National Gardening Day

Are you an experienced gardener or a gardening enthusiast? There is a festival this month that is sure to interest you. That's National Gardening Day! Get your gardening tools and greenhouse kits ready for the start of spring. Put your hands in the dirt and get dirty. Let's have a different kind of National Gardening Day together.



About National Gardening Day

National Gardening Day was created in 2018 with the meaning of celebrating the hobby of gardening and encouraging gardeners to share their expertise. The date is the 14th of April of each year. It also enables gardeners across the country to share their experiences and ideas.

Benefits of gardening

Health benefits

The health benefits of gardening activities have been recognized by the medical community. It not only helps to regulate one's mental condition but is also very beneficial to physical health.

When you take part in gardening activities, the appearance and smell of plants will stimulate your sense of sight and smell. The sound of insects and birds in the outdoor environment can stimulate the sense of hearing, thus slowing down the aging of organs.

Benefits of gardening

(Seniors gardening together) 

Gardening activities such as planting, fertilizing, watering, and weeding allow for whole-body exercise. It exercises body coordination and strengthens motor functions.

When you are in the garden, you can relax your mind and reduce fatigue, while labor requires a lot of energy. It can make people temporarily get rid of pessimism and suppress impulses. Therefore, you can eliminate the sense of impatience and effectively control your emotions.

Environmental benefits

First, plants grow by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Large-scale gardening can help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment, thus reducing the carbon footprint. It also improves the air quality of your surroundings so that you can breathe fresher air daily.

Different plants and flowers can attract a variety of insects and birds. Besides providing them with habitat and good breeding conditions, they can also help pollinate the plants. This helps to enhance the balance of the ecosystem.

Tidy up plants with a spade

(Tidy up plants with a spade)

Gardening has many benefits for the environment. It increases human connection and awareness of nature and provides a greater understanding of the natural environment and life.

Notes for new gardeners

When you are a beginner in gardening, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Plan your garden layout. First, you need to know which location the sun can reach for a long time. Also which hardiness zone do you belong to, the plants suitable for planting in each zone are not the same.

When choosing plants, the height of the plant and the shape of the tree should be consistent with the size and characteristics of the garden. They can take different forms such as bushes, flowering bushes, and flower pots. After considering whether to add raised garden beds or vine mansards and other garden supplies.

Quictent garden bed

(Quictent garden beds) 

The condition of the soil is important, and not all soils are suitable for planting. If you want to soil in good shape, first test the pH level. After that, compost or add mulch according to the value. Next, plants need well-drained soil. If it is too wet, it is difficult for the plants to germinate.

Choose simple plants. As a newbie in gardening activities, it would be better to choose flowers or crops that you like and are simple to grow. Successful planting will give you a sense of accomplishment as well as gain some experience.

Remember to trim. Branches and leaves that have died or decayed waste nutrients, so they need to be pruned every once in a while to keep the plant growing. Removing these parts will improve overall growth.

Watering garden

(Watering garden)

Stay close to water. Most plants need to be watered once a week. It's easier to use a more efficient hose or irrigation tool than to pick up and water again and again in the heat of summer.

Community gardening

To better celebrate National Gardening Day, try participating in community gardening. This is where a group of people collectively plant a plot of land or divide it into several plots to be planted by individuals.

There are several benefits to participating in a community garden, first of all, you get to know each other better as you plant with your neighbors. This can strengthen the ties between communities. Also, community gardening can take the appearance of the entire community to another level, looking more beautiful and serene.

Most importantly, a large area of gardening greenery will make the environment better and give the community a better living experience. And of course, there is access to fresh produce.

Taking you from a novice gardener to the experienced one. There are many benefits of community gardening waiting for you to discover. Whether it's participating in an existing local one or creating a new one.

Community gardening

(Community gardening)


National Gardening Day is an opportunity to celebrate gardening as an activity and to spread awareness of the importance of gardening. From creating a beautiful space to plant flowers to cultivating a year-round vegetable garden, there are different ways to participate in this holiday.

Whether you are an experienced gardener or a beginner, National Gardening Day is an opportunity to discover the joys of gardening and gain more experience and expertise for your garden.

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