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Auto 5 Gal Bubble Extraction machine with One Free 220 micro bub

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To make Bubble/Extraction easier like washing, the thing you will need is our new extraction machine.

To produce high quality herbal extract with no mess and more free time, the thing you need is our new extraction machine.

This 5 gallon bubble/extraction machine, with a timer to set the time you need, will do the stirring work for you. We suggest 15 minutes for general extraction. You may mix for several minutes for the first run for premium quality plant extract. The machine comes with a 220 micron extra strong zipper bag shaped specifically which keep the plant matter in the bag and extracting easily.

Its gentle agitation results in a top quality extract every time. If you want to do all the extraction with your hands, that's ok. But there should be a better choice----the extraction machine. Just put your package (free offered zipper bag) of plant matter, ice and water into the machine, set the timer, turn it on and walk away. (Find more detail procedures below.) You can extend the life of your bubble bags and no longer have to wear out your arm by stirring each batch.

  • USA standard
  • 32*35*45cm
  • Color subject to that you received
  • NW/GW  5/6 kg
  • 110v/60hz  130w
  • 15 minute timer (with 3 minute increments)
  • 5 gallon capacity
  • Movable---light weighted and small sized
  • 220-Micron zipper bag for free
  • One year warranty
  • Multiple purposes---This product can also be used as a gentle smallclothes washing machine.

  • Extraction Machine x1
  • 220-Micron Zipper Screen Bag x1
  • Neutral Manuel x1

Right procedures
  1. Get plant material into the zipper bag and enough ice to fill the bag then position it into your machine.
  2. Fill your machine with very cold water and ice to the line marked "max" on the unit
  3. Turn on your machine, set the timer you need. We recommend a maximum of 15 minutes
  4. Line the bucket with your bags in order because when the machine has finished mixing, there is no need to wait for setting to occurred. Using the drain hose to drain the water into your bubble bag directly
  5. Gently squeeze any remaining water out of the zipper bag. Rinse down the inside of the Machine to make sure no plant stuck to the inside. Drain the rinse water into your bubble bag
  6. Now you are ready to begin collection of your herbal extract. Pull out the 220-Micro zipper bag and allow the water to drain into the remaining bags. Discard the contents of this bag as this bag is used only to catch them.
  7. The remaining bags contain various grades of herbal extract. Pull out each bag one by one draining them back into the bucket
  8. To remove your herbal extract by turning each bag inside out and stretch it over a bowl, then scrape off the herbal extract with a spoon or plastic card
  9. Place your extract onto the pressing screen. Fold a clean, dry tea towel in half with the pressing screen in the middle. Gently press out the moisture. Enjoy your new herbal extract!


Bubble bags ,Bucket, pressing screen,tea towel and other small objects mentioned above to complete the extraction are not included in this item.

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