You will spend a lot of money on a car and hope to use it for many years. A perfect garage can provide shelter for your vehicle for a long time. However, garages are not a perfect solution for those on a budget. The construction and maintenance of a garage will be a huge expense. A carport may be a more suitable solution for most people.

What is a carport? Why do you need a carport? What information do you need to know?

What is a carport?

A carport is a covered structure that protects your vehicle. Carports can be set up in many places. Users often set up carports next to their houses or in their backyards. Carports can be either fixed installations or temporary structures. A carport can be fixed or attached to the side of the house.

There are many questions that users have about carports. We will continue to discuss these.

What you must know about carports?

What is the difference between a carport and a garage?

A garage is a completely enclosed building structure that can be used as storage for vehicles and other items. A garage can provide more complete protection than a carport. Compared to a carport, a garage is better enclosed and has more advantages in terms of vehicle theft prevention and other security protection. However, garages cost more to build than carports.

a large garage

(a large garage)

A carport is a covered building structure that usually has two or four open sides. Carports have many uses and can be used for vehicle storage and living space supplementation. Carports provide limited protection for vehicles.

Is a carport worth the investment?

Whether a carport is worth investing in depends on several factors, such as:

  1. whether it is suitable?
  2. will it add value to your home?
  3. will it provide additional space?

A carport will protect your vehicles from dust, leaves, and other natural elements. However, carports offer limited protection. During storms, carports are unsafe and you must park your car in an enclosed area.

A well-designed carport can make your home look more attractive. When choosing a carport, you should choose materials that match the style of your home. Carport materials should be durable and low maintenance. Don't let the carport become a burden to you.

A carport can provide additional storage space for your home. If you don't have room for gardening tools as well as items such as motorcycles, a carport is a perfect place to put them.

Carports can also be used as additional family living space. You can transform your carport into a living place. Parties, afternoon tea, BBQs, and other events can be held in the carport.

How big is a carport?

Usually, carports are classified as one, double, and triple. Carports are available in many sizes and you can find many sizes of carports in online stores, such as 10'x20' carport, 13'x20' carport, 16'x16' carport, etc. If none of these carport sizes meet your needs, you can get a custom carport made to order.

Generally, a family will have one or two cars. Your carport will need to accommodate your vehicles and items such as weed whackers.

What types of carports are available?

Many materials can be used to make a carport. Take a look at the popular carport materials together and learn about their features. Then determine which carport material is best for you.

Portable fabric carports

Portable fabric carports are a cost-effective shelter option. Fabric carports can temporarily protect your vehicle. Because portable carports are easy to move and set up, they are often used as additional living space.

a portable carport

(a portable carport)

Fabric carports are not as durable as metal carports. In the winter, a portable carport may not meet your needs.

Metal carport

Often made of aluminum or steel, metal carports are corrosion and fire-resistant. Metal carports are strong and durable and last the longest. Metal carports are suitable for places with long and harsh winters.

metal carport

(metal carport)

Aluminum carports are lighter in weight and usually come with a coating. Steel carports are usually made of galvanized steel.

Wooden carports

Wooden carports are attractive and suitable for decorating and matching the style of the house. Wood carports are costly to maintain and prone to corrosion. Wood carports are often considered to be less cost-effective carports.

wooden carport attached to house
(wooden carport attached to house)


Plastic Carports

Plastic carports are easy to install and dismantle, lightweight, and low-cost. These sheds are usually made of polycarbonate or polyethylene. Plastic carports are not durable and can only provide shelter for vehicles for a short period.

Can your carport withstand the wind and snow?

If your carport is not just for temporary use, an important factor you need to consider is the carport's ability to withstand wind and snow. When you purchase a carport, you should be concerned about the wind rating and snow load rating of the carport. The higher the rating means the better the carport will resist the wind and snow.

wooden carport in winter

(wooden carport in winter)

If you live in an area with high snowfall or high winds, it is necessary to invest in a sturdy carport (such as a metal carport). In such an area, a fabric carport is not worth considering.

Do I need a permit for a carport?

Whether or not a carport requires a permit depends on some factors. You do not need a permit if your carport meets the following conditions:

  • The height of the carport is not higher than 4 meters.
  • The carport is for non-commercial use.
  • The carport does not extend beyond the side of the house facing the road.
  • The carport and other outbuildings do not exceed half of the property.
  • If there is a road on the boundary of the house, the carport must be more than 4 meters from the boundary.

If your carport does not meet the above conditions, you will need to apply for a permit for the carport. Don't worry, you can complete the application process in just a few steps.

Step 1, contact your local government agency.

Step 2, fill out the application form and pay the fee.

Step 3, do not start installing the carport until you have obtained a permit. If you do not have a permit, it will cause you problems starting the process early.

Step 4, set up the carport. With a permit, you can proceed with the installation of the carport.

How much does a carport cost?

Carport cost is affected by many factors such as carport material, carport size, carport design, installation location, customization cost, and maintenance cost.

Plastic carports and fabric carports are the most cost-effective options. You can purchase portable carports at online stores, usually for between $150 and $700.

If you want to purchase a metal carport, the cost will be higher. A simple steel carport will cost at least $900. Wooden carports are more expensive, usually costing more than $3,000.

If you want a professional to customize your carport, you will also need to calculate the cost of labor. Later, you may add lighting and storage facilities to your carport, and the cost will increase.

About Quictent Carport

Quictent provides you with quality portable carports such as Heavy-duty Temporary Carport, Car Shelter with windows, Basic Carport, etc. We will introduce you Quictent featured carports.

20' x 10' Upgraded Heavy-duty Carport Canopy

This heavy-duty carport comes in four colors to choose from. Galvanized steel poles and reinforced steel cables provide a stronger structure. Premium PE fabric provides effective protection for your vehicle. You can also use this canopy as an extra living space!

Upgraded Heavy-duty Carport Canopy(Upgraded Heavy-duty Carport Canopy)

20' x 10' Car Shelter with Windows

This carport has adjustable window sidewalls on both sides to provide good ventilation and privacy protection. The cover is made of waterproof and tear-resistant 180g PE fabric. The sturdy frame provides long-term protection for your vehicle!

Car Shelter with Windows

(Car Shelter with Windows)

20' x 10' Classic Heavy-duty Car Canopy

If you try a temporary carport for the first time, this classic carport is ideal for you. quictent offers five colors for you to choose from.

The top has three reinforced steel cables that help keep the top in shape. The streamlined design prevents water from pooling. Additional anchoring accessories (corrosion-resistant screw anchors and free sandbags) increase frame sturdiness.

Quictent classic carport

(Quictent classic carport)

You can install this carport in less than 30 minutes! That's convenient!

Choose your carport

A carport is a wise investment that will protect your property. When purchasing a carport, you need to make the right choice based on factors such as cost, location, materials, and regulations. A beautiful carport can make your yard more attractive! If you need a portable carport, Quictent can bring you help.

Come to Quictent and we'll be happy to provide you with the perfect products and service!