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Whether you want to optimize your garden space or grow plants on your balcony, raised garden beds are the best product. Raised garden beds protect your plants from pests and you don't have to bend down to take care of your plants. There are more advantages of garden beds.

metal garden bed

(metal garden bed)

You can find many brands that sell raised garden beds. These garden beds may be simple or creative. Through this blog, you can get a clear idea about the features of these raised garden beds.

The materials of raised garden beds

When purchasing a garden bed, users consider many factors. Material is an important factor and many materials can be used to build raised garden beds.


1. Wood

Wood is one of the most common materials used to make raised garden beds. Usually, wooden garden beds are easy to install. Users should choose garden beds that are made from natural, rot-resistant wood such as cedar. However, wood is prone to corrosion. Untreated wood can last up to ten years. Treated wood can last longer.

2. Metal

Metal garden beds are also common. Galvanized or powder-coated steel is often used to make garden beds. Metal garden beds are strong and have a long service life. These garden beds can withstand both hot and cold climates.

3. Brick and concrete

Bricks, cinder blocks, concrete blocks, and concrete can be used to build raised garden beds. These materials are easily available and they are inexpensive. You need to stack a raised garden bed properly. However, these materials are heavy and it will be difficult for you to install them alone.

4. Plastics and resins

Plastic and resin are popular materials nowadays and both of them are durable. Many plastic or resin garden beds available in the market are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. These materials are BPA-free.

7 popular raised garden beds

Eartheasy Natural Cedar L-Shaped Raised Garden Beds

This L-Shaped Raised Garden Bed made from natural cedar provides gardeners with a sturdy and durable gardening structure. The L-Shaped design allows this garden bed to be easily set up in a corner.

Eartheasy Natural Cedar L-Shaped Raised Garden Beds

(Eartheasy Natural Cedar L-Shaped Raised Garden Beds)

This wooden garden bed is available in a variety of sizes and heights, ranging from 2 feet to 12 feet in length and 5.5 inches to 33 inches in width.

This raised garden bed features stainless steel corner pins and rust-resistant steel cross braces that prevent bending for long-lasting durability.

Possible disadvantages

Higher cost. This raised garden bed is more expensive than many garden beds on the market. If you're on a tight budget, we recommend choosing other more cost-effective garden beds.

Not easy to install. This garden bed has a special shape that can make your garden more attractive. But you may have difficulty in assembling it.

Difficult to maintain. Compared to other materials, this type of garden bed is more prone to rot. You need to spend more money on maintenance.

Emsco Group Earth Brown Raised Garden Bed

This garden bed is perfect for a balcony, patio, or backyard. You can use it to grow potted plants, such as tomatoes and strawberries. This garden bed has 4 wheels on the bottom for you to move around easily.

Emsco Group Earth Brown Raised Garden Bed

(Emsco Group Earth Brown Raised Garden Bed)

This garden bed comes with drainage holes. It helps to drain water in time. The ventilation screen can provide enough air for plant growth.

The resin used in this garden bed is eco-friendly high-density polyethylene, which will not cause harm to the human body.

Possible disadvantages

Size limitation

This garden bed is only suitable for growing small plants. If you want to grow larger plants, you will need to choose another larger size garden bed.

The material is not durable. Resin is not as durable as materials like wood or metal. This type of garden bed can be used for a maximum of 2 to 4 years. With longer use, the resin can become brittle or crack.

It may not be easy to assemble. Although this raised garden bed is smaller in size, it can still be difficult to assemble due to the need to snap multiple parts together. This can be a challenge for less hands-on users.

Quictent Oval Galvanized Raised Garden Bed

This product comes in four colors for you to choose from. This oval garden bed is made of galvanized steel for durability. This garden bed has no sharp corners for safer use.

This product has a rubber strip for wrapping sharp edges. This design prevents you and your family from getting cut by metal edges. The open bottom of the garden bed facilitates drainage.

Quictent Oval Galvanized Raised Garden Bed

(Quictent Oval Galvanized Raised Garden Bed)

The crossbar in the center of this garden bed makes the structure more stable and avoids cracking and bulging.

Possible disadvantages

Limited weight capacity. You can grow common small plants in such garden beds. But if you want to grow large plants, higher-strength materials may be more suitable.

Open bottom. An open bottom facilitates drainage. But at the same time, pests and weeds can enter through the soil and harm your plants. You need to take additional steps to avoid these situations.

Quictent 71"x35.4"x12" Galvanized Raised Garden Bed

This is a 2-in-1 product that combines a garden bed and a greenhouse. This garden bed has two large windows that make it easy to observe and care for your plants. The greenhouse cover prevents pests, birds, and other animals from harming your plants.

You can also use the garden bed and greenhouse separately, which can save you more.

And, this garden bed is large and can hold about 18 cubic feet of soil. You can grow many types of plants using this product.

Quictent 71x35.4x12 Galvanized Raised Garden Bed

(Quictent 71x35.4x12 Galvanized Raised Garden Bed)

Possible disadvantages

Maintenance. For your greenhouse cover and garden bed to last, you need to maintain them regularly.

Soil Drainage. This garden bed has an open-bottom design. An open bottom promotes drainage, but it also runs the risk of pests getting into the soil.

Classic Sienna Raised Garden Bed Garden Star 12' x 12' x 11"

It's a star-shaped garden bed! This garden bed makes your garden look even more special and beautiful! You can plant taller plants at the top of the garden bed and beautiful plants such as daisies, roses, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries at other points.

The stand of the raised garden bed can be rotated 270° to provide you with more options!

Classic Sienna Raised Garden Bed Garden Star

(Classic Sienna Raised Garden Bed Garden Star)

Possible disadvantages

Not easy to clean. This garden bed has a special shape, so it is easy to accumulate dust in the corners.

Not durable. The product is made of composite boards and brackets. The material is not as durable as metal or natural wood.

Not easy to assemble. This star-shaped garden bed may take the gardener time to assemble. If you have limited experience with DIY projects, this will be a challenge.

Urban Short 9-in-1 Metal Raised Garden Bed

This raised garden bed kit includes 4 corner panels, 8 side panels, bolt, nut, , and washer kit, vinyl safety edging, and instructions. This garden bed is coated with a non-hazardous mineral oil coating that prevents premature rusting.

This is a lightweight garden bed, but sturdy. It will last about as long as a wooden garden bed.

Urban Short 9-in-1 Metal Raised Garden Bed

(Urban Short 9-in-1 Metal Raised Garden Bed)

Possible disadvantages

Small size. You cannot grow taller or larger plants in this garden bed. This garden bed can only be used to grow herbs, vegetables, flowers, and other plants.

Limited depth. A 12-inch tall garden bed may not be deep enough for some rooted plants that require deeper soil.

Other drainage systems may be needed. Although this garden bed features a bottomless design, it may still not drain well. You may need other drainage systems.

2 ft. x 8 ft. x 10.5 in. Original Cedar Raised Garden Bed

This raised garden bed can be used to grow your favorite herbs, vegetables, and other plants. This product is made of natural cedar and is resistant to decay. This garden bed features dovetail interlocking joints for easy installation.

Original Cedar Raised Garden Bed

(Original Cedar Raised Garden Bed)

Possible disadvantages

Requires bending over.

This garden bed is 10.5 inches tall and the gardener will need to bend over to take care of the plants. This is not friendly for people with mobility issues.

Not easy to maintain. Although this product uses natural cedar as a material, it is more difficult to maintain compared to metal.


Whether you are an experienced gardener or a beginner, raised garden beds offer a convenient way to take care of the plants you grow. We hope the product review can be helpful for you.

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