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Dogs are your best companion, an honorary member of your family, and an occasional protector. You'll want them to be able to run and play freely in your backyard or chase squirrels. But when they frolic unchecked in the backyard, they can wreak havoc on your outdoor space. Or conversely, some backyard amenities or plants may also cause harm to your dog. For you to enjoy a peaceful life with your beloved dog. With a few small changes, you will have the best backyard that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe for your pup. Follow these simple tips to provide you with a delightful dog-friendly backyard.

two dogs are running backyard garden

(Dogs playing in the backyard)

Reinforced fencing

This is the first task that needs to be completed. When you let them play in the backyard, there is a high probability that they will be attracted by the affairs outside the street and thus run out. This is when the fence becomes very important.

Choose a fence made of sturdy material

There is a wide range of choices, for example, you can choose a chain link fence among metal materials. The advantage of this type of fence is that it is not completely enclosed, allowing the dog to see out as well. It is inexpensive and requires no maintenance. Brick fences, although not really aesthetically pleasing but very robust in the long run, also do not require time to maintain. They are also ideal for large dogs due to their height, durability, and stability. Finally, for small dogs, you can choose a fence made of plastic. Vinyl, for example, is easy to clean and looks good but is more expensive.

Reinforced fencing for dog

(Reinforced fencing for dog)

Raised fences

Regular fences are easy for many large dogs to jump out of. It is best to choose a 6-foot-tall fence. For small dogs, a 3.5-foot high fence is sufficient.

Fill fence gaps

Gaps either between or underneath the fence can easily allow your dog to slip out. By comparing the measurement of the space between the stakes to the width of your dog's body at the widest point, you can get an accurate value. To prevent your dog from digging under the fence, bury wire mesh under the fence or place large rocks along the bottom edge.

Likewise, if you have a wooden fence you can also put wire mesh around the fence to prevent your dog from running out or damaging the fence.

As a tip, you can put a GPS tracker on the dog's collar or write your contact information on it. Convenient to find the dog after running away.

Fill fence gaps

(Backyard fence)

Avoid brown spots

As a dog owner, you know that brown spots can appear on your lawn after your dog has peed. This is because dog urine causes too much nitrogen in the soil, then the grass patches will fade to yellow and eventually brown as they die. To avoid this, choose clover which is safe for dogs and is a very tough plant. This, combined with the advantage of being inexpensive, makes it the top choice of backyard mulch for many dog-owning households. Artificial turf and mixed grasses such as buffalo grass are also good choices. The next option is gravel or bricks, which require no maintenance but are expensive. Tiny gravel can also get stuck between the dog's toes.

lawn brown spots

(Lawn brown spots)

If you don't want to spend time changing the mulch in your backyard. You can also just rinse the grass with water after the dog urinates to dilute the urine. You can also set up dog urinals in the backyard to train them to defecate in a regular place.

Provide shade canopy

Providing a cool space for your dog in the backyard is essential. This is because they are very likely to get heatstroke when playing outdoors for long periods during the summer. A pop-up canopy is not only a cool space for people, but it can also be a good companion for dogs. The canopy is made of a waterproof and UV-protective fabric that keeps the sun out. And in winter pop-up canopy with sides can also become their outdoor shelter. And the simple frame is easy to install on top of being easy to carry. It is very convenient to go outdoors and use it everywhere.

Especially, the screen tent keeps ventilation while preventing mosquitoes and insects. It will never make you feel stuffy. Finally, you can also prepare an ice pad for your dog to lie on. Use it to insulate the ground from the heat.

Quictent pop up gazebo

(Quictent pop up gazebo)

Create play areas

While the backyard gives the dog some sunlight and open space, it doesn't necessarily give them something to do. If you have a garden to protect you can also set aside an area to set up some facilities for them to expend their energy.

Sniffing game

The scent is a great source for dogs to understand things. Scent games are a great mental stimulus for dogs and keep them focused. Treats can be hidden in different locations and they can use the scent to find them. Not just food, but toys or a particular scent can also be something to be looked for.

Sniff dog

(Sniff dog)

Installing the sandbox

It is the nature of dogs to like to dig in the ground. So to prevent them from digging holes all over the garden, use a crate filled with dirt and sand to bury their toys in. Let them dig freely. You can also use a kiddie pool that you don't need. Again, just make sure it has a few holes to drain the water out of the basin. Sandboxes that collect water or are constantly wet can harbor harmful bacteria or become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Be sure to close the sandbox with a lid when it is not in use to avoid bugs getting in as well as rain dampening the soil.

Be aware that sandboxes need to be made of child-safe play sand. The dog can safely dig and play in the sandbox. Do not use regular sand or construction sand in your dog's sandbox as it contains a lot of dust and bacteria that can cause your dog to develop respiratory problems or stain their fur.


(Sandbox for dogs)

Play with water

The dog pool will provide hours of entertaining events for them. Playing in the pool will allow dogs to control their body temperature in hot weather and avoid heat stroke. Beyond that, having the dog play in the pool will also build their trust in the water. Once they get used to staying in an environment with water, showering will no longer be a nightmare. Familiarity with playing in the water can also help dogs stay calm when they accidentally fall into the water. Not only dog pools but using a hose to sprinkle water on them can also be a fun activity.

dog pool

(Dog pool)

Avoid toxic plants

When you become a dog owner the choice of plants in the garden must remain carefully. Some plants can be poisonous if ingested by animals. Check if your garden has the following plants.

Tulips. They are very beautiful flowers, but the toxins in the leaves can cause stomach upsets in dogs.

Bellflower. Small white bell-shaped flowers on the outside with a fragrant smell. But the leaves or bulbs can cause heart problems in dogs.

Oleander. A common garden plant, but petals are toxic to dogs. It can cause diarrhea, drooling, and other symptoms.

Lilies. All parts of the lily are poisonous, the bulbs, especially so. If ingested, dogs can show signs of low blood pressure, tremors, and arrhythmias.

Daisies. A common flower in the backyard. Ingestion can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and excessive drooling in dogs.

Plants that are toxic to dogs

(Plants that are toxic to dogs) 

You can head to the ASPCA to read a comprehensive list of toxic and non-toxic plants that can guide you in choosing a dog-friendly backyard garden.

You don't have to cut the above plants if you have already cultivated them. You can use a walk-in greenhouse and place them on the upper shelf to avoid your dog's contact. Plus there is a zippered curtain to keep the plants separated from them for extra security.

Enjoy playing with your dog in the backyard

Playing is a wonderful way for you and your dog to bond while having fun and exercising. It can also make them better socialized and calmer when it comes to other people and their kind. By creating a dog-friendly backyard and learning about safe gardens. You can keep your outdoor space attractive while having a safe environment, and our furry friends can enjoy a friendly space to play. These elements add up to a happy, healthy dog and a way to keep you out of trouble!

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