Winter is the best season to buy your RV. Winter is off-season for RVs, and during this season, you have the opportunity to get a great RV at the lowest price! 

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(RV by the lake)

This guide tells you how to buy best RV with the lowest price this winter! Don’t miss this best RV buying season, for your trip next year!

Why is winter the best season to buy an RV?

More discounts

Typically, new RV models become available early next year. RV dealers hope to clear inventory by the end of the year. Some RV dealers will launch new models in the winter, but only if all the old models are sold out. To achieve sales targets, dealers will provide more discounts in winter to attract users.

If you're on a budget, the Winter RV Show is your chance to get one of the cheapest and best RVs available. 

Increased opportunities for used RVs

If you're planning on purchasing a quality used RV, take advantage of your best opportunities during the winter. Some RVers complete their great RV trips in the summer or fall and plan to retire their old RV and get a new one by next year.

Used RV deals

(Used RV deals)

This group of users will entrust dealers or platforms to sell their high-quality second-hand RVs in winter. Alternatively, you can discover used RV opportunities at some RV communities.

If you communicate well, these users and dealers may be willing to sell you the RV at a low price.

What is the best RV for you?

One RV model will not fit all users. Whether it’s winter or any time of year, if you need to buy an RV, you need to make a list. This list contains the things you care about when it comes to RVs and the things you don’t think are important.

What might be on this list:

Budget. Most new RVs cost between $40,000 and $500,000. The price of a second-hand RV usually ranges from US$15,000 to US$200,000, which is related to the age of the RV, maintenance, and other factors.

Storage space size. The amount of storage space you have has an impact on your quality of life. If you are someone who likes a lot of storage space, a large RV may be more suitable for you. For a minimalist, storage space is not the most important consideration.

RV weight. If you are looking to purchase an RV to tow vehicles, you need to consider the weight of the RV. Make sure your vehicle can handle the gross vehicle weight rating of your RV.

RV use. Do you want to visit national parks frequently or just for weekend trips? Do you want to buy an RV to make your stand look more attractive? The best RV for you has to be the one that suits your purpose.

RV season. If you'll be using your RV a lot, or if you plan to live in it full-time, you'll want to make sure it has both a cooling and heating system.

RV season

(RV season)

If you only use your RV during certain seasons, there are trade-offs to make.

Who will be in this RV? If you wish to live in an RV with your children and parents, you will need to purchase a large RV. If you just want to spend time with your partner in an RV, a small RV will do.

How to buy best RV with the lowest price this winter?

Don’t miss out on the deals at the RV Show

Browse various information websites frequently and you will find that there are many RV shows during the winter. You can get more RV information at these RV shows. If you haven't decided on an RV model yet, come to an RV show to compare various RV models to help you. Try to shop at RV shows for a variety of RV accessories, such as outdoor grills, hammocks, RV covers, and water purifiers.

RV show

(RV show)

Rather than purchasing an RV at the beginning of an RV show, you may be better off waiting to make an offer toward the end of the RV show to save the most. Many dealers would rather sell RVs at a low price on the last day than tow them back to their lot.

More comparisons

No matter how much you like a brand, you need to keep your wits about you before paying for it. Even if you are interested in a certain brand, you can still look at other brands. Maybe other brands of RVs are more suitable for you.

Before you decide to buy an RV, you should check as many prices, dealers, and official websites as possible, and then make a decision that is best for you.

Establish good relationships with salespeople

Salespeople's salaries are tied to the number of RVs they sell, so they all want you to pay as quickly as possible. Some friendly salespeople will recommend the best RV for you instead of just pushing you to pay as quickly as possible. Everyone wants to connect with people who are friendly to them.



If you are friendly to your salespeople, they will want to build a good relationship with you.

There are ways a salesperson can get you a lower price on an RV. He will tell you that this is a "friendly discount" that I have won for you.

Discover more in the RV community

If you want to buy a quality used RV, you can always visit RV forums and RV communities. Some RV owners are reluctant to entrust their RVs to an agent for sale, preferring to communicate directly with buyers. Frequent visiting these forums and communities and you may have the opportunity to acquire a quality used RV.

Many RV enthusiasts share tips for getting the best deals in these forums and communities. These communities and forums may have sections so you can easily find the information you're looking for.

Buying an RV in certain states

Buying an RV is cheaper in some states than others, such as Texas, Florida, and Arizona. Some RV enthusiasts will go to these states specifically to visit and buy RVs to save money. At the same time, these states also offer a greater selection of used RVs.

In addition to the RV price, users also need to pay attention to taxes, registration fees, RV insurance, and campground fees. Although RVs are cheaper in some states, registration fees are higher.

Winter is the lowest time of year for RV prices. You have the opportunity to find great, low-priced RVs in colder states like Minnesota and the Dakotas.