car in summer

In summer, you will face unpleasant heat. Cars parked outside can be affected by the heat. When you get into your car and prepare to drive, the heat can make you feel uncomfortable.

car under tree

(car under tree)

An overheated car interior can also be dangerous. Some practical tips can keep your vehicle cool during the summer. In this blog, we'll talk about those tips.

The temperature continues to rise. You will need these tips soon! Brave the heat wave!

10 Tips to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Open your car door before you get in

It is the easiest way to make your car cooler. If you know you will be driving your car, leave the doors open a few minutes ahead of time. You'll be able to enter your vehicle after the hot air has exited and cool air has entered.

Apply the film to your car windows

Applying film to your windows is a common practice to maintain your car when summer comes. Window film will keep your car cool.

Applying film to the windows allows light to pass through the tinted windows, blocking the sun's heat rays. Good window tinting can reduce UV damage.

tinted window

(tinted window)

While there are many benefits to having your windows tinted, not every state allows it. You need to be aware of the regulations in your state. Some states do not allow film on windshields.

Using the sun shade

If you need to park your car outside, we recommend that you install a sun shade. Sun shades are a common tool to help lower the temperature of your car.

sun shade

(sun shade)

Sun shades can be purchased at all auto parts stores. When purchasing a sun shade, choose a better heat-absorbing material that will reduce the damage to your car from heat rays and UV rays.

Use solar ventilation fans

Solar-powered ventilation fans can be easily set up on the windows of a car. A solar panel facing outward can charge the fan. The fan blows hot air out of the car and lets cool air in from outside. Installing solar fans on both front and rear windows helps cross ventilation.

Solar-powered ventilation fans are a new product in the last few years. There is a lot of controversy among users about the use of these products. Some people think these products are only beautiful to look at but not effective to use, while others think solar ventilation fans are a great invention.

Using cooling pads

When you get into a car and sit in a seat that has been "baked" by the heat, you may want to jump up immediately because the seat cushion is too hot. To avoid discomfort, you can install cooling pads on the seat cushion.

car seat

(car seat)

If your seat cushion is dark leather, you should install a light-colored fabric cooling pad on the seat cushion. In addition to the seat cushion, you should also pay attention to your steering wheel. A steering wheel that is too hot can affect the driver's driving. You should install a cooling pad on the steering wheel or wipe the steering wheel with a towel to cool it down before driving.

Park your car in the garage

The garage is the perfect place to park your vehicle. In addition to your vehicle, you can also store things like car accessories in your garage.

a home garage(a home garage)

There is no better place to keep your car cool in the summer than the garage. If you are not planning to go out right away, it is recommended to park your vehicle in the garage.

In addition to keeping your vehicle cool, there are other benefits to a garage.

Park your car under a shade sail

A shade sail will keep you cool in the summer. In addition to shade for the pool or patio, shade sail can also be used to shelter your vehicle in the summer.

shade sail for car

(shade sail for car)

If your home does not have a garage, a shade sail is a good substitute. When purchasing a shade sail, choose a product that fits the size of your home vehicle. Make sure the shade sail will cover your vehicle.

When summer comes, you'll be able to set up the shade so it's ready for use.

Park your vehicle under a carport

In addition to shade sails, temporary carports are ideal for storing your vehicle during the summer. Parking your vehicle in a carport will prevent UV rays from damaging your vehicle. If it rains, a carport can protect your vehicle.

car under carport(car under carport)

Popular temporary carports are fabric carports and plastic carports. If you want to buy a fabric carport for summer use, it is recommended to choose a light-colored waterproof fabric.

Maintaining the air conditioning system

The air conditioning system is very important to your driving during the summer. A cooler interior will keep you happy. When you enter the vehicle and prepare to drive, the cool air can cool the car quickly and efficiently.

car air conditioning

(car air conditioning)

To keep the air conditioning system working for you, you need to maintain it regularly. Refrigerants are depleted over time and you need to replenish them in time.

Keep valuables out of the sun

Do not leave valuables in direct sunlight. In summer, you should keep tapes, CDs, and fragile items away from sunlight. Cover valuables with a blanket to reduce the effects of high temperatures. You can place the tape or CD case under the seat.

Quictent Summer Products Tips

20' x 10' Upgraded Heavy-duty Carport Canopy

This 20'x10' heavy-duty carport canopy fits many home backyards. Galvanized steel poles and reinforced steel cables provide a sturdy structure for added durability.

Quictent carport

(Quictent carport)

180g PE waterproof PE fabric protects against sun, rain, and dust. Whether it's for car parking, boat storage, or added living space, this 20'x10' heavy-duty carport is worth it!

20' x 16' Rectangle Shade Sail

This rectangle shade sail is available in your choice of eight colors. It can be set in many scenarios, backyards, children's play areas, pools, gardens, and more. This shade sail is made with excellent stainless steel parts.

quictent shade sail

(quictent shade sail)

The edges of the shade sail are made of double-layered fabric to prevent tearing. This shade sail is perfect for keeping you and your family cool in the summer. It can also be used as a temporary shelter for your vehicle.


Keeping your vehicle cool is important for both the vehicle and the driver. Higher interior temperatures can be uncomfortable and dangerous. You must pay attention to cooling your vehicle in the summer.