Quictent Shade Sail

There is the shade sail needed, there should be a Quictent one.

Well stitched and sewn, Quictent shade sails serve well as a sunshade, patio shade, pool shade in any outdoor areas including but not limited to gardens, entryways, pools.

Woven from high-density 185G HDPE, they look nice and work well for blocking the sun & UV light as well as cooling the covered areas. With strongly attached rings and durable ropes, Quictent sun shade sails are easy to install/clean/keep, mildew-free, which means they should last a lot longer if you take it down in the winter.

With a 5-Year Warranty, it’s worth every penny that you spend on it! Rest assured to buy.

Why do you need a Shade sail?

Sun Protection. The biggest role of sunshade sails is sun protection. In summer, solar radiation will be very strong. if you do not prevent too much ultraviolet light, you may be sunburned. Besides, it can also prevent being tanned.

Decorating the Backyard. Shade sails usually have many colors to choose from. Regardless of the color, you can add a touch of gorgeous color to your yard and make the yard more beautiful.

Why do you Choose Quictent Shade Sail?

Strong Sun Protection. Quictent shade sails can block up to 98% of ultraviolet rays and sunlight. Provide a nice shade! You can enjoy the sun while reading in the shadows or chatting with friends.

Long-Lasting. Quictent shade cloth is made of 100% new 185GSM HDPE heavy-duty polyethylene. It prevents the sunshade sail from drying, tearing, or fading, and it can be washed with water. Under normal use and weather conditions, five years of use is a trivial matter.

Rich Colors and Shapes. Whether it is a rectangular shade sail, a square shade sail, or a triangular shade sail. Quictent has a wealth of colors for you to choose from. There is always the one you like.

Easy to Install. Quictent shade sails can be set up in just a few steps. You only need to assemble the D-ring with other accessories.

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