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Hanging baby hammock

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This hanging baby hammock -the most natural bed is the best gift for your newborn or forthcoming baby. Particular designed and breathable soft fabric provides a snug womb-like sleep environment. Babies usually fall asleep within 10 minutes after being put down, with a gentle swing.

Relieves symptoms of colic and reflux
Spine held in a neutral position and perfectly balanced
Prevents flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly)
Teaches your baby to self-soothe and establish good sleeping patterns
Keep your baby secured & comfortable
Providing good ventilation and natural cooling sensations
Offering your baby a sound sleep in the night

Rubber stabilizers instead of plastic ones High wear-resistance and more stable
Adjustable 5 points safety buckles (esp. for baby can turn over)
Secure cloth strap added (to secure the spring clip and wood separator)
The Head side is 10 degrees higher than the feet side (to reduce spitting)
Interlayer on the bottom for wood plate (Helpful & removable)

Please follow the manual when assembling.
Check the frame is well stabilized Before Using.
Keeps your baby in the correct position as recommended for SIDS prevention
Only for infants within 12 months and not exceed 15kgs
Use this item continuously longer than eight hours is not recommended
Set this item at an even and open place
Please swing gently
DO NOTuse as a recreational toy
DO NOTleave baby unattended
DO NOT position your baby face down
Condition Brand New
Type Baby/Infant Care with L Stand
Open Size 93(L)x 82(W)x160(H)cm /36” x 32” x 62”
Ф Steel Ф 32x1.2mm (powder coated)
Hammock 100% natural cotton, with mattress 82 (L) x 41(W)x 85 (H) cm/ 32 x 16 x 33 inch
Dreaming box 100% natural cotton, 80 x 38 x 18CM
Capacity One baby within15KGS (33 LBS)
Certificate CE
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