6.4'-6.7' Truck Bed Tent
Regular price $150.99
6'-6.3' Truck Bed Tent -Mid Size
Regular price $162.99
5.5'-5.8' Truck Bed Tent
Regular price $150.99
5'-5.2' Truck Bed Tent
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8'-8.2' Truck Bed Tent
Regular price $150.99

Five Reasons to Choose Quictent Truck Bed Tent

Large enough space. All the truck bed tents from Quictent are designed to be large enough to accommodate two people.

Removable awning. The large awning allows for flexibility when camping, picnicking or fishing.

Multiple sizes. Different sizes match a variety of trucks to meet customer needs, such as 5.5'-5.8' Truck Bed Tent and 6'-6.3' Truck Bed Tent.

Fully waterproof design. The canopy and floor are made of 100% waterproof material to keep the interior space clean and dry, giving you a comfortable camping environment.

Easy to install. All the truck bed tents are portable, saving you time, you can complete the installation in 5 to 10 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Truck Bed Tents

Q: What is truck tent?

A: A truck tent is just what it sounds like: a tent designed to fit in the bed of your pickup truck. Camping in the bed has the advantage of getting you off the ground so there are no worries about sleeping amongst the creepy-crawlies.

Q: What is the point of a truck tent?

A: Camping with truck tents is a growing movement among less extreme campers who still enjoy the outdoors. Family campers may value truck or SUV tents because they provide better protection from moisture, supply an instant and portable campsite, and allow for increased packing space.

Q: What sizes of Quictent truck bed tents are available?

A: At Quictent you can find the 6.4'-6.7' tent, the 6'-6.3' tent, the 5.5'-5.8' tent, the 5'-5.2' tent and the 8'-8.2' tent.

Q: Are bed tents safe?

Q: What is the advantage of a truck tent?

Q: Do truck bed tents work?

Q: How many people can sleep in a truck bed tent?

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