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Meet Quictent Shelters

Truthfully, where there is a big party tent, there is laughter, love, and memorable moments. Come embrace the endless fun, your perfect party awaits!

Your perfect party awaits!

Besides parking a car, what other ways can you think of using a carport? Party tent alternatives, horse stables, and overflow houses...Any more? Take one home to unleash your creativity!

Unleash your creativity for a carport!

Flash Sale in Summer 2023
Big or small? A big party tent or a carport? It's not a question. This incredible tent bundle is ready to revolutionize the way you can use an outdoor shelter. Enjoy it! Unleash a new experience with this tent bundle!
20' x 40' Party Tent -White
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20' x 10' Car Shelter with Windows
$150 $249.99
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A discounted carport will come with your party tent.
20' x 40' Party Tent -White
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20 x 40 Party Tent Quictent
Quictent 20x40 white party tent
20x40ft Party Tent Product Dimension
180g imported PE fabric
12 removable sidewalls
an unique triangle structure
Upgraded Galvanized Frame
Versatile Usage
perfect for weddings, parties, baby showers, or any other events
Extra 5pcs Storage Bags
20' x 40' Party Tent/Wedding Tent
20' x 40' Wedding Party Tent-Quictent
quictent 20x40 party tent
20x40 event tent
20' x 40' Party Tent -White
A discounted carport included.
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What makes a Quictent big party tent?
More Durable
38mm galvanized steel
Easy to Assemble
Bungee cords connection
Waterproof & Anti-UV
180g PE fabric
What makes a Quictent carport?
More Stable
High-quality foot bases
Adjustable Window
Roll up/down easily
Long-Term Protection
0.8*38 mm coated steel
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