Traveling with your cat? This seems to be the trouble. Cats like to stay in their comfort zone and are reluctant to adapt to unfamiliar spaces. If you want to travel with your cat, you may encounter unexpected situations along the way, such as your cat not adapting to the car or RV.

A Woman Holding a Long-Haired Tabby Cat

(a woman holding a long-haired tabby cat)

However, traveling with a furry friend is really cool! Don't worry, you still might make it! Get these tips!

Before the trip

Plan your accommodations

Accommodation is vital for both your cats. The four main options include a car, RV, tent, or hotel.

If you plan to sleep in a tent or your car (or RV), you and your cat will have a limited range of motion. You will need to make the most of the space.

cat in the wild

(cat in the wild)

If you are staying in a hotel with your cat, you will need to find a pet-friendly hotel in advance. Some hotels do not allow pets or have strict pet check-in terms.

Get your cat acclimated to the cat carrier

If you are planning a trip with your cat, you will need to prepare a cat crate for your cat before you travel. Don't let your cat roam freely in the car or RV; this poses a safety risk. Your cat will be in this safe space for a long time, and it needs to get used to it in advance.

cat in a cat carrier(cat in a cat carrier)

Of course, you will need to have food, water, and your cat's favorite toys in the crate. These will help it adapt to its environment quickly.

Getting your cat used to driving

If there is no deliberate training before the trip, the cat will suddenly turn crazy and meow during a long trip. Before the trip, you should let your cat feel the car or RV driving several times, which can make your cat gradually get used to it.

RVing with cats

(RVing with cats)

Your cat will become frantic the first time it is taken in the car. But that's okay, after learning many times, your cat will adapt. This process takes time, so please be patient.

Prepare all travel supplies for your cat

Despite all the training you've done with your cat, it's still likely that something will happen to your cat on the road. You need to prepare as many pet supplies for your cat as possible.

cat play with toy

(cat play with toy)

You will need pet supplies including calming snacks, travel sprays for cats, litter, litter boxes, portable litter boxes, pet toys, blankets, cat food, and pet toys.

Put the cat's favorite toys and blankets in the cat cage, making the cat more adapted to its surroundings.

During the trip

Creating a safe space for cats

Whether it's an RV, car, or other vehicle, you'd better create a safe space for your cat. The cat will feel comfortable in this space. If your cat gets upset or frightened during the trip, it can take refuge in this space. Owners can put cat cages and other pet supplies in this space.

three cats in the RV

(three cats in the RV)

If you plan to go camping in the wilderness, you should also prepare a tent or truck bed tent for your cat. A small tent would be appropriate, set it up nearest to you for easy observation and care of the cat.

Quictent Truck Bed Tent

Quictent offers five sizes of truck bed tents for your trip. The truck bed tent is blue with a removable awning for easy setup and use.

Quictent truck bed tent

(Quictent truck bed tent)

You can place your cat's bed, food, bowls, and litter box in this truck bed tent.

This truck bed tent comes with a waterproof canopy and floor to give your cat the most intimate care.

Don't put your cat with its enemies

Cats like spaces that make them feel safe. Cats don't like to be with their enemies. If your cat doesn't like to play with dogs, don't let them stay together. Your family or friends may have dogs. If you want to go on a trip with them, don't let your cat stay with their dog. You know your cat best, and if you know your cat doesn't like dogs, don't expect too much of a friendship between cat and dog on a trip.

No one wants to experience a cat-dog fight on a trip. The growling and tearing sounds of cats and dogs will only annoy your friends and family.

Don't neglect your cats

While traveling, you will be distracted by the scenery or other things. Sometimes hours go by and you don't even remember the cat you're traveling with. By all means, pay attention to your cat even if you trained your cat before you traveled.

Your cat may be uncomfortable during the trip, but it may seem like he's just sleeping. If your cat becomes lonely, it will meow to get your attention. You should always observe your cat and interact with it.

Provide adequate hydration for your cat

If you will be spending a lot of time on the road, you need to prepare enough water for yourself and the cat. Prepare a special bowl for your cat to provide your cat with the right moisture according to the situation.

cat drinks water

(cat drinks water)

Remember to give the cat enough water at night, otherwise, the cat may become dehydrated. You can also prepare wet food for your cat to make sure it gets enough water from the food.

What if your cat gets carsick?

This is a common situation. If you notice that your cat is suffering from motion sickness while on the road, please stay calm. First, you need to comfort your cat and clean up your cat's vomit or feces. To better cope with this situation, it is advisable to have wet wipes as well as a litter bag available in case of emergency. Have towels or pee pads in your RV or car that can be easily removed.

You should always observe your cat after she gets car sick. If your cat is doing well, continue your fun trip. If your cat is seriously ill, you should seek veterinary help promptly.

Start your fun trip

Traveling with cats is really cool! If you haven't experienced a fun trip with your cat yet, you can start your plan now! Remember to let your cat feel the unusual changes before the trip, it's good for him! If your cat really can't adapt to the journey, it's a pity, but please respect your cat. Parks and backyards are also great happy places.