Fall is a favorite season for many people. The crisp fall air, beautiful fallen leaves, and bountiful fruits are all pleasurable! Apple picking is one of the most anticipated fall activities.

Red and Green Apples

(Red and Green Apples)

Every state is full of great orchards where you can get your apple-picking fix! If you grow your apples, we have practical gardening advice for you! Come get these details!

Great places to pick apples in some states


Apple Annie's Farm

This farm is a family farm business. The Sulphur Springs Valley at an elevation of 4,300 feet provides Apple Annie's with warm days and cool nights.

Here you will have the pleasure of picking a variety of fruits! Enjoy delicious fruits such as apples, pears, and peaches.

Apples are one of the specialty fruits at Apple Annie's Farm! There are now over 6,000 apple trees on the property! On weekends, you can enjoy treats like the famous pumpkin pie, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin bread, and apple cider donuts at this farm. Apple cider donuts are coated with cinnamon and sugar.

Howard's Orchard in Tucson

This is a family-owned and operated farm. This farm has been bringing visitors fresh, crisp apples, and some peaches and pears. Howard is also a great spot for picnics and views of the Arizona countryside.

gala apples

(gala apples)

September is the best time for you to sample the apples here! Every year, the apples here ripen in September! It's worth noting that none of the apples here use any pesticides in the growing process.


Cadron Crest Orchard

This orchard is home to many fruits, including fresh apples, peaches, blackberries, watermelon, and cantaloupe. The apples here are loved by many visitors and you can see many people praising this place on Facebook.

Cox Berry Farm

Cox Berry Farm is located in Clarksville, Arkansas. The farmers here focus most of their efforts on berry farming. The apple-picking season lasts from August to October, and during this time, visitors are free to sample a variety of fruits from the farm.

In the fall, there is also a pumpkin trail in the orchard. You are free to pick a variety of pumpkins and gourds here.

Vanzant Fruit Farms

Vanzant Fruit Farms is one of the oldest apple orchards and one of the best. Since 1949 Vanzant Fruit Farms has been offering a variety of delicious and nutritious apples. Eighteen varieties of apples are grown here, making it one of the best farms in Arkansas for apple picking!

In addition to apples, you can also find fruits here - grapes, peaches, tomatoes, blackberries, and pumpkins.

Rivercrest Orchard

Rivercrest Orchard is located in Northwest Arkansas. It offers visitors a huge variety of fruits, as well as picking opportunities and a variety of gardening activities. Rivercrest Orchard is one of the best apple orchards in Arkansas. In the fall, it is best known for its pumpkin-picking and apple-picking activities.

This orchard aims to grow a variety of farm products in an environmentally friendly way, minimizing the use of pesticides. Also, this orchard is a great place for families to relax and stay.

Activities here include a corn maze, bumper cars, zip line, apple blasting shooter, and squash games.


Crow Mountain Orchard, Fackler

This orchard is the largest fruit plantation in Alabama and is home to some of the most beautiful apples in the state.

Various varieties of apples are grown here each year, including Jonathan, Fuji Mountain, Lasker King, Gala, Golden Crown, Pink Lady, and Granny Smith.

Scott's Orchard

Scott's Orchard is a family-owned and operated orchard. This expansive orchard is over a century old and encompasses approximately 1,200 acres. Here you can find different types of fruit including 18 varieties of apples and 20 varieties of peaches.

apple farm

(apple farm)

In the fall, Scott's Orchard has delicious apple cider and apple smoothies. Apple cider makes Scott's Orchard the perfect day trip destination.


Willowbrook Apple Farm

Willowbrook Apple Farm was started in 1910. Stayman-Winesap apples have been grown here for over 100 years.

Willowbrook Apple Farm produces many varieties of apples including Stayman-Winesap, Jonagold, Honeycrisp, Liberty, and Double Delicious.

Come to Willowbrook Apple Farm and you can press your cider. You can take your cider home with you. While you are here, you can also play with the farm animals!


Lyman Orchards

Lyman Orchards is a 100-acre farm with 30,000 apple trees. It produces apples using sustainable farming methods and has 27 varieties of apples. Lyman Orchards has been named the best pick-your-own farm in Connecticut and one of the top ten apple-picking locations in the United States. Lyman Orchards is the perfect destination for your family vacation. The apple season here lasts 12 weeks (mid-August through mid-November).

Apple Picking Tips You Need to Know

Apples are a fall treat. Many apples ripen in the fall, when the flavor is at its best. We hope you have a great apple harvest season with these apple-picking tips.

Find a local orchard

Some orchards are well known but may be far from you. The best option is to visit a local orchard to pick apples. If there are many orchards in your local area, you can experience what multiple orchards have to offer and sample many flavors of fruit.

Choose the apples recommended by the orchard

Many apple orchards will grow multiple varieties of apples to provide visitors with more choices. Seek advice from the orchard staff before you pick your apples. Orchard-recommended apples are the best choice for your picking.

apple varieties

(apple varieties)

Choosing apples based on flavor

When picking apples, don't choose apples based solely on their appearance. Tasting the apples is the best way to check for ripeness. Firm, crisp, juicy, and brightly colored apples are the best.

Drag apples gently

It doesn't take a lot of strength to pick apples off the tree. Place your thumb near the stem, then twist and gently lift the apple upward. Finally, loosen the stem from the branch. Harvest apples with stems; having stems extends the storage life of the apples.

Tips for growing apple trees in a greenhouse

Growing apple trees in a greenhouse is not easy. However, you can still be successful if you take a few steps.

Choose the right variety of apple tree

If you wish to grow apple trees in a greenhouse, you should consider the height of the tree. Usually, apple trees can grow as tall as 30 feet. Lower apple trees are more suitable for growing in a greenhouse so that they do not exceed 30-60% of the standard size.

Planting in the ground

We usually do not recommend growing apple trees in containers. Planting apple trees in the ground allows them to grow to their full potential. In winter, they are more protected from frost. If you need to plant your apple tree in the ground, dig a hole twice as wide as the root ball and a little deeper.


The temperature in the greenhouse should not be too high and is best kept between 55°F and 75°F. If the temperature is too high, the leaves or flowers will begin to wilt and fall off. Apple trees need a period of cold to produce fruit.

If you live in a mild climate, it is not recommended to grow apple trees in a greenhouse.


Apple trees prefer humid climates and it is important to keep the air in your greenhouse moist. During the winter months, you may need a humidifier to ensure the right level of humidity for your apple tree.

Slightly acidic soil

The soil should be well-drained and rich in organic matter. The soil should ideally be slightly acidic with an H-value between 6.0 and 7.0.

Regular pruning

Prune the apple tree regularly. The best time to prune is in late winter or early spring before the tree begins to grow. Remove all necrotic dead, diseased, or damaged branches. Cut back any crossing or rubbing branches.


Fall is the best time for you to pick your apples! Visit your local apple orchard with your family and enjoy the joy of delicious apples! If you are growing apple trees in a greenhouse, you will need to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity in your greenhouse during the fall and winter.

And, you'll also need to prune dead or diseased branches and leaves regularly.

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