don't want to spend more time in the restroom after the movie starts.
  • Buy a large portion of popcorn to share. Remember to prepare a separate container for each child.Β 

Participate in gardening activities with your child

Gardening activities develop hands-on skills and can make your child more interested in gardening. You don't need to book a family nature program at a particular botanical garden or park online. In your garden or backyard! Beautify your garden with your children.

mother and kid in greenhouse

(mother and kid in greenhouse)

Some tools can help you beautify your garden, such as raising garden beds and greenhouses. You can add compost or plant plants to your garden bed with your child. Alternatively, you can take care of plants in the greenhouse with your children, such as pruning leaves, watering, adding fertilizer, etc.

Quictent 10' x 9' x 8' Backyard Greenhouse

This Quictent Backyard Greenhouse is perfect for setting up in your backyard. Let your children help you set up this greenhouse! This is a portable greenhouse that is easy to set up.

6' x 3' x 1.5' Oval Galvanized Raised Garden Bed

This oval garden bed has no sharp corners, so parents and children can use it with confidence. This raised garden bed includes a rubber strip to cover the sharp edge.

This raised garden bed is 18 inches tall and easy to use and grows deep-rooted vegetables and fruits.

Go camping with your kids.

Go camping with your kids, it will be an enjoyable and memorable experience for you! Plan for your trip. If you enjoy activities like boating and paddle boarding, look for campgrounds that are close to lakes or bodies of water. If you enjoy hiking, camp in the mountains or at a state park.

camping with kid

(camping with kid)

After deciding on your destination, prepare all the necessities you and your children will need. Some of the necessities you may need include tents, hammocks, truck bed tents, folding chairs, etc.

Quictent Truck Bed Tent

The Quictent Truck Bed Tent is perfect for your camping trip, and you can easily get this bed tent set up in your truck. This is a portable tent that you can set up in less than five minutes.

Cooking with your kids

Make a special lunch or dinner with your kids. This is a fun and educational activity that will enhance parent-child bonding as well as develop your child's life skills.

Choose the right task for your child. Younger children can do simple tasks like washing vegetables or setting the table. Older children can tackle more complex tasks, such as chopping vegetables or following recipes.

Family Making Breakfast

(Family Making Breakfast)

Plan this cooking activity with your child, such as choosing the recipe and preparing the dishes.

Create a safe cooking environment for your child. Make sure the kitchen is a safe space for your child before cooking. Keep sharp knives out of your child's reach. You also need to teach your child basic rules of kitchen usage.

Have fun with your kids

Do you have a plan? We hope these six ideas have been helpful! Have a great time with your kids!